The modern world is always on the move, and technology is at the vanguard of progress. Smart home trends this year are no exception. Whether it’s voice-activated assistants, home security and automation systems, indoor gardening, wireless charging pads, home entertainment systems or energy efficient appliances, homeowners are becoming evermore connected to their homes.

In this article, we’ll look at the current smart home trends that are set to shape the future of this industry in 2021.

The Rise of Voice-Activated Assistants

Voice-activated assistants have become a staple of many households for their convenience and time-saving benefits. By allowing users to quickly access information with a simple voice command – such as setting lighting preferences or checking the local weather forecast – these devices make everyday tasks much more manageable.


Smart assistant manufacturers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri and others are continuously adapting their products to accommodate changing customer needs. Furthermore, advances in artificial intelligence are making smart assistants increasingly accurate and reliable when it comes to responding to user queries accurately.

Home Security & Automation Systems

With cybercrime on the rise, property owners around the world have been investing heavily in home security systems that offer remote surveillance and automated alarm alerts if an intruder is detected while they’re away from their residence.

These systems also allow homeowners to control lights, doors, thermostats and other household features without needing to physically be present at their property.

Thanks to machine learning and computer vision technologies these intelligent systems can now recognize individual faces with remarkable accuracy and alert authorities if an unauthorized person has breached your premises.


Indoor Gardening

Growing fruits and vegetables indoors has become increasingly popular as more people seek out ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle while saving money on costly grocery bills in the process.

Smart garden kits allow users to automate nutrient delivery schedules for optimal plant growth performance while keeping track of important data such as humidity levels or temperature fluctuations within the environment.

This is so you can better understand what plants need in order for them to thrive even in colder climates or during winter months when outdoor gardening isn’t possible due to harsh weather conditions outside.

Wireless Charging Pads

Another trend that’s slowly gaining traction amongst tech savvy individuals is wireless charging pads which allows users conveniently charge multiple devices simultaneously without having to fumble around with cords or adapters while they’re away from their homes or offices.

These innovative solutions eliminate cable clutter, reduce electricity consumption, and improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps that would normally be associated with traditional charging methods where multiple wall outlets would be needed because each device required its own power source.

Home Entertainment Systems

Consumers today expect nothing less than seamless integration between all of their devices when it comes to watching movies or listening to music in high definition audio quality. Today’s most advanced home entertainment systems come equipped with built-in streaming services so you can easily access all your favorite content from one convenient place.

Many brands also offer integrated voice recognition capabilities allowing users seamlessly adjust sound levels, switch between channels, browse through online libraries, pause playback etc., with just a few words spoken into your phone or tablet device.

 Energy Efficient Appliances

Making sure that all appliances consume energy efficiently is key for those who wish to reduce their electricity bills but also take part in helping preserve our planet’s natural resources. From refrigerators that use insulated glass windows instead of conventional models which require additional energy sources for cooling down food items faster.

And dishwashers which only run when necessary using sensors detect how dirty dishes inside them are, clothes washers which monitor how much water should be used depending on load size. As for your home office, you can incredibly save costs by switching to energy efficient appliances and tools.


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