How To Delete WhatsApp Images In Laptop?

How To Delete WhatsApp Images In Laptop

The answer to ‘How to delete WhatsApp images from laptop’ is hidden in a simple trick. For this, all you need is to locate the image>> tap the drop-down arrow>>hit Delete Message.

Digital communication is all about virtual space. Think how much storage you can renew just by knowing how to delete WhatsApp images from laptop in detail.

Moreover, it gets crucial to know the steps to remove WhatsApp images from a laptop to ease the process of navigation through all the media.

Additionally, I will discuss the steps to remove WhatsApp media for everyone. Keep an eye on various Pro Tips in this article.

So, let’s get into the core of how to delete WhatsApp images in laptop. 

How do I Delete WhatsApp Pictures from My Laptop?

You can remove WhatsApp images in your laptop by selecting the Delete Message from the downward arrow-head on the top right corner of the image you want to delete.

But, for more clarity, let us zoom-in on the steps to delete WhatsApp images in laptop: 

1. Open your web browser and go to the WhatsApp Web page and link your phone with it. Or if you use the WhatsApp Desktop App, open it.

Note: Use these links to download the WhatsApp Desktop Application for your Mac or Windows Laptop.

2. Look for the chat window and find the image you want to delete.

3. Move the cursor to the upper right edge of the image, and click on the downward-looking arrow as it appears.

4. You will see a drop-down menu opens up. Here, select the Delete Message option. 

5. WhatsApp will ask your conformation to remove the image here, select between the following two options –

  • Delete for me
  • Delete for everyone

And there you go; the image will be removed from WhatsApp.

Note: Selecting Delete for everyone will only remove the image from the WhatsApp chat storage for you and the other person/ group. It will still be present in the Albums of the other person if they have saved it there.

Pro Tip: Click on the image you want to remove. Once it opens on the WhatsApp image viewer, click on the bin icon from the top-right corner.

Can I Remove Multiple WhatsApp Images from Laptop?

It is possible to remove more than one picture on your WhatsApp from Laptop. This not only saves larger space in one go but also saves your time & energy. With this method, you can remove multi-media files from your WhatsApp chat.

Given below are the steps to delete multiple WhatsApp images from your laptop: 

1. Open the contact chat from where you want to remove the pictures. 

2. On the topmost band, click on the 3 dots and select the Message option. This will enable small select boxes beside all the messages.

3. Select out all the images you want to remove and click on the Bin icon on the bottom panel.

Do not exit the chat thread before deleting the images, or else it will get deselected. You can delete a bunch of images from one chat profile at a time.

Pro Tip: In WhatsApp, multiple images sent simultaneously get bunched together. You can delete the whole bundle in one click by selecting the Delete option from the drop-down arrow. 

You can also delete images by going to the media section under the profile detail section from the chat window. Follow this flow chart: 

Click on the band with the name/ number of the contact>> select the Media, Link and Docs section>> Select the images>> hit the Bin icon.

Is it Possible to Remove Saved WhatsApp Images in laptop?

Another fact about WhatsApp is that it will store media in your laptop/ phone. This sync feature is a cures and a blessing in itself. 

You may empty all WhatsApp images from the App, but the saved media will still be there on your laptop (or phone), taking up your precious storage and memory.

Hence it is vital to know how to delete downloaded WhatsApp images in laptop. This can be solved in two ways, depending whether you use WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp Desktop App. 

If you use WhatsApp Web:

In this case, all the downloaded images will be saved in the Downloads folder. The following steps will help you to delete the saved images from WhatsApp on your laptop: 

Step1: Open the File Manager on your laptop. 

Step2: Select the Downloads folder and select the image you want to delete. 

Step3: hit the delete key on the keyboard. 

If you use WhatsApp Desktop App:

Locating where the system saves all the images from the WhatsApp Application is tricky. In most case, the file location should be, C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\WhatsApp\app-2.2049. 10\

Given below are the steps to remove WhatsApp media stored on your laptop: 

Step1: Open the File Manager and go the This PC. Over here, select the User folder in the C Drive.

Step2: Go to the Default Folder and open the AppData section.

Step3: Under the Local Folder, select the WhatsApp folder.

 Step4: Find the Media Section and select all the files you want to remove.

Step5: Then finally, hit delete.

That is it, and you have cleared the space by deleting WhatsApp images on your Laptop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where WhatsApp Images are Stored in Laptop?

All the WhatsApp images will either be saved in the downloads folder (WhatsApp Web Users) or in the C drive (WhatsApp Desktop App Users), with this file location: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\WhatsApp\app-2.2049. 10\

How Can I Permanently Delete WhatsApp Images from both Sides?

Open the image and click on the Bin icon. Once prompted Delete For Everyone option to delete the images from both sides.

Why is WhatsApp not Giving me the Option to Delete Everyone?

You can only use the Delete for everyone feature for a limited period of time and with the latest version of WhatsApp. So if you wish to remove a very old image from both sides, you will not be able to do so unless you ask the person to remove it manually from their device.


This is all you need to do in order to delete WhatsApp images in laptop. Always remember to clear up space on your laptop, too, because removing images from your WhatsApp profile will not remove it from your laptop.

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