Artificial intelligence has revolutionized various industries since OpenAI released ChatGPT, and Character.AI is among the innovative tools leveraging artificial intelligence. Released in 2022, Character.AI quickly gained popularity due to its neural language model which allows chatbots to respond in an impressively human-like fashion. Users are able to design and interact with characters individually; moreover, Character.AI now features both iOS and Android mobile apps for maximum accessibility and convenience.

Now, you might be wondering, “Is Character AI down or not working right now?” This article will provide you with all the necessary information to stay informed about the current status of Character.AI, including recent service disruptions, possible reasons for downtime, and tips on how to cope with interruptions.

Is Character AI Down or Not Working Today?

Character.AI, like many online platforms, occasionally experiences service outages that prevent users from accessing its services. This issue typically arises because its servers lack the capacity to support an increased volume of users at one time; as a result, services may temporarily stop working properly.


If you have experienced difficulties using Character.AI, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. Many users have reported similar issues and keeping up-to-date regarding Character.AI’s availability status can help.

Recent Service Disruptions

On August 8, 2023, reports of Character.AI service disruptions began surfacing on Twitter. A quick search indicates that many others are also encountering difficulties accessing their website or encountering technical difficulties when trying to access Character.AI.

However, despite reports to the contrary, the company has yet to issue an official response addressing these complaints; neither their primary support pages nor social media accounts contain information for affected users.

Possible Reasons for Downtime

Character.AI’s service interruption may be caused by scheduled maintenance work; in this instance, expected downtime should be short-lived and service should resume as quickly as possible.


Remain assured, as soon as we gather any new information we will notify you immediately. Although many users have tried to reach Character.AI via its service channels or social media handles for updates about disruptions to service, no official statements regarding their causes and duration have yet been released, leaving users in the dark about when service will resume normally.

How to Cope with Character.AI Service Interruptions

We recognize the inconvenience these service interruptions may cause can have an impactful on your workflow or leisure activities, but remaining patient and using alternative platforms or taking a break are key to managing Character.AI service interruptions. Here are some strategies on how you can handle Character.AI service disruptions:

  1. Patience is Key: While it can be frustrating, remember that technical issues can happen to any online service. Patience is crucial during such times.
  2. Explore Alternatives: Consider using different AI tools or exploring traditional storytelling methods as a temporary workaround until Character.AI’s service interruptions are resolved.
  3. Stay Informed: If you want to know the current status of the Character.AI servers, check back regularly for updates.

About Character AI Service Interruptions 2023

DateReason / Status
March 15There are no widespread reports of Character AI outages at this time.
April 7Character AI appears to be back to normal, with no new reports of issues.
April 14Users reported issues with Character AI, but it has since been restored.
April 17Recent reports suggest another outage, with users unable to send messages and ending up in a waiting room.
April 18The AI servers for characters are functioning properly.
April 24Character AI experienced a downtime lasting a few hours.
April 25The issue caused by maintenance has been resolved.
April 27A server-related disruption affected Character AI, but it has been fixed.
May 4Character AI won’t be accessible on May 4, 2023, between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. PT. After maintenance, there may be slow loading and long waits.
May 5Heavy usage is causing server congestion, leading to waiting times for some users.
May 6Character AI is currently not working and displaying an error message (500 Internal Error).
May 8The recent Character AI problem has been ongoing for more than 40 hours. The support team is aware and working on a solution.
May 9The recent issue with Character AI has been fixed, but the service has experienced further downtime.
May 10Character AI is reporting problems due to busy servers, with no estimated time for a fix.
May 11Users continue to experience issues with Character AI’s service.
May 12Some users are still facing problems with Character AI.
May 17The site is currently not functioning but has been fixed.
May 30Users report that Character AI hasn’t been working for a few minutes but is now functioning correctly.
July 5Many users are experiencing trouble due to server problems with the New Character AI.
July 6Some users are still facing problems due to the issue reported yesterday.
July 7A new problem affected a few users but has been resolved.
July 20The server is not working for many people using Character AI.
July 21Following a lengthy interruption, Character AI is now functioning as usual.
July 28Character AI chatbots are not functioning for some users due to a recent problem.
Aug 3Some users are currently experiencing issues with Character AI being unavailable or not functioning.
Aug 8Users are reporting a new problem with the Character AI service.


Has Character.AI issued any official statement about recent service disruptions?

No statement has yet been released by Character.AI regarding these service interruptions, leaving users in the dark as to the cause and estimated duration.

What can I do if Character.AI service interruptions arise?

Be patient, explore alternative AI tools, or turn to traditional storytelling methods as temporary solutions.

Is Character.AI the only platform experiencing server outages?

No, these outages aren’t exclusive to Character.AI – any tech services using complex AI models may experience issues and require ongoing maintenance and improvements.

Should I expect the service to be restored soon during maintenance?


Certainly. Scheduled maintenance often results in temporary interruptions to services, and these should be restored quickly.

How can I stay informed of Character.AI server downtime?

Check back here regularly for updates regarding the status of Character.AI servers.

Is Character.AI available on mobile devices?

Absolutely – Character.AI has launched mobile applications for both iOS and Android, making the service even more accessible for users.


Character.AI is a valuable tool in the world of artificial intelligence, but like any online service, it can experience downtime and technical issues. This article has provided you with information about recent service disruptions, possible reasons for downtime, and tips on how to cope with interruptions. Remember that patience and exploring alternatives can be your best allies during these times.

If you’ve encountered difficulties with Character.AI, stay informed, and check for updates regularly. Rest assured that you are not alone, and Character.AI is actively working to restore its service.