Dollar General Hours are open for around 13 hours on a regular day. These hours account for answering many questions such as, ‘what time does Dollar general open.’ The Dollar General hours begin from 8.00 am and continue till the last shift at 9.00 pm. 

It is within this time that you can access all the products and services from a Dollar General Store. 

Does this ever happen that you set off from home to visit Dollar General Store but find out it is closed? What a waste of time and energy!


That is why knowing the Dollar General Store hours are vital. This article will answer questions like: What time does Dollar General Close? Or ‘is Dollar General open on Christmas Day?’

So without wasting another second, let us find out Dollar General Hours.

What are Dollar General Store Hours of Operation?

All throughout the week, Dollar General Hours begin sharply at 8.00 am and continue to serve till the clock strike 9.00 pm. However, few stores remain open for an additional hour and finally cease operation at 10.00 pm.

This, in total, constitutes of 13-14 working hours for all Dollar Stores. The best part about Dollar General Hours is that it remains the same even on weekends. 


This means you can visit any Dollar General store from 8 in the morning till 9.00 pm after dusk, even on Saturday and Sunday. 

Take a look at the table below to know about Dollar General Store Hours in brief:

Day Of The WeekOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday08.00 am09.00pm
Tuesday08.00 am09.00pm
Wednesday08.00 am09.00pm
Thursday08.00 am09.00pm
Friday08.00 am09.00pm
Saturday08.00 am09.00pm
Sunday08.00 am09.00pm

Note: These timings are subject to change as per their location. 


What Time Does Dollar General Open?

All Dollar general stores open at 8.00 am. The opening time for Dollar General Store remains the same all throughout the week. You will find all the products stacked up in a place as early as 8.00 am.

Fact Box: A considerate step taken by Dollar General during the Covid Pandemic (2020) was that they allocated the first hour (8.00-9.00 am) of their operation to senior citizens. 

When Does Dollar General Close?

Now, it’s time to answer what time does Dollar General Store Close. Most of Dollar General Store Hours end by 9.00 to 10.00 pm.

Hence you will not find any Dollar General Store open after 10.00 pm on weekdays and weekends. 

The closing time for a given Dollar General Store will depend on its location. Sometimes you might find that the Dollar General Store Hours of Operation end by 9.00 pm, but the store closes on 10.00 pm. 


This is because; the end shift staff has to re-stalk all the products in the place, as the morning shift starts very early. 

Dollar General Holiday Hours

Is Dollar General open on Christmas Day’, is a common question for many Dollar General customers. The answer to it, in a word, is: No. 

You will not find any Dollar General Store open on Christmas Day. 

This brings us to the question,


What are Dollar General Holiday Hours?

During the holiday season, DG Store hours get extended for up to 2-3 hours. This means you can find a few Dollar General Outlets even open during midnight just before a holiday.

Note: This would again depend on the location of the store.        

DateHolidayDollar General Holiday Hours
Jan 01New YearRegular Hours
Jan 17Martin Luther King DayRegular Hours
Feb 14Valentine’s DayRegular Hours
Feb 21President’s DayRegular Hours
Apr 15Good FridayRegular Hours
Apr 17EasterClosed
May 30Memorial DayRegular Hours
Jul 04Independence DayRegular Hours
Sept 05Labor DayRegular Hours
Oct 10Columbus DayRegular Hours
Nov 11Veteran’s DayRegular Hours
Nov 24Thanksgiving DayExtended Hours (7.00am-10.00pm)
Nov 25Black FridayRegular Hours
Dec 24Christmas EveExtended Hours (7.00am-10.00pm)
Dec 25Christmas DayClosed
Dec 26Day After ChristmasRegular Hours
Dec 31New Year’s EveRegular Hours

How To Know Dollar General Store Hours?

You can use the Dollar General Store Locator to know all details about Dollar General Hours. This will include the answers to questions like: 

  • What time does Dollar General close?
  • What time does Dollar General open?
  • How far is the Dollar General Store?
  • What is the contact detail of the Dollar General Store? Etc.

Here is how to use the Dollar General Store locator:

Step1: Open the Dollar General store locator link.


Step2: Enter the Zip code in the text box on the left section of the screen. Alternatively, you can use the My Location option just below it.

Step3: A list of all the Dollar General stores in the area will open up. 

Step4: Find an outlet of your choice and click on View Details.

That is it. Wasn’t it as easy as pie? You can also use the Dollar General Store directory to locate an outlet. Just follow this course of action:

Select your State>>Click on the desired location>> Find the Dollar General outlet you want>> View details.


And you will have all the details on your fingertip.

FAQs on Dollar General Hours

Why is Dollar General Closing Early?

The reason for early closing time for Dollar General outlets is that after the last shift the store needs to be sanitized, cleaned and restocked for the next Dollar General Shopping hours.

Does Dollar General Get Holidays Off?

Dollar General remains close on Christmas Day and has special extended hours of operation on holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve. Or else, for the rest of the year, it operates on regular hours.

Does Dollar General Work on Thanksgiving?

Dollar General Store Hours of Operation for Thanksgiving are stretched from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. You may also find a few outlets open till midnight. 


Now you will never miss your visit to any Dollar General Outlet. With these details on The Dollar General store hours, you can always be prepared to go shopping.