Welcome to AI art and Starry AI’s world! Here, your imagination comes alive through text prompts for easily creating visually attractive pieces with AI art generator apps like Starry AI. In this guide we will demonstrate its features while opening up creative potential within you.

What is Starry AI?

Starry AI is an AI art generator app, employing two advanced AI models named Altair and Orion to transform text prompts into beautiful images. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, Starry AI provides numerous features to meet the creative needs of its users.

Key Features of Starry AI


Starry AI offers users many customization options to personalize their AI content creation experience, from models and styles, aspect ratios and initial images, through four AI methods (Art, Photos, Illustrations or Custom Styles) with customizable styles to fine tune details using prompts and regularly updated features.


Ease of Use

Using Starry AI is a breeze, with just a few simple steps to follow. Users can express their creative vision by entering a straightforward text prompt or take advantage of the convenient Prompt Builder tool.


One of the hallmarks of Starry AI is its emphasis on user ownership of creations made using artificial intelligence, so users have full rights over any artwork generated using AI for any project, print it out or share it on social media without restrictions or fees being levied against their work.

Starry AI provides impressive customization options, but it should be remembered that its limitations compared to other AI art generator apps may make it less valuable as an artistic resource. Still, its versatility and creative potential make Starry AI an indispensable resource for artists and creators.

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How to Use Starry AI?

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide on how to use Starry AI to create stunning AI-generated art.

Step 1: Download the Starry AI App

Begin by downloading the Starry AI app from either the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices). Install the app on your device.

Step 2: Select Your Project Type

Once Starry AI is installed and running smoothly, open it up and choose which project type you would like to pursue. From art, illustrations, photos or custom styles – Starry AI provides many choices that fit with your creative vision – find what best meets it.

Step 3: Enter a Text Prompt

Now, it’s time to let your imagination run wild. Enter a text prompt that describes what you want the AI to create. This is where your creativity comes into play, so be as descriptive as you’d like.

Step 4: Customize Your Creation

After entering your text prompt, you can further customize your creation. You can select a style that suits your vision, choose an aspect ratio, and even pick an initial image that resonates with your idea.


Step 5: Fine-Tune Your Artwork

To add those unique finishing touches, utilize a variety of prompts and features regularly updated by Starry AI. These allow you to refine the details of your AI-generated content, making it truly your own.

Step 6: Save or Share Your Creation

Once you are satisfied with your artwork, save it to your device. You can also share your masterpiece on social media platforms, showcasing your creativity to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Starry AI run on Android devices?

Absolutely – both Starry AI for iOS and Android are free for use so that anyone can experience its creative features no matter the platform of choice.

2. Does Starry AI ensure my ownership of AI-generated artworks?

Absolutely. Starry AI ensures users retain full rights over their creations, giving you full ownership to use, print or share without restrictions or limits.

3. What customization options does Starry AI provide?

Starry AI offers a comprehensive selection of customization features, from models and styles, aspect ratios and initial images, all the way through Art, Photos, Illustrations or Custom Styles with fine-tuning prompts for fine details.

4. Are Tutorials Available for Starry AI?

Yes! YouTube hosts numerous tutorials providing step-by-step guidance for how to use Starry AI effectively, covering topics like getting started quickly with Starry AI prompts and making art quickly. These guides may assist users who may feel lost navigating these processes independently.

5. How does Starry AI compare with other AI art generator apps?

Although Starry AI offers impressive customization features and may have certain limitations compared to other AI art generator apps, its versatile creative potential makes it an invaluable asset to artists and creators.

6. Does Starry AI suit beginners easily?

Absolutely. Starry AI was built to be user-friendly; just use text prompts or use Prompt Builder quickly to describe your vision for quick implementation.



Starry AI is your gateway into the exciting world of artificially intelligent art. Equipped with powerful AI models and user-friendly features, Starry AI enables creators to turn their ideas into beautiful visuals – whether experienced artists or novices alike! No matter where your creativity lies – let Starry AI open up endless opportunities. Join today and discover where it leads!