Cramly AI is one of many educational platforms and tools that have transformed how students study, helping to maximize study sessions while increasing return on investment (ROI). This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to log in, create an account, and reset your password if needed.

What is Cramly AI?

Before we explore how to login, let’s first establish what Cramly AI is and its differences from similar platforms. Cramly AI is an AI-powered educational platform aimed at optimizing students’ study time with tools designed to boost learning outcomes and boost academic performance. Note: Cramly AI should not be mistaken with Craftly, Charley or Writerly as each platform serves different functions.

Logging in to Cramly AI

Steps for log in to Cramly AI


1. Launch your web browser, navigate directly to Cramly AI login page at: https://app.cramly.ai/auth/login,

2. enter registered email and password into respective fields and press on Sign In button (for security purposes).

3. Should you forget your password, don’t Worry: Cramly AI offers an effortless password recovery method.

Creating an Account on Cramly AI

Those new to Cramly AI who wish to join its platform should follow these steps to create their account:


1. Navigating to the Cramly AI registration page at: https://app.cramly.ai/auth/registration

2. Fill out all necessary information, such as your email address, phone number (optional), password and password confirmation details.

3. Once you have submitted the necessary data, click on the “Submit” button to move forward with your submission.

4. If you prefer, another way is to sign up using Google by clicking on “Sign Up With Google” button on registration page.

After creating your account, you have the choice between selecting one of our subscription models or clicking “Upgrade Later”, if you’d prefer exploring before committing to a paid plan.

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Steps to Reset Your Password for Cramly AI

If you find yourself forgetting your Cramly AI password, don’t panic; these steps should help reset it:

1. Navigating directly to Cramly AI’s password recovery page at: https://app.cramly.ai/auth/forgot-password

2. Provide the email address associated with your Cramly AI account.


3. To initiate the password resetting process, click “Submit.”

4. Go back through your emails for any instructions to reset your password.

5. Follow the instructions outlined in your email to complete the password resetting process.

If your email does not arrive as expected, check your spam or junk folder before reaching out for further help from Cramly AI Support. If it still cannot be located after that step has been taken, do not hesitate to get in touch with them as well for additional support.


What is Cramly AI and how does it differ from similar educational platforms?

Cramly AI is an AI-powered educational platform that optimizes students’ study time. It offers tools to maximize learning outcomes. Cramly differs from platforms such as Craftly, Charley or Writerly that have different purposes.

How do I log into Cramly AI?

To access Cramly AI, launch your web browser, go to https://app.cramly.ai/auth/login, enter your registered email and password details, and click “Sign In.”

How can I create an account on Cramly AI?

To register with Cramly AI, visit: https://app.cramly.ai/auth/registration, enter your email, optional phone number, password and confirmation code before clicking “Submit.” Alternatively, sign in using Google.


What can I do if I forget my Cramly AI password?

If you forget your Cramly AI password, visit https://app.cramly.ai/auth/forgot-password and provide your email address; once submitted, follow the email instructions to reset your password.

What happens if I do not receive the password reset email?

A5: If your email did not arrive as expected, first check the spam/junk folder; if still no sign of it is present there, contact Cramly AI Support for additional assistance.


Cramly AI provides students looking to maximize study time and achieve superior educational results an invaluable platform. By following this article’s login, account creation, password reset instructions you can quickly gain access to all features and resources provided by Cramly AI – making your study sessions count while harnessing AI’s power for an enhanced learning experience!