Explore Europe’s most extravagant destinations on a luxurious journey as we reveal the Top 15 Most Expensive Cities to Visit.

Whether you’re a jet-setter planning your next getaway or simply curious about the elite destinations of Europe, this list will showcase the best of the best luxury travel.

Get ready to explore the exquisite realms of wealth and prestige in these extravagant cities!


Zurich, Switzerland

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While Zurich boasts stunning scenery, a high quality of life, and top-notch amenities, it comes with a price tag to match. The cost of living in Zurich is one of the highest in the world, making it a pricey destination for travelers.

Luxury accommodations

High-end hotels and luxury accommodations in Zurich are renowned for their impeccable service and lavish amenities. Visitors can expect to find opulent suites, Michelin-starred dining options, and exquisite spa facilities in the city’s most exclusive hotels.

The luxury accommodations in Zurich cater to the discerning tastes of affluent travelers, offering personalized services such as private butlers, chauffeur-driven limousines, and exclusive access to the city’s most prestigious events and attractions.

If you decide to stay in a historic boutique hotel with views of Lake Zurich or a modern luxury retreat in the city center, your stay in Zurich’s best accommodations will provide you with a memorable experience.


Geneva, Switzerland

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Pricy dining

There’s no denying that dining in Geneva can be quite expensive. With a reputation for luxury and elegance, the city offers a plethora of high-end restaurants that cater to the discerning palates of both locals and visitors.

Geneva’s dining scene offers everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to charming Swiss eateries, providing a delightful culinary experience that may come with a hefty price tag.

Don’t forget to visit one of the most expensive Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in the city of Crissier, Switzerland If you plan to visit or already in roaming. It’s just 39 miles away from Geneva.

Exclusive shopping

On the shores of Lake Geneva, you’ll find an array of exclusive boutiques and luxury brand stores that cater to the city’s affluent residents and tourists.

Geneva is a haven for luxury shopping, with high-end fashion houses and fine jewelry stores offering upscale experiences for discerning shoppers.

The city’s Rue du Rhône is renowned for being one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Europe, lined with flagship stores of prestigious brands.

Plus, Geneva is also home to several upscale shopping centers and department stores, such as Globus and Manor, where you can browse and shop for luxury goods in a more centralized location. Whether you’re in search of designer clothing, Swiss watches, or gourmet delicacies, Geneva offers a variety of exclusive shopping opportunities for the affluent traveler.

Oslo, Norway

Expensive public services

One of the reasons why Oslo, Norway is known as one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe is due to its high costs of public services. Visitors may find themselves spending a considerable amount on essential services such as transportation and dining out, more so than in other European cities.

High-priced hotels

Highpriced accommodation is a common trend in Oslo, with luxury hotels and boutique options dominating the hospitality scene.


Travelers looking for a lavish stay can choose from a variety of upscale hotels that offer premium amenities and services, but be prepared to pay top dollar for the experience.

Norway’s reputation for high living standards and quality service also extends to its hotel industry, where guests can expect impeccable service and top-notch facilities during their stay in Oslo.

While the prices may be steep, the unrivaled comfort and luxury make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a truly indulgent experience.

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Costly food items

All trips to Reykjavik come with a warning: be prepared for the high cost of dining out. You will find that restaurant prices can be considerably expensive, especially for seafood dishes which Iceland is renowned for.

Even a simple meal at a local cafe can put a dent in your wallet. To save money, consider shopping at supermarkets and cooking your meals if you’re on a budget.

Premium tourist attractions

There’s no denying that Reykjavik offers some truly unique and premium tourist attractions that come with a hefty price tag.

Experience the beauty of Iceland’s capital with iconic tours like the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle, as well as exploring the stunning natural landscapes of the Landmannalaugar region. Prepare to invest in these unforgettable experiences for a trip of a lifetime.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Reykjavik and its surrounding areas, you can also opt for helicopter tours or luxury experiences like staying in ice hotels. These premium attractions come with premium prices, but the memories and views they offer are truly unforgettable.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Designer Brands

Not only is Copenhagen known for its stunning architecture and picturesque canals, but it is also a fashion lover’s paradise. The city boasts a plethora of designer brands and high-end boutiques that cater to those with a taste for luxury. From international labels to local designers, Copenhagen offers a shopping experience like no other.

Fine Dining

You’ll find that Copenhagen is home to some of the most exquisite dining establishments in Europe, making it a haven for food enthusiasts. The city boasts numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, showcasing the culinary prowess of Danish chefs.


Copenhagen’s upscale dining establishments have a diverse range of options to satisfy all palates, whether you’re craving traditional Danish dishes or innovative culinary delights.

Plus, the city’s emphasis on sustainable and organic practices adds an extra layer of appeal to its dining scene. Many restaurants in Copenhagen source their ingredients locally and focus on minimizing food waste, making each dining experience not only delicious but also environmentally conscious.

Paris, France

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Premium lodging

On a trip to Paris, luxury travelers can indulge in premium lodging options that cater to their every whim. There is a plethora of luxurious accommodations to choose from in Paris, ranging from opulent five-star hotels offering stunning views of the Eiffel Tower to lavish boutique hotels in charming historic neighborhoods.

Iconic attractions

You can’t visit Paris without experiencing its iconic attractions, including the majestic Louvre Museum, the romantic Seine River cruises, and of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower.

These renowned landmarks not only offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history and culture but also provide picture-perfect opportunities for your Instagram feed.

With so much to see and do in Paris, visitors can easily spend days exploring its charming streets, world-class museums, and Michelin-starred restaurants.


No matter if you’re walking down the Champs-Élysées, enjoying a coffee at a café terrace, or admiring the beauty of Notre-Dame Cathedral, every experience in Paris is bound to be a memorable one.

London, United Kingdom

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Steep accommodation prices

For travelers looking to visit London, the high costs of accommodation can come as a shock. From luxury hotels in the city center to modest guesthouses on the outskirts, finding affordable lodging in this bustling metropolis can be a challenge.

Be prepared to allocate a significant portion of your budget towards securing a place to stay during your time in London.

Pricey cultural experiences

There’s no denying that London boasts a wealth of cultural experiences, from world-renowned museums to iconic landmarks. However, indulging in these activities often comes with a hefty price tag.

Entrance fees to attractions such as the British Museum, the Tower of London, and West End shows can quickly add up, making it vital for visitors to budget wisely to make the most of their time in the city.

When exploring London’s cultural scene, consider purchasing city passes or combination tickets to save money on multiple attractions.

Plus, checking for student or senior discounts can help offset some of the costs associated with experiencing the best that London has to offer.

Dublin, Ireland

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Elevated pub prices

Keep in mind that Dublin is known for its vibrant pub scene, but this comes at a cost. The prices for drinks at pubs in Dublin can be significantly higher compared to other cities in Europe.


Be prepared to spend more for that pint of Guinness or a glass of whiskey while enjoying the lively atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub.

Costly transportation

Even though Dublin is a relatively compact city, transportation costs can add up quickly. From taxis to public transportation, the prices for getting around Dublin are on the higher side.

It’s advisable to plan your transportation budget carefully to avoid any surprises. Consider getting a Leap card for discounted fares on buses, trams, and the DART train network.

Avoid peak hours if possible to save some money on transportation costs. Walking or biking can be great alternatives to explore the city while keeping your budget in check.

Additionally, consider booking accommodations near the city center to minimize the need for excessive transportation expenses.

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Upscale shopping

To experience the luxury and sophistication of Stockholm, visitors can indulge in the upscale shopping scene that the city has to offer.

While in the Swedish capital, make sure to explore the exclusive boutiques and designer stores that line the streets of the renowned shopping districts like Östermalm and Bibliotekstan.


Stockholm is the ideal destination for those looking for a luxurious shopping experience, with a variety of high-end fashion labels and exquisite interior design shops to choose from.

Expensive museums

Little do travelers know, Stockholm is home to some of the most expensive museums in Europe. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage, with museums like the Vasa Museum and the ABBA Museum offering unique insights into Swedish history and pop culture.

Although the admission fees may be expensive, the value of the experience and knowledge acquired by visiting these top-notch museums is immeasurable.

Helsinki, Finland

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High taxes

If you are planning to visit Helsinki, be prepared for high taxes on almost everything, from dining out to shopping. Finland has one of the highest tax rates in Europe, which can significantly increase the overall cost of your trip.

Deluxe hotels

Assuming you are looking for luxury accommodation in Helsinki, be prepared to splurge on deluxe hotels that offer top-notch services and amenities. These hotels come with a hefty price tag, but the impeccable service and lavish settings make it worth the expense.

You can find deluxe hotels conveniently located in Helsinki’s city center, offering stunning views of the waterfront or the iconic landmarks of the city. These hotels provide a perfect retreat for travelers seeking a luxurious stay in one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Milan, Italy

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Designer Label Boutiques

Your visit to Milan is not complete without indulging in the city’s renowned designer label boutiques. From the iconic fashion houses of Gucci and Prada to local favorites like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, Milan is a mecca for luxury fashion enthusiasts.

Stroll down the famous Quadrilatero della Moda, also known as the Fashion Quadrilateral, and immerse yourself in the opulence of high-end shopping.


Luxe Lodging

Even your accommodation in Milan is an opportunity to experience luxury at its finest. The city is dotted with upscale hotels offering lavish amenities, impeccable service, and unparalleled comfort.

Choose from historic hotels boasting exquisite architecture and modern interiors or trendy boutique hotels with chic design elements. Whichever you prefer, rest assured that Milan’s luxe lodging options will elevate your travel experience.

Any visitor seeking a taste of the high life will find Milan to be a paradise of sophistication and elegance. If you are wandering through high-end designer stores or relaxing in a lavish hotel, the city embodies an unparalleled sense of elegance and sophistication.

Prepare to be enchanted by Milan’s upscale offerings and embrace the lavish lifestyle this vibrant Italian city has to offer.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Tourist hotspot

The iconic city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a delightful blend of rich history, picturesque canals, and vibrant culture. Despite its relatively small size, Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot that attracts millions of visitors every year.

The city is known for its beautiful tulip fields, world-class museums like the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, and charming neighborhoods like Jordaan and De Pijp.

High demand

On top of its cultural offerings, Amsterdam’s high demand as a travel destination has made it one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe. The city’s popularity means that accommodation prices can be steep, with hotels and Airbnb rentals often booking up far in advance.

Travelers looking to explore Amsterdam should consider booking their accommodations early or exploring alternative options like homestays or hostels to save on costs.

Tourist influx also impacts the prices of dining and attractions in Amsterdam. Tourists can expect to pay a premium for meals at restaurants in popular areas such as Dam Square or Leidseplein. Similarly, entrance fees to attractions like the Anne Frank House or boat tours along the canals may be higher due to the city’s high demand among travelers.

Venice, Italy

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Gondola ride price

Little compares to the romantic experience of gliding through the picturesque canals of Venice on a traditional gondola. However, this unique experience comes at a steep price. A standard gondola ride in Venice can cost anywhere from €80 to €150 for a 40-minute ride, depending on the time of day and location.

Opulent hotels

Opulent hotels in Venice offer a luxurious stay that matches the grandeur of the city itself. From historic palazzos converted into elegant hotels to modern boutique accommodations with breathtaking canal views, there is no shortage of lavish options for travelers looking to indulge in the Venetian lifestyle.

Opulent hotels in Venice often feature opulent decor, world-class amenities, and personalized service to ensure a truly unforgettable stay.

Many of these hotels are situated in prime locations near famous landmarks such as St. Mark’s Square or the Grand Canal, offering guests a truly immersive experience in the city’s rich history and culture.

Gondola rides and opulent hotels are just a couple of the luxurious experiences awaiting travelers in Venice, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of the high life in one of Europe’s most enchanting cities.


Rome, Italy

Source: citalia.com

Touristic price surge

For travelers visiting Rome, Italy, be prepared for a touristic price surge, especially during peak seasons. Prices for accommodations, dining, and attractions tend to rise significantly to cater to the influx of tourists. It’s important to budget accordingly and book in advance to secure the best deals.

Heritage accommodation costs

Costs can add up quickly when opting for heritage accommodation in Rome. Staying in historic properties such as palazzos or ancient villas can provide a unique and luxurious experience, but it comes with a price tag. These accommodations often offer stunning views and proximity to popular attractions, making them a popular choice for discerning travelers.

Rome boasts a wide range of heritage accommodation options, from renovated convents to grand palaces. While the cost may be higher than standard hotels, the unique experience and historical ambiance make it worth the investment for many visitors.

To wrap up

On the whole, visiting the top 15 most expensive cities in Europe can be a luxurious and unforgettable experience for travelers who are willing to splurge.

From the stunning architecture in Paris to the vibrant nightlife in Zurich, these cities offer a taste of high-class living that comes with a hefty price tag.

While the cost may be steep, the cultural richness, exquisite cuisine, and first-class amenities make these destinations worth the investment for those seeking a lavish travel experience in Europe.