It’s time to look into the world of Indian whiskeys and discover gems that outshine their international counterparts.

These 7 Indian whiskeys are poised to revolutionize your idea of high-quality spirits, thanks to their rich flavors and distinctive distillation techniques.

Let’s explore the top picks that are making waves in the global whiskey scene.


Amrut Fusion

Rich and smooth flavor

With Amrut Fusion, you can savor a rich and smooth flavor that embodies the true essence of Indian whiskey.

Blending the best of Indian barley with peated Scottish barley, this whiskey offers a unique taste that is unparalleled.

Award-winning single malt

To add to its charm, Amrut Fusion has been recognized globally as an award-winning single malt. Its accolades include being rated as the third finest whiskey in the world by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

Plus, Amrut Fusion is aged in oak barrels at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level in Bangalore, allowing for a faster maturation process and imparting a distinct flavor profile to the whiskey.


Paul John Edited

Smoky and complex taste

The Paul John Edited offers a smoky and complex taste that sets it apart from other Indian whiskeys.

The rich and intense flavors make it a unique and enjoyable choice for whiskey enthusiasts looking for something different.

Critically acclaimed whiskey

Smoky, with hints of peat, the Paul John Edited has garnered praise from critics and connoisseurs worldwide.

Its smooth finish and well-balanced flavor profile have earned it a reputation as one of the best Indian whiskeys available in the market today.

To truly experience the excellence of Indian whiskey, look no further than the Paul John Edited.

Its combination of smoky notes, complexity, and critical acclaim make it a standout choice for those seeking a premium and distinctive drinking experience.

Rampur Single Malt

Rich and full-bodied flavor

While Rampur Single Malt may not have the global recognition of its Scottish counterparts, it certainly holds its own in the world of single malts.

It offers a rich and full-bodied flavor profile that is sure to impress even the most discerning whiskey connoisseur.

Handcrafted in India

Rampur Single Malt is handcrafted in the foothills of the Himalayas, using traditional Indian distillation methods that have been perfected over generations.


The result is a whiskey that captures the essence of India’s rich and diverse culture, making it a truly unique and delightful spirit.

This Indian whiskey is aged in handpicked American oak barrels, which impart a distinct character to the final product.

The combination of traditional Indian craftsmanship and modern maturation techniques results in a whiskey that is truly world-class.

Imperial Blue

Smooth and approachable taste

Not just a premium quality Indian whiskey, Imperial Blue also boasts a smooth and approachable taste that rivals some of the best international liquor brands.

With its well-balanced flavor profile and subtle notes of oak and caramel, it is a true delight for whiskey enthusiasts.

Affordable and popular choice

Assuming that quality comes at a high price is a misconception when it comes to Imperial Blue. It’s not only budget-friendly but also a popular choice among consumers.

Despite its competitive pricing, it does not compromise on taste or quality, making it a top contender in the world of spirits.

A bottle of Imperial Blue offers exceptional value for money, making it a go-to option for those looking for a satisfying whiskey experience without breaking the bank.

Its widespread popularity speaks volumes about its unbeatable combination of affordability and excellent craftsmanship.

Royal Stag Barrel Select

Rich and oaky flavor

Your quest for exquisite Indian whiskey ends with Royal Stag Barrel Select. Stag boasts a rich and oaky flavor profile that rivals the best international brands.


Each sip takes you on a sensory journey with its smooth texture and hints of vanilla and caramel, leaving a lingering warmth on the palate.

Exquisite whiskey experience

There’s no denying that Royal Stag Barrel Select offers an exquisite whiskey experience that stands out in a crowd.

With its carefully crafted blend of matured aged malts and grains, this Indian whiskey delivers a complex yet balanced taste profile that pleases even the most discerning connoisseurs.

Plus, the Royal Stag Barrel Select is perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated and smooth whiskey that can be savored on its own or mixed into a cocktail for a touch of Indian elegance.

Officer’s Choice Blue

Smooth and refined taste

With Officer’s Choice Blue, you can expect a smooth and refined taste that is unparalleled by many international whiskey brands.

The blend offers a distinct flavor profile that pleases the palate without compromising on quality.


Best-selling Indian whiskey

One of the most popular and best-selling Indian whiskeys, Officer’s Choice Blue has won the hearts of many whiskey enthusiasts across the country.

Its consistent quality and affordable price point have made it a favorite choice among consumers.

Officers Choice Blue is known for its smooth finish and balanced flavors, making it a versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Whether you are a casual drinker or a connoisseur, Officer’s Choice Blue is a great pick for any occasion.

Indri – Trini Whisky

Indri – Trini Whisky is a true gem among Indian spirits, inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago.

Meticulously made with dedication and care, this unique whisky embodies a heritage that blends tradition with creativity.

With a legacy that reaches back through the years, Indri – Trini Whisky honors the skill of its master blenders, who have honed their craft for generations.

Combining traditional methods with contemporary knowledge, this whisky represents the pinnacle of excellence and sophistication.


Upon tasting Indri – Trini Whisky, one is immediately captivated by its enchanting blend of flavors.

Take a delightful sensory voyage as hints of tropical fruits, caramelized sugar, and a touch of oak elegantly frolic on the taste buds, leaving a pleasant warmth that invites another indulgent sip.

Taking the drinking experience to a whole new level, Indri – Trini Whisky delivers a perfect blend of complexity and smoothness.

With each sip, a symphony of flavors unravels, revealing intricate layers of depth and character that captivate the palate and leave a memorable mark.

Indri – Trini Whisky is the perfect choice for those looking to delve into the world of premium Indian spirits, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship that epitomize the whisky industry.

Embrace your sense of adventure and enjoy a drink that knows no limits, encouraging you to relish each moment with pure pleasure.

To wrap up

Presently, there are many Indian whiskeys that have proven themselves to be on par, and even surpass, international liquor brands in terms of quality and taste.

From Amrut Fusion to Paul John Single Malt, these Indian whiskeys are a true testament to the high standards and craftsmanship of the Indian distillery industry.


If you’re looking to explore new and exciting flavors in the world of whiskey, be sure to give these top Indian brands a try!