Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. According to PRNewswire, It has become a $200 billion plus industry, with people playing video games on computers, consoles, tablets, and phones.

Gaming has become a source of entertainment, a source of education, and a source of relaxation for many people. Playing video games has been shown to improve your memory, critical thinking, and visual perception.

Gaming requires a lot of training to perform well. It requires the ability to think quickly, react quickly, and process a lot of information.


To perform well in video games, you need to be able to train your brain. This article will discuss some of the training required for gaming. We will also provide a review of the best game training tool.

How to Train Yourself for Gaming?

Click Counter Tools
Click Counter Tools

Gaming is an activity that requires a range of skills and abilities. To perform well, there are a variety of training required, such as training your aim, your shooting, your reaction time, and more.

Here, we will recommend you the best tool to train yourself for gaming. We have introduced you to Click Counter – the all-in-one tool for gaming practice.

One of the most effective ways to train in any aspect of gaming is to play games that polish certain gaming skills. Click Counter helps you to accomplish this with ease.


Playing games trains your brain in the same way that practicing a sport or a skill does. So, let’s begin.

Why to use Click Counter Tool?

1. Up to the Mark UI

The UI of the tool is simply stunning. The dark mode of the tool provides a next-level gaming touch to it. The various tools like the Scroll Test tool or Drag Test tool are all well-built and presented.

Plus, there are no distractions in the tools and users can take all the tests with zero disturbance to improve their gaming skills. User experience will not be an issue while using this tool.

2. Live Performance Check

Live and Fast Performance check is a required feature in any of the test tools and clickcounter.io has exactly this feature that helps users track their progress in real-time.

For example, if you are taking the Click Speed Test, the number of clicks registered will be displayed just as you keep clicking along with the CPS generated and as per thoughts, this feature is pretty cool.

3. Fast and Ads Free

The tool is so lightweight and easy to load on any browser or device and none of the browsers or devices has witnessed any ads or lagging in any of the tools on the Click counter. Thus, the Click counter is reviewed Fast and Ad-Free.

4. Safe for Online Users

One of the major benefits the tool offers is that no third-party application is needed to use any test. And hence, no chances of any fraud or payment prompts can be seen while using this tool.

Also, the website does not ask for personal details for login purposes. Thus, using this tool is marked safe to use for online users.

5. Quick Support

In case the user encounters a bug or has any query, it can be solved easily by the support team. Users can fill out the contact form about the trouble they are facing and it is sorted much faster compared to other gaming trainer tools.



Gamers Can Take Multiple Tests Required for Gaming

1. Click Speed Test

The Click Speed Test is one of the best tools to test and improve your Clicking speed. Using this tool, users can track how many clicks they have made and what their CPS score is.

As mentioned in the features of this tool, the stats can be tracked in real-time so you do not have to wait for the results and can analyze where you are getting weak while taking the test.

Also, there are different time modes of Click Speed Test available- 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, and 100 sec which the users can test their clicks on. There is no lagging in the test and users can train peacefully.

2. Aim Training

Aiming is one of the most needed factors in gaming and so is the training needed for it. The aim trainer at Clickcounter is one of the best aiming practice tools ever.

The customization that comes in the form of easy, medium, and hard levels, Target Size, Shape Color, Cursor Type, and the time for which you wish to take the test, all of them make this trainer worth using.

Though this tool is designed to improve your aiming skills in FPS games, the concept of the tool will help you to enhance your reaction time and Actions per minute too. class=Section2>

Unique and Interesting Concept

Some tools from the Click counter are designed with a unique concept that makes testing fun and interesting. The tools like drag test and scroll test have remarkable idea which you must use once. Their idea of turning basic tests into game is remarkable.

1. Drag Test

The drag Click test is extremely unique in its concept. In this test, a figure is displayed and single or multiple targets are displayed at other parts of the screen connected via arrows.

The user has to move the figure from origin to destination moving through the path portrayed by arrows. Just as you complete one level of the training, it takes you to an advanced next level till you pass the test.

At the end of the test, this tool tells you if the mouse that you are using is working properly, or not.


2. Mouse Scroll

In the entire tool bundle, the mouse scroll test has the most unique concept of all. In this tool, a delivery boy can be seen on his bike while delivering packages.

The faster you scroll using the mouse, the faster his speed is shown above the playing area in terms of KMPH or Kilometers Per Hour.

The concept is interesting and worth giving a shot at. This test can prepare you for scrolling activities in gaming. Also, we like the idea of measuring the pixels in the KMPH unit. The tool is strongly reflecting its unique idea.

While others are being copycats, the clickcounter team brings innovation to their product and stands out from the competitor.

Benefits for Typist

1. Keyboard Counter

The keyboard counter tool focuses on every key of the keyboard and not just one. The tool helps count each keystroke registered and tells you which key you have pressed.

This tool is all set to improve hand-eye coordination which is a necessary skill for typists. Also, keyboarding skills can be improved using this keyboard counter and typists can practice different typing methods too.


The keyboard counter tool is intentionally made for testing keyboard function.

2. Equipment Tester

Using tools like mouse tester and keyboard counter, users can test their equipment like a keyboard and mouse in one place.

The equipment testing is ideal for testing the functioning of peripherals as well as checking how efficient you are at using the peripherals you own.

The equipment testers at clickcounter.io are much recommended as they are accurate. It seems like the developers have worked hard in designing these tools.

 3. Use Anywhere

In daily life, tools like online counter are used on mobile for counting purposes. But the problem with other tools is most of them aren’t accessible on mobile phones. Why would anyone use the laptop to count stuff?

Click counter brings a solution to this problem by making the tool mobile-friendly. Users can use this tool on any device to count things like exercise reps, candy, scores, etc.

You can use this portable version of the tool in group activities or when you are bored and want to see how many counts you can hit.

4. Guidance for Beginners

In this click counter tool, an assistant is set to guide the new users to use every tool so they can make the most out of it. Usually, these types of guides are seen in paid tools but here, it is a great job done in a free tool.



Number to Words

One feature of the tool, called Number to Words, is a pretty good one. In this tool, any number you type would be converted into words, up to 9 digits.

However, this tool might not be helpful for any gaming purpose as nowhere in gaming you would require a number to be converted into words. This might be a drawback but as such extreme, as this feature is unrequired in any kind of gaming.


 Aim trainer can be Better

The clickcounter.io is a pretty great one in all aspects- the tools, UI, reliability, and concept are all top-notch. But still, it can be better in some concepts like Drag Test, and scroll test. The concepts of aim trainer can be better like the Drag Test and Mouse Scroll test.

A unique concept such as this might attract more users and make them stay and look forward to other levels and tools.

The Purpose

The developers of the tool claim – “Gaming is the fastest growing industry. We see a great future in this field. The rapid growth also leads to more competition.

We want to use our strength to help gamers and keep them prepared in this competitive niche. Hence, we come with a purpose to provide handy solutions to gamers by developing advanced user-friendly tools”

We can see that the clickcounter team is really focused on gamers. We can see their words in their work. The concept of the tool proves it very well.



Click counter is a pretty decent and helpful tool that may prove beneficial for gamers, typists, and also to test equipment or get used to the devices.

It is for sure that users will not be distracted by any annoying pop-ups or emails asking them to buy a premium subscription and they can train in peace. Here are all types of tools included for gamers to typists to polish their skills. Overall, clickcounter.io is worth it and we recommend trying it to train to get the best results in gaming.