This is Vishal, a full-time SEO analyst, developer, and part-time tech blogger. Being a techie I used to play with different mobile apps, websites, and gadgets. It leads me to some errors and glitches and found that there are so many people like me also facing the same issues.

So, I decided to start a technology blog where I can share solutions to problems I have come across during my online research of different websites and gadgets.

This is how came into existence and keeps serving online users with actionable and proven hacks.

Technology has a tremendous impact on our daily lives, and many people struggle to comprehend it, which is why I’m here to assist you in making the most of the technology you use daily.

Every month, millions of people benefit from our context for the newest technology news, a huge collection of updated educational how-to articles, and independent product recommendations and reviews.

I cover technology for the way you live: not just devices, but the powers they open in your life, the people who created them, and how they’re transforming the world around you.

My Mission

“The goal of is to help individuals get the most out of the technology that now pervades our lives.”

I also want to help you have fun, resolve issues as they happen, keep you up to date on what’s new, and educate you on why technology is essential and how it can help you live a better life.

Not only does ProTechieTalk assist you in the discovery of new technology that you’ll enjoy, but we’re also passionate about training you on how to use it.

At ProTechieTalk, I produce a lot of tutorials, user login guide, and How-to technology articles that people use every day.

Vishal Patel – Owner

Vishal is the owner of ProTechieTalk and has over fourteen years of expertise in the technology area. During his fourteen-year tenure at the organization, he has written, edited, managed, guided conference tours, moderated panels, and presented Tech Talks to businesses.

Vishal is obsessed with technology and enjoys telling stories with it. From delving into minor details to taking a step back and observing larger trends, Vishal enjoys sharing tech knowledge.

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