Discover the power of Duet AI, an artificial intelligence tool revolutionizing collaboration in Google Workspace. This guide provides detailed steps, personal experiences, and expert insights on using Duet AI effectively.

How to use Duet AI?

1. Sign up for Duet AI

Embark on your Duet AI journey by signing up with an eligible Google Workspace plan. This ensures access to the incredible features Duet AI offers, empowering you to streamline your collaborative efforts.


Having an eligible plan opens up a world of possibilities. The seamless sign-up process reflects Google Workspace’s commitment to providing cutting-edge tools for its users.


2. Access Duet AI in Google Docs, Sheets, Meet, and Gmail

Once signed up, explore the versatility of Duet AI across various Google apps. In Google Docs, let AI suggest text; in Sheets, create tables effortlessly. Duet AI can generate backgrounds in Meet and refine emails in Gmail, enhancing your overall productivity.

Insider Tip

Unlock the full potential of Duet AI by incorporating it into your daily tasks. Witness how AI enhances your creativity and efficiency in real-time collaboration.

3. Enable Duet AI in Google Cloud

For extended capabilities in Google Cloud products, follow the documented steps. Apply for access and activate Duet AI in a Google Cloud project, expanding its utility within your team.

Expert Advice

Integrating Duet AI with Google Cloud elevates your team’s collaborative efforts to new heights. Explore its advanced features for a truly integrated experience.


4. Explore Duet AI’s capabilities

Dive deep into the myriad capabilities of Duet AI. From acting as a coach and thought partner to providing inspiration and boosting productivity, Duet AI transforms your workspace.

Personal Touch

Having Duet AI as a constant collaborator has significantly enhanced my ability to generate content, organize thoughts, and provide better services effortlessly.

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Is Duet Ai Free?

Access the No-Cost Trial

Google Workspace users can request a no-cost trial of Duet AI. This trial allows you to experience the collaborative power of Duet AI without any financial commitment.

Exclusive Trial

Explore Duet AI’s capabilities risk-free during the trial period. Witness firsthand how it can elevate your collaborative efforts within Google Workspace.

Monthly Pricing for Duet AI

After the trial, understand the pricing structure for Duet AI. For just $30 per user per month, unlock the full potential of Duet AI for enhanced productivity.

Cost-Effective Collaboration

At $30 per user, Duet AI offers a budget-friendly solution for teams looking to boost their collaborative endeavors within Google Workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use Duet AI with any Google Workspace plan?

Absolutely! You must have an eligible Google Workspace plan to sign up for Duet AI and experience its benefits.

Q: Is Duet AI accessible in all Google apps?

Yes, once you have access, Duet AI seamlessly integrates into Google Docs, Sheets, Meet, and Gmail, enhancing your workflow.


Q: What steps are involved in enabling Duet AI in Google Cloud?

To enable Duet AI in Google Cloud products, follow the documented steps, including applying for access and activating it in a Google Cloud project.

Q: How does Duet AI enhance productivity?

Duet AI serves as a coach, thought partner, and source of inspiration, generating sales materials, creating content quickly, and providing better service.

Q: Is Duet AI available for all Google Workspace plans?

Duet AI is available for eligible Google Workspace plans. Ensure you go through the application process to gain access.

Q: Can I integrate Duet AI with other collaboration tools?

Currently, Duet AI is optimized for Google Workspace, providing a seamless collaborative experience within its suite of apps.


In conclusion, mastering how to use Duet AI opens up a world of collaborative possibilities within Google Workspace. Sign up, explore, and enable Duet AI to experience a transformative journey towards enhanced productivity.