Learn Digital Marketing for Free with These Courses Online

Learn Digital Marketing for Free

Digital marketing is more than just trends, but it sometimes feels like an endless quest to crack the code. You’ve got to be a pro in spotting and using the most effective digital marketing techniques to keep up with the times. And if you are a complete beginner, you have to start somewhere.

This article answers the call to learn about digital marketing and related topics like graphic design, content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and advertising.

The online courses featured here are self-paced and geared toward different levels of learners (even experts review the fundamentals once in a while).

Moreover, these online educational materials were created by experts in their subject matter and accessible on platforms made for learning with user-friendly interfaces.

Best of all, they are free, and some provide certifications. Learn more here.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google

This free course is designed for beginners for career growth or business transformation. It spans 26 modules covering the basics of digital marketing with video tutorials, real-world examples, and quizzes.

Some key concepts in the course are –

  • Web presence
  • Online business strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media
  • Mobile web
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Search, display advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Analytics

A learner would get a certificate upon completing the course.

Related Courses

Google also offers courses designed for individual learners eyeing personal growth:

  • A plethora of practical digital skills for students of all ages and teachers
  • Skillshop (Google Ads)
  • Basics of machine learning

Businesses, startups, developers, etc., have their own set of programs.

Free Digital Marketing Basics

Digital influencer and entrepreneur Sorav Jain teaches this course consisting of 22 lessons on Udemy.

Subtitled Become Great at Digital Marketing, this online course discusses the basics of digital marketing and the practical side of it. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Lead generation

Marketing for Entrepreneurs in 2022: Learn Digital Marketing

This masterclass by entrepreneur and growth hacker Taylor Ryan covers digital marketing, growth hacking, content, CRO, automation, public relations, UX, and conversion.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an early-stage entrepreneur, this course is made for you. But those who want to know about various marketing tools used in the profession are also welcome to join the class.

Note: These are just some of the digital marketing and related courses on the platform, which has paid courses.

Digital Marketing Tutorials 

Digital Marketing Institute has created a free digital marketing course on its YouTube channel.

The first part covers the main concepts, including the benefits of a 360 marketing approach integrating offline/traditional channels for promotion. Paid vs organic search, email marketing, and video management are among part two’s topics. The third and last video tutorial discusses e-commerce, website, UX, etc.

Introduction to Marketing

The University of British Columbia, in partnership with edX, offers this introductory course to marketing. Market research and social media strategy are some of the key topics this course covers on marketing fundamentals and strategies.

This course is free when on audit track, but access to course materials and other features may be limited. One must also complete certain courses before taking this course.

Introduction to Marketing

Digital Branding and Engagement

This course centers on communication, particularly how digital technology changes how customers interact with brands. To that end, Digital Branding and Engagement teaches learners how to identify, create, and distribute media (earned, owned, and paid). 

It is offered by Curtin University with edX. Similar to the course above, it shows start and end dates and the estimated time for you to finish the course.

How to Create a Small Business Website?

Wes McDowell provides small businesses and digital marketers with methods and tips for building a website, filling them in on what it takes for their site to be considered an authority. The web strategy expert’s course can be found at Semrush Academy.

To test what you’ve learned from the course, take the exam and get your certificate.

Graphic Design Basics

Canva Design School has a free course on graphic design on its website. There are approximately 12 video lessons tackling the foundations of design to communicate a message effectively.

The Canva graphic design experts cover alignment, font, color palette, and photo (composition). There are also activities to apply what one has learned.

Copywriting Quick Start: Top Free Writing Tools & Hacks

Copywriting is an integral part of content marketing, and the free tutorial focuses on numerous tools and hacks to achieve this goal. 

The course aims to help learners become better writers and imparts a few powerful and persuasive secrets to copywriting/SEO copywriting. As for what these are, find out when you enroll in this course created by Tyler Speegle, one of Udemy’s best-selling instructors.

GrowMyAds shares nine powerful secrets to change the trajectory of your PPC advertising for the better. The free e-book is available on its website.

As a team of PPC specialists, the agency knows what it’s talking about and has the expertise to deliver positive results. Learn more about how these Google Ads experts can help you grow your business.

Social Media Marketing

HubSpot Academy has a free certification course on social media marketing. The course teaches students how to leverage social media as an inbound marketing tool (together with others).

This online tutorial thus covers the development of a social media strategy to its continued success. If you are an aspiring marketer, marketing manager, or social media manager, this course is made for you.

Facebook How-To Video Tutorials

From creating a Facebook page to creating ads from that page, the basics of promoting one’s business on the platform are on Meta Blueprint.

On the subject of digital advertising, the digital catalog has video tutorials on choosing ad formats, targeting the right audience, and engaging with Instagram stories.

YouTube and Video Marketing

This course shares the best practices for boosting subscriber count, video ranking, and views of YouTube videos. It is designed for beginners who can access the lessons on Simplilearn’s free learning platform SkillUp.

The video lessons focus on establishing a YouTube marketing strategy, promoting videos, and measuring impact/performance.   

Learning Digital Marketing Is Fulfilling, and It’s Free (Well, These Online Resources Are)

Whether it’s a concept or tool, discover something new with the help of free digital marketing courses online on this list.

Equip yourself with tools that help you succeed as a pro, business owner, job seeker, or newbie navigating the exciting world of digital marketing and the aspects that make it what it is or will be.  Never stop learning in this age of information.

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