Can you do Plenty of Fish Search without Registration? Unfortunately, basic POF search facility has been terminated and no one can browse Plenty of Fish search without sign up.

Let’s get into more details…

Being one of the largest dating sites in the world, you might have heard about Plenty of Fish. It has millions of users worldwide, and its fame is consistently growing into something unbeatable in online dating. There are a lot of success stories of couples meeting online and then going to marry on the Plenty of Fish site.


Previously it allowed search without signing up, but now Plenty of Fish is not allowing anonymous search and has stopped the facility permanently.

You must have POF account if you want to search for a particular person.

However, we will discuss all the Plenty of Fish search facilities those were working previously.

Before you know about those ways to do an anonymous search in Plenty of Fish, let’s discuss the Plenty of Fish site.


Plenty of Fish Dating Site: A Brief Intro

In 2003, Plenty of Fish was founded, and since then, it has added over 100 million registered users.

POF assist you in finding those around you who are singles to talk with and start dating. It is a dating site and a matchmaker service provider where you can browse and look for people based on your choices.

After signing up, you can refine your options and search for people according to your required age, intent, religion, ethnicity, body type and many more.

POF platform is an exciting platform with several features. But people often look for using Plenty of Fish search without registering. Even though the platform has removed the facility but still it’s possible in some ways.

So, if you are among the ones who do not want to register/signup on pof.com and wish to search POF user profiles, then you need to know that POF search without registration is not possible. Go through this article thoroughly.

POF Search Without Registration: Is It Possible?

Unfortunately No! You cannot do a Plenty of Fish search without registration or signing up.

Do not search for any hacks, as nothing will help you. The company has eliminated that facility from its websites for all users from allocations where it offers services such as the USA, Australia, and the UK etc.

Before, it allowed anonymous users to browse Plenty of Fish profiles without registration. It sounds pretty exciting as many people do not want to reveal themselves right away on any dating site.

But it seems like the POF team became well aware of those users and removed the anonymous search facility from the website.


Plenty of Search website has revamped and has got an attractive look with all new designs. One of the reasons for discontinuing the feature might be the security of the personal information of registered users.

But removing this feature cannot stop you from using this dating site, as you can do it by signing up. The whole process of signing up is easy and free. Open www.pof.com, complete the signup process and then enjoy the POF search.

But still, if you want to know about those POF searching hacks that previously allowed anonymous users to search without registration, below are the steps.

Plenty of Fish Search without Registering: Hacks that Were Possible Previously

Yes, it’s true. You cannot carry out a browse Plenty of Fish search without registration on pof.com. The platform offers you Basic search, Advanced search and Username search facility, but you have to register yourself. You can do all kinds of searches by signing up / registering on POF.

Just to know how an anonymous search was done previously, the steps have been described below –

Plenty of Fish Basic Search without Registration

POF Basic Search
POF Basic Search

1. First, open the site www.pof.com in your preferred browser.

2. Hit the search option present in between the Online and Meet Me options.

3. It opens up essential Plenty of fish search page. Now give your search needs such as gender, postal code, age range, city, intent etc.

4. Now click on the option “Go fishing, ” which shows you several search outcomes.

This way, you can do a lot of basic searches without registration.


Plenty of Fish (POF) Advanced Search without Registration

Plenty of Fish Advanced Search
Plenty of Fish Advanced Search

Previously, people were able to change from basic to advanced search in the POF platform by choosing advanced search options. People who were new to the platform and looking for advanced POF search rather than basic searches, use to follow the below-written steps for POF advanced search without registration.

1. Open the POF website www.pof.com in your browser.

2. Click on the option Search that is present between Online and Meet Me.

3. By default, it will open up the essential Plenty of Fish search pages. There is a link for Advanced search on the right side of the basic search. Click on this link, which will open the advanced POF search page where you need to give your search needs like gender, postal code, age range etc. Here also you need to provide more detailed information.

4. Now click on the Go Fishing option, which opens up the search results. Thus, in this way, you can do Plenty of Fish advance searches without registration.

POF Username Search without Sign Up

POF Username Search
POF Username Search

1. Open the Plenty of Fish website www.pof.com.


2. Click on the available search option between the Online and Meet my options.

3. Now hit the Username Search option.

4. Now enter the username and click on the find user option.

It shows you a list of POF user profiles you searched by username. POF username search works efficiently when you know the exact POF username whom you want to search.

Thus, in these ways, people could browse Plenty of Fish searches without signing up. But it was only for searching, and to contact any of the POF users or to send a message to them, one had to register or sign up.

FAQs on pof.com Search

Can you Look for Someone on the Plenty of Fish Website?

Yes, only registered members can use the search option by using the username feature. You can find the username search bar option in the POF app under the username tab.

Is it Possible to Get Back the Old POF Layout for an Anonymous Search?

Unfortunately, there are no hacks for getting the old POF layout for doing an anonymous search. Previously it was possible to use the POF website in its old layout by using webviews.pof.com, but now it has stopped working.

Can I Search by Interest on Plenty of Fish?

Search by Interest was available before the POF website was revamped. But now, there is no such search option for the users.



To sum up, Plenty of Fish search without registration was possible previously, but it is no more working. The POF team upgraded the website in terms of its features and designs. Moreover, it has also restricted some users from various countries. If you want to use this fantastic dating site, the only way is by signing up or registering on the site, which is relatively easy, rapid and free.