RenWeb Login – FACTS Family Portal for Students, Teachers, Parents

RenWeb Login

The RenWeb login steps include: Open RenWeb Login Portal>>Fill in right credentials>>Hit Login.

RenWeb1 login or the RenWeb parent login portal is now administered by FACTS Management software.

It allows school faculties, students, and even their family members to keep track of the student’s performance.

Moreover, by availing RenWeb student login portal or the RenWeb1 login for faculties, you can communicate and know everything about fee payment, scholarship grants, students’ grades, cafeteria, calendar, and any announcement.


How to Log in to RenWeb?

For RenWeb login, you just need a district code, username, and password

That is it. However, you should first know what this District code is, how to find District Code for RenWeb login, and what to do if you don’t have your RenWeb password. 

This article will talk in detail about using RenWeb1 login or FACTS SIS login as a student, parent, or teacher.

Let us jump into the subject matter.

Steps for RenWeb Login

The RenWeb1 login is the portal used for the RenWeb teacher login. It helps the school administration and faculties to manage all details about the Student’s performance. 

For RenWeb Student or RenWeb Parent login, you will need to use the FACTS SIS login port. There are multiple ways through which you can avail the services of FACTS Management. 

Here I will elaborate on the following ways: 

  • Using the RenWeb Login URL
  • Conducting RenWeb Login via the FACTS App
  • Connecting to the RenWeb student login/ teacher login through the school website. 

The RenWeb Login URL

The first and foremost method involves steps to sign into RenWeb by using the official home URL of FACTS Management. 

The steps to follow are given below: 

1. Launch your web browser and open the FACTS Management official website at

2. Select Family Log in or School Log in options from the topmost access bar. 

3. If you selected Family login, hit the FACTS Family portal in the drop-down window. Else, select Student Information System from the School login menu.

Note: Depending upon your choice, you will be taken to the RenWeb Family Login Portal or the RenWeb1 Login (Teacher login).

FACTS Renweb Login
FACTS Renweb Login

4. In the appropriate box, fill in the required details about the District Code, username, and password.

Note: Remember to select the apt field among Parent, Student, or Staff while using the RenWeb Family login service.

FACTS Family Portal Login

5. Finally, click on the login button to proceed.

That is all you need to do in order to log into your RenWeb profile. 

RenWeb Login via the FACTS App

The second method uses the FACTS mobile-friendly application to log into your RenWeb profile successfully.

This method is hassle-free, smooth, and allows you to know all details about your school from anywhere. However, the winning point of the FACTS App for me is that it is available for free.

Here is how you can use RenWeb Login by FACTS Application –

1. Download and run the FACTS App on your iOS or Android OS devices. 

Note: Make sure your Apple device has at least iOS 13 or higher running. You can take a look at the FACTS developer’s Privacy Policy here.

2. On the login page for RenWeb, fill in details like the District code, Username, and Password. 

3. Hit the login button to view all details in your profile.

Note: Remember that RenWeb, now FACTS Management, does not share the district code with parents or students.

Utilizing School Website for RenWeb Login

If you are unable to access the FACTS Management homepage for RenWeb login, you can always head to the webpage of your respective school.

Most schools that avail workforce and student management services from RenWeb (now FACTS) do add their login portal link to the official webpage for ease of access.

Here is how you can conduct a RenWeb Login from the school site –

1. Open the official school site on your web browser. 

2. From the navigation menu, look for a link to Family Portal or FACTS teacher login. 

3. Once you reach the RenWeb Login port, enter the school’s District Code, Username, and password. 

4. Finally, select the Login option. 

Note: you can try searching RenWeb Login’ school name’ on your web browser and select the link with the apt address of your school.

How to Get District Code for RenWeb Login?

Most Schools share their District code through the official school site. Every school associated with RenWeb Login has a unique District code is built from 4 alphabets separated by a dash (-). 

The RenWeb team shares this code to the school, and then the school administration shares it with the students, teachers and ward’s parents.

You must note that the FACTS Management will not communicate with any individual parent, student or staff member over the issue of District code. Only the selected representative of the school can contact the FACTS authority to get the unique four alphabet code.

So if you are a parent/ student, you must contact your school management to get the District code required for the RenWeb login.

And if your school is having issues with the District code provided for RenWeb login, you can head to the FACTS Support & Help page or give a call at 866-800-6593.

Note: If your school has a guiding PDF or a page about RenWeb login, you can find the District code easily in it. 

FACTS Sign-in Without Password

If you cannot remember the password or username for RenWeb Login, you can reset them easily by clicking on the Forgot password on the RenWeb login portal. 

Here are the steps to follow: 

1. Open the RenWeb Family Login Portal or the RenWeb1 Login (Teacher login) link from the FACTS webpage.

2. Head to the Forgot Username/Password link just below the login button.

Note: You can also use the School’s respective RenWeb Login page and click on Forger password to access the reset link.

3. As the Reset password request page opens, put in the school’s District code and your username.

4. Hit on Submit button.

5. You will receive a recovery mail to your registered email address. 

Type out the new password twice and select conform. After this, you can continue logging into RenWeb Profile. 

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Once you have the district code, username, and password, you are good to go. Indeed, RenWeb Login has the most user-friendly interface and steps.  If you ever have any issue regarding RenWeb Family Login, remember to check your internet connectivity, App updates, and login detail’s case sensitivity first.

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