If you’ve been exploring Character AI, a powerful AI chatbot that enables users to create and interact with fictional characters, you may find yourself wanting to delete certain ones. Whether for no longer having a use for it or other reasons, this article will walk through how to delete characters from Character AI’s platform. While there’s no direct way to delete a character in Character AI, we’ll explore a few effective workarounds and fixes to help you achieve your goal.

How to Delete a Character in Character AI?

Steps to Delete a Character in Character.AI

Deleting a character in Character.AI may not be an option, but you can effectively hide it by erasing its conversations and modifying its attributes. Here are the steps in detail:

    Log in to your Character AI account
  1. Log in to your Character AI account.
  2. Choose the character you wish to delete.
  3. Access a conversation with the character.
  4. Click on the three-dot icon to open the context menu.
  5. From the menu, select the “Remove Messages” option to delete all the conversations.

Now, proceed to the character editor by clicking the three-dot icon in the chat and selecting “View Character Settings.”

  1. Erase all information pertaining to your character, including its name and description.
  2. Set the character’s visibility to “Private.”
  3. After removing these attributes, remember not to leave the text fields for the character name and greeting empty. Instead, use three hyphens (—) to represent an empty name or description.

By following these steps, you can effectively hide your character on Character.AI, ensuring that it remains inaccessible to others.

Rewrite or Clear the Character’s Definition

Altering a Character’s Attributes To Remove Him/Her is another effective method of disabling them: This could include their name, definitions, avatar, greetings, or descriptions – follow these steps to create your new Chatbot:

  1. Access the Character Settings, as mentioned earlier.
  2. Scroll down and edit the character’s attributes according to your preferences.
  3. Save your changes to create a new Character AI chatbot.

Once you’ve updated a character definition and created a new one, they won’t appear in public feeds or appear when other users search by name – giving you the freedom to start over with an entirely new persona while erasing any old ones.

Contact Character AI Developers

If all other methods fail, your last resort may be to contact Character AI’s team and request that they remove your character. There may be technical or moral difficulties that prevent this request from being met; nonetheless, it may be worth giving it a shot if your goal is the removal of character from the platform.


Character AI developers can be reached out to through platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, with more contact details found on the Character AI Crunchbase profile.

How to Delete Chat in Character AI?

Character AI does not currently allow for the deletion of chats; however, you can follow these steps to effectively delete conversations from your history:

  1. Use Placeholder Text: Instead of the character’s name and other description information, use placeholder text. This will help anonymize the chat and make it less identifiable.
  2. Create a New Character: Substitute the name and description of a new character that you intend to create for the existing one. This will essentially replace the previous character’s chat history with a new one.

While Character AI does not offer a direct method to delete chats, the above approach can successfully eliminate specific conversations from your chat history.

Failed to Delete Messages in Character AI

If you encounter the “Failed to delete messages” issue in Character AI, there are a few possible reasons for this problem:

  1. Lack of Permissions: You may not have the necessary authorizations to delete the messages. Make sure you have the required privileges to perform this action.
  2. Temporary Cache: It’s possible that the messages you attempted to delete are still present in the database but are temporarily cached. In this case, the system may not reflect the deletion immediately.

The solutions mentioned above can help make your character’s chat history inaccessible to the general public, even though a straightforward method to erase a character’s chats does not exist.

If none of these options resolve your issue, consider reaching out to the Character AI creators for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I delete characters entirely using Character AI?

While there’s no direct way of doing so, you can make the character private or modify its definition; alternatively, you may reach out to Character AI developers for assistance.

What happens if I make my character private?


By making it private, your character becomes available only to you and won’t appear in name searches or the public feed.

How can I create a new character in Character AI?

To make a new character in Character AI, edit its attributes, save those changes, and it will essentially become replaced with the one you wanted to make.

Will Character AI developers delete my character?

There can be no guarantees that they can delete your character; their decision depends on various factors including technical and moral considerations.

Where can I locate Character AI developers?

Reaching out to them can be done through platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn; additionally, their contact details can be found on Character AI Crunchbase profiles.

If I want to create a brand-new character, what steps should I follow?

Follow these steps to make your character private or revise its definition, creating an entirely new person while at the same time disowning the old one.


Character AI currently does not offer a built-in deletion feature for characters or chats; however, this article provides workarounds to make your character’s chat history less accessible to others. Developers need to address this limitation and provide users with an easier method for managing and deleting character chats in Character AI; in the meantime use these methods outlined here to protect your privacy while maintaining control over AI creations.