Let me guess, you want to know how to measure laptop size because you cannot figure out what size of laptop bag you should purchase. Or you want to see if your Digital Art Laptop has the recommended screen size.

Either way, you will have to understand the steps to measure laptop screen

Moreover, for plenty of other reasons, knowing the size of your laptop screen is just as important as knowing other technical specifications of your laptop. 


Luckily, you are in the right place. Through this guide, I will demonstrate the steps to help you estimate the size of your laptop. 

So without further delay, let us get started. 

Note: You will require a measuring tape and a calculator to measure your laptop screen size. 

Steps to Measure Laptop Size

Measuring the laptop size is not only the concern of tech-savvy minds. Instead, it is a need for everyone from office goers who have to have their laptops for video-call every time to those retired oldies with specially designed laptops for seniors.


Before proceeding, you must understand that laptop size essentially means the size of your laptop screen. However, for more comprehensive understanding, I will include the measure of your laptop screen, height, length and width. 

The steps to measure your laptop screen are given below –

1. Begin by noting the diagonal length of your laptop screen.


Take the end of the measuring tape and place it on the edge of your laptop’s screen. Remember choosing the starting point is vital as you are going to measure the length diagonally. 

2. Measure the width of your laptop by placing the tape’s end on the edge of the moveable side and work your way to the hinges. 

3. To find the length of your laptop, measure the distance from USB port to USB port. 

Note: Make sure that while measuring the length and width of your laptop, you keep the measuring tape in a straight line. Or else, you will end you marking the wrong measures.

4. Now, you will need to measure the height of your laptop. The height is the upward length from the back to the top of your laptop.


Fact Box: The screen measure shown in the product manual of your laptop is the actual diagonal length of your laptop screen as it does not include the additional length of the outer casing.

Once you have all the details, you can compare it to various compartments of the laptop bag or make a wiser purchasing decision. 

The measure of laptop screen for a standard laptop is somewhere around 14 inches. Remember, this is the diagonal length of the laptop screen. The length of your laptop should be around 10 inches, and it will be 1.25 inches tall. 

But, if you own a gaming laptop, you will have an extra edge over the measures. The screen will be around 17 inches, while the height will run for 1.5 inches. This however depends on the hardware of your laptop.

How To Measure Laptop Size For Skin?

You can measure your laptop size for skin by measuring the width and length of the top surface of your laptop, excluding the hinges.


Most laptops come in shades of black, silver, and blue, but this never means you cannot customize your laptop case. This is done by laptop skin, a thin sheet of rubber/ vinyl covering the laptop case. 

Given below are the steps on how to measure laptop size for skin –

1. Place a measuring tape in a straight line from the front to the back to measure the width of your laptop. 

2. To get the length, put the scale in a side-to-side manner and take note of the unit measure.

3. On your browser, search for laptop skin and select the one you want to order. 


5. Next, put in your laptop skin’s dimensions (length & width). 

If your ordered laptop skin arrives un-cut, it is best to place it over the top surface of your laptop and lightly trace the outline of your laptop. Then remove the sheet and cut off the traced part.

Note: It is better to order laptop skin a few units bigger than your laptop case.

How to Measure Laptop Size in CM?

Many companies use centimeters as the measuring unit in place of inches. So if you have measured your laptop in inches and the website is showing it in centimeters, you can use the following conversion table as reference: 


FAQs on Measuring Laptop Size

Is 15.6 a Big Laptop?

A 15.6 inch (39.624cm) laptop will not only be big to deal with but also will be bulkier than the standard laptop. 

What is the Most Popular Size Laptop?

The screen size will depend on the purpose and use of your laptop. The most demanded laptop size ranges from 15-16 inches.

How Can I Find Out My Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring It?

Look for the model type of your laptop and search for its dimensions online to know how big your laptop screen is even without measuring it.


Measuring laptop size can help you buy the perfect laptop accessories like a laptop sleeve or even a laptop skin. Now that you know how to measure laptop size, you can even determine if your laptop is as per the needs of the gaming and digital art community.