Efficiency and creativity are of utmost importance in digital content production; content creators, marketers, and storytellers need tools that enhance presentations and narratives; Tome AI offers one such solution; this article delves deep into its features, limitations, as well as whether Tome AI is free.

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI is an exciting platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower its users in producing captivating and visually striking presentations, narratives, and multimedia content. To do so effectively it employs advanced AI models – ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 among them – which generate content based on user input such as selected topic or theme.

Unveiling the Power of Tome AI


Tome AI offers many features that can make it a game-changer for content creators and marketers. Let’s explore them further to understand its full potential.

AI-Generated Outlines and Expressive Options

Tome AI stands out with its AI-generated outlines and expressive options that enable users to efficiently structure content creation while finding ways to express themselves more clearly. This feature makes content production accessible for users of all levels.

Quick and Easy Transformation


Tome AI excels at simplifying content transformation. Utilizing its AI tools, users are easily able to repurpose existing work while saving both time and effort – something especially helpful when seeking consistency or quick updates to their content quickly.

3D Models and Interactive Animations

Tome AI provides immersive and engaging content experiences through 3D models and animations that add vivid life to narratives or presentations, heightening engagement and increasing understanding.

AV Overlays for Context

Context is key when it comes to presentations or narratives, which is why Tome AI integrates audiovisual overlays for presentations that make certain context easily available, increasing audience comprehension.

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Is Tome AI Free ?

Now let’s address the burning question on everyone’s minds: is Tome AI free? Yes, Tome AI offers a free plan that allows users to create presentations. However, this plan comes with certain limitations:

  • AI credits are used for various AI features, and once the 500 credits are exhausted, users lose access to those features.
  • Exporting presentations to PDF, creating custom logos, receiving priority support, and rendering presentations without the Tome branding are not available in the free plan.

Unlocking Advanced Features with the Pro Plan

Tome offers two pricing plans tailored specifically for users requiring advanced features and unrestricted access to AI tools: $8/user per month billed annually or $10/user monthly. Each Pro plan comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Unlimited AI credits for seamless use of AI features.
  • The ability to upload custom logos.
  • The option to export presentations to PDF.
  • Projects without the Tome branding.
  • Priority support for users’ convenience.

Is Tome AI free? While the free plan provides access to a wide range of features, the Pro plan unlocks the full potential of this AI-powered platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to Tome AI’s free plan?

Simply sign up on their platform, and create unlimited presentations – with some restrictions applied – until your free trial period ends.

What are AI credits, and how are they used?

AI credits are currency within Tome AI that allow access to various features including narrative generation, image generation and text editing. Once all 500 credits have been used for free plans they won’t be accessible anymore.

Am I able to export presentations into PDF with the free plan?

Unfortunately, exporting presentations directly into PDF is not part of the free plan; this feature can only be accessed with our Pro plan subscription plan.

Will priority support be available under my free plan?

Unfortunately not; priority support is only part of the benefits included with our Pro plan.

Am I able to create custom logos using the free plan?

Unfortunately not; this feature can only be accessed with our Pro plan.

Will Tome branding be removed from projects under the Pro plan?

Yes, our Pro plan ensures that your projects appear more professional without Tome branding on them.


Tome AI is an innovative platform that harnesses artificial intelligence’s powers to revolutionize content creation. Offering both the free plan with generous features, and the Pro plan with advanced benefits, Tome AI opens up endless opportunities for content creators, marketers, and storytellers alike. Is Tome AI free? Absolutely it is, and its use could elevate your content creation to new heights – discover AI-generated stories while telling your own narrative with Tome AI’s help!