Windows 11 provides users with many new updates and features designed to enrich the user experience, including security patches such as KB5031354. In order to keep your operating system updated and safe, it’s critical that important updates such as this one (KB5031354) be installed immediately upon release.  In this guide, we will walk you through the process of installing the KB5031354 update with Copilot on your Windows 11 system. No matter your level of technical skill or understanding, these step-by-step instructions make updating an Android phone effortless.

What are Moment Updates in Windows 11?

Microsoft recently made changes to Windows 11 servicing model by offering “moment updates”, or feature additions outside the typical biannual feature updates. Microsoft hopes these moment updates allow them to release features faster.

Moment updates provide users with faster access to new functionalities and improvements, and also allow Microsoft to test out potential new features prior to including them as part of its main feature updates.


Some benefits of instant updates may include:

  • Faster deployment of features and enhancements;
  • ability to test and iterate new functionalities without large biannual updates,
  • reduced burden of these updates,
  • more flexibility when updating Windows 11 between versions;

How to Install Update KB5031354 with Copilot : Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Access Windows Update Settings

Follow these steps to install the KB5031354 update via Copilot:

Access the Windows 11 Settings


Access the Windows 11 Settings by right-clicking on its icon on the taskbar and choosing gear-shaped settings icon from Start menu.

Find and Click Windows Update In the Settings, locate and click “Windows Update,” this will take you directly into Windows Update’s section where you can manage system updates.

Step 2: Enabling “Get Latest Updates”

Before installing the KB5031354 update, it is vitally important that your system is set to receive updates, such as Moment 4 features. Here’s how you can enable this feature:

Switch on the “Get latest updates” toggle.

Within Windows Updates is a toggle switch labeled ‘Get latest updates.’ To activate these updates for downloading purposes.

Step 3: Install the KB5031354 Update

Now that “Get latest updates” has been enabled, it is time to install the KB5031354 update. Follow these steps carefully for an efficient installation:

Check for Updates


To check manually for updates, launch the Start menu by clicking Windows icon; navigate to “Settings,” choose Windows Update section then “Check for Updates,” before finally pressing on “Check Now!” in Windows Update section of “Windows Update section of Settings.”

Download and Install Update for PC

Click “Check for Updates,” and Windows 11 will perform an extensive scan for available updates, looking specifically for KB5031354. Once located, Windows will prompt you to download and install this patch; to initiate this update click “Download and Install.”

Restart Your Computer

Once the installation process has concluded, it may ask you to reboot your computer in order to apply all changes made by this update. Simply click “Restart now” in order to complete it successfully and complete its implementation.

Uninstalling the Cumulative Update

If you’re having problems after installing the KB5031354 update, you can remove it by doing the following:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Click on “Programs.”
  • Then select “Programs and Features.”
  • On the left side, click on “View Installed Updates.”
  • Look for KB5031354, right-click on it, and choose “Uninstall.”
  • When prompted, restart your computer.

This will take your Windows back to the version you had before, and it should fix any issues caused by the update.


What is the purpose of installing Copilot update KB5031354 on Windows 11?

KB5031354 is an essential security update for Windows 11. It improves system-wide protection and stability while giving access to Moment 4 features, like Copilot.

Am I able to install the KB5031354 update without activating “Get latest updates”?


Installing the KB5031354 update without activating “Get latest updates” may allow for installation without impacting access to optional Moment 4 features like Copilot; however, doing so would prevent full benefit of all latest enhancements and capabilities of Moment 4. To maximize benefits from new developments it’s recommended enabling this option and reap all their advantages.

Does installing the KB5031354 update require user action?

Yes, the KB5031354 update is mandatory security software update that keeps Windows 11 secure and up-to-date, plus unlocks additional Moment 4 features if “Get latest updates” is turned on.

Why am I unable to enable Windows Update?

Put “troubleshoot” in the Windows Search Bar and click Troubleshooting option. Fix problems with Windows Update by selecting Fix problems now then Next button and reboot computer afterwards to see if problem was solved.

How can I update Windows from Control Panel?


Launch the Control Panel. Navigate to System and Security (this option only appears if the Control Panel is in “Category View”) or simply choose Windows Update in “All Control Panel Items”. Double-click ‘Windows Update” then “Check For Updates” from the left-hand menu to perform an update check.


Updating your Windows 11 system with the KB5031354 update and activating “Get latest updates” is an easy process, making your computing experience all that much more satisfying and enjoyable. Not only does this update enhance security and stability for your system but it also gives access to exciting features such as Copilot and other Moment 4 enhancements that add another level of enjoyment – you just have to follow these simple steps for yourself to ensure it happens smoothly!

Step Description

1. First Open the Settings,  – which accesses Windows 11 Settings menus.

2. Navigating to Windows Update section by clicking Windows Update icon,

3. Enabling “Get latest updates” : Turn the toggle to enable Windows Configuration Updates.

4. Check for Updates : Manually search available updates.

5. Download and Install KB5031354 Update.


6. Restart Your Computer : Finish the installation by restarting your computer.

Staying current on system updates ensures you take full advantage of new features while safeguarding the security of your Windows 11 device. So don’t put off keeping up-to-date – take these steps immediately to keep it running smoothly with the KB5031354 update and Copilot!