It’s critical to understand how long is a Minecraft day if you want to stay alive in the game. This is due to the fact that you will need to split your tasks between the two cycles.

Throughout the day, players can experience the genuine glory of Minecraft, with all of its vibrant colours and almost lifelike feel, but at night, they must face all of the land’s evils.

Knowing the duration and length of a Minecraft day and night is essential for every player, especially novice players, because the night may be quite dangerous.


How Long is a Day in Minecraft?

A day in Minecraft lasts only for 20 minutes. This is because Minecraft’s time is based on ticks. If you pass 24,000 ticks in a game, this translates to a day in Minecraft and 20 minutes of real-world time, implying that a real-world day of 24 hours contains 72 Minecraft days.

The day and night cycle are two significant events that players observe as they move forward in the game.

The sun is visible for more than half of the game, and the moon is visible for the other half.

During other times, such as dawn and dusk, have different time frames and occur before these two major cycles.


How Long Is a Full Minecraft Night?

7 minutes is the length of the night-time cycle in a standard Minecraft day.

The moon rises to its highest point in the midnight blue sky at night, surrounded by a swarm stars.

These stars appear to move with the moon as well, and they initially appear near the end of sunset.

As the night time starts, this world is engulfed in darkness, and the level of light drops to its lowest point of 4, reducing vision and allowing hostile monsters to emerge on the landscape.

All hostile creatures come during this time and within the duration of 9625 ticks.

The Dangers of Night in Minecraft

Some Minecraft players risk ignoring the day and night cycle entirely. They are unaware that they are exposing themselves to grave harm by failing to adhere to regular Minecraft sleep cycles.

There are flying creatures called Phantoms that appear if you don’t sleep for three nights in a row in the Minecraft world.

These are animals you should avoid at all costs. To prevent being slain by them, you must first determine when the night begins so that you may start preparing for it at the appropriate moment.

How Do You Skip Night in Minecraft?

If you wish to skip a day in Minecraft, you have a few alternatives. 


The first and most basic option is to sleep in a bed.

This approach saves your spawn place and instantly ends the night cycle. It is important to note that this is the only way to get through a night without using any cheat code.

Also, note that resting in a bed will not speed up the growth of your crops or the cooking of your furnace.

The other method is to modify the time with the cheat /Time set sunrise or /Time set day, which will immediately skip the night cycle. 

24 Hours Minecraft Day and Night Schedule

Minecraft uses a ticks system to keep track of time. 24,000 ticks make up a full day and night cycle.

A comprehensive 24-hour Minecraft day schedule can be found below –

  • 0:00 Beginning of the Minecraft Day.
  • 0:23 The sunrise comes to an end.
  • 5:00 Noon.
  • Sunset at 9:41.
  • 10:28 Players can sleep in their beds all night.
  • 10:52 The sun is no longer visible.
  • At 11:32 p.m., the night begins.
  • Midnight (15:00).
  • Sunrise at 18:47.
  • 19:06 The sun can be seen.
  • The moon sets around 19:30 p.m.

How to Tell Time in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is a means to tell time, thankfully. With only two items, players may simply create a clock. 1 Redstone Dust and 4 Gold Ingots are required to make a clock.

The hues of the day sky cycle across to the night sky and return while altering through both Dusk and Dawn to read a clock in Minecraft.

This is extremely useful for individuals trapped underground and unsure whether or not it is safe to exit their mines and enter the untamed Overworld.

On the other hand, clocks are useless in the Nether or Minecraft’s The End; there is no such thing as day or night, and clocks spin wildly, much like compasses without a lodestone.


FAQs on Minecraft Day and Night

How Long is a Minecraft Day?

When the clock strikes six o’clock (0 ticks), the day in Minecraft officially begins and finishes at 18:00:00 (12000 ticks). The day is 12 Minecraft hours long and 10 minutes long in real-time.

Can I Go Outside at Night in Minecraft?

Do not walk outside at night unless you are familiar with the environment, have a full set of decent armour (ideally iron at the very least), and a weapon, such as a sword.

How Long is 100 Minecraft Day and Night?

It takes 33 hours in real time to play 100 hours of Minecraft day and night.

How Many Minecraft Days are in 24 Hours?

A Minecraft day passes 72 times faster than a real day. In 24 (real-time) hours, there are 72 Minecraft days.

Final Words

This was all about the length of a Minecraft day. We recommend that you avoid going out late at night and instead use this time to give your character some much-needed rest.

However, there may be situations when you need to walk outside late at night to complete a critical activity. Make sure you’ve dressed appropriately and equipped with a sword if this happens. This will allow you to hunt down monsters who prowl the streets late at night.