For years, the subject of Naruto’s speed has haunted every discussion in the Naruto fanbase, and if you want to know how fast is Naruto, you’ve come to the right spot.

Naruto is a well-known animated series of all time, thanks to its titular character being one of the most compassionate and badass characters ever seen on tv.

Naruto is generally recognised as one of the anime’s strong heroes in his physical abilities.


But what about his speed?

Naruto’s speed is sometimes ignored since he may not be the fastest character in the Naruto anime, he is still pretty quick.

How Fast Is Naruto?

Numerous fans have tried to figure out how fast Naruto walks over the years by observing his movements in the various arcs depicted in the series.

Naruto’s speed is difficult to calculate because the character evolved various “modes” over time, such as the Tailed Beast Mode,Kurama Chakra Mode, Sage Mode, etc.


Naruto can eventually merge the Kurama Chakra Mode with his Sage Mode to form the new Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, which grants him unrivalled defence, offence, and speed.

As a result, determining exactly how fast Naruto can travel is nearly difficult.

On the other hand, Naruto may be able to go somewhat faster than the speed of light. We have our reasons and some fan theories to back us up.

Is Naruto Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

According to the data books, Ay’s Lariat is capable of speeds close to the speed of light. 

Since many things move at the speed of light, and Naruto is the fastest of them all. 

KCM1 Naruto’s Jutsu “Light Fang” transforms him into lightning, and Madara’s Jutsu “Light Fang” transforms him into a “light fang.” 

Naruto flees quickly, although his attack isn’t even the strongest in the episode.

As seen in Part 1, Haku’s Mirror Mansion ability helps him to bounce from mirrored to mirrored using light or projections. 

That is not the case, but it is yet another instance of Naruto operating at breakneck speeds as if nothing had happened.


He managed to evade a blow at the speed of light. It doesn’t indicate that someone can run miles at the speed of light, but it does suggest that he can dodge an attack by reacting quickly.

In his universe, Naruto was able to avoid Madara’s Light Fang Jutsu. So, depending on his capability to do this feat and what some texts state, Naruto is quicker than light, which may or may not be real. 

Furthermore, he is only compared to a few other people within his own narrative.

In episode 421 of Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto was able to awaken his 6 Paths Sage form. According to Narutopedia, this is a beautiful shift for people with iron faith and the guts never to give up.

Naruto completed the shift and continued fighting Madara, who employed the Sage Art technique Storm Release Light Fang.

Madara shot a small beam of light through his mouth to get past Naruto. Its strength is sufficient to sever a Truth-Seeking ball.

The Light Fang was thought to have the ability to travel faster than light. It’s also quite challenging to prevent. Despite this, Naruto could escape it quickly and effortlessly while in 6 Paths Sage form.

Who is Faster, War Arc Guy with the 8th Gate Open or Naruto?

Guy nearly defeated Madara in the Naruto Shippuden fight with Madara before Naruto joined in the fight.

He was able to unlock the eighth gate, demonstrating that he was on par with the evil.

On his Night Guy mode, he was almost as swift as light and as strong as Naruto, but his skill was not enough to last and he almost died in the process.


On the other hand, Naruto can keep his form without endangering his life. Some argue that Night Guy’s battle scene and animation were superior to Naruto’s fight animation. With this, we may conclude that Naruto is still the victor.

FAQs on Naruto Speed

What Mach Speed Is Naruto?

Naruto was substantially quicker than the speed of light at his greatest, therefore there’s a fair probability he could move faster than Mach 874,635.6, which is essentially the Mach similar to the speed of light. 

How Fast Is Naruto in Kyuubi Mode?

Naruto was able to increase his speed by relying on some of his tailed beast’s chakras when he unlocked the Kyuubi Mode, also known as the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. As a result, he significantly improved his total physical talents.

Final Words

Naruto is just as quick as he is because he was created to be the physical manifestation of the Sage of Six Paths’ skill.

To put it another way, while Sasuke got Sage’s tremendous chakra skills, Naruto got Sage’s miraculous physique.

Because to his ninja training and access to Kurama’s strength as the physical embodiment of the Sage’s force, Naruto’s body was many times greater than any other ninja in the series.


He was physically faster than most ninjas even in his usual form, and he was possibly the fastest ninja in his top form. We don’t know exactly how fast Naruto is yet, but we can certainly agree that he’s one of the show’s fastest characters.