Here is the detailed overview of Walmart employee salary scale for different positions that includes, Cashier, Sales Associate, Stockers, Personal Shoppers, Overnight Stocker, Retail Sales Associate, Department Manager, Certified Pharmacy Technician, etc.

Walmart Inc. (WMT) operates a global retail network as well as an e-commerce company.

The firm is well-known for its “everyday cheap pricing” approach in offering a wide range of products such as home goods, clothes, gadgets, food, and more.


The organisation works in 26 countries and has over 11,400 outlets and e-commerce sites under 56 different banners.

It employs about 2.3 million individuals, with the vast majority of them situated in the United States. Check out our guide, if you are wondering How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Walmart.

Now, we have a question that –

How Much Does a Walmart Employee Make?

The national average salary for a Walmart employee is $32,703 per year, or $15.72 per hour. Walmart’s least paid employees earns less than $20,000 a year, while the highest-paid employees might earn more than $53,000.


Workers in the customer support and healthcare functions often receive the highest pay at Walmart.

Geographically, CA, Sunnyvale, Seattle, WA, and New York, have all been noted to pay the highest wages to Walmart experts.

Let us now discuss about the salaries of Walmart employees according to their job title.


Walmart Employee Job Title and Salary

1. Walmart Cashier Salary

Average pay: $10- $14

A cashier is a person who works behind a cash register, receiving customer requests and managing store documents and cash. A Cashier mostly works for 8-hour a day.

An entry-level Cashier with less than one year of experience may expect to earn an average total compensation of $11.22 per hour.

2. Walmart Sales Associate Salary

Average Pay: $10 – $15

Sales assistants are often employed at departmental shops. They handle customers’ queries, resolve product issues, and occasionally serve as cashiers. Telemarketing and car sales are two more areas where sales associates can work.


Associates frequently input sales figures into computers, therefore it is critical that they be familiar dealing with computers.

Sales associates can work part-time or full-time, and their hours vary depending on the company. They may work unusual hours in some circumstances.

An entry-level Sales Associate with less than one year of experience may expect to earn an average total compensation of $11.52 per hour (tips, bonus, and overtime pay).

3. Walmart Stockers Salary

A stocker is someone who works in a business, arranging, stocking, and refilling shelves with merchandise for sale.

Dedicated stockers are often employed by bigger facilities such as retail, appliances, and hardware shops; but stockers are also employed by supermarkets.


A stocker’s principal responsibility is to replenish and cycle products on the sales floor in accordance with shop procedures.

To replace products, they may use inventory or restock reports provided by prior or continuing sales data.

As part of the work, the stocker generally helps manage space and display areas when new items are to be provided.

An entry-level Stocker with less than a year of expertise can expect to earn $11.44 per hour on average.

4. Walmart Personal Shoppers Salary

Average Pay: $11 – $15


Personal shoppers are in charge of determining customers’ requirements and selecting items that fit their criteria.

This is a sales-focused position that entails developing long-term relationships with clients, delivering outstanding service, and assuring that all client objectives and goals are fulfilled.

In general, the personal shopper interacts with the consumer to establish their unique needs, final goals, budget, and hobbies.

Personal shoppers must have strong organisational and time management abilities, as well as the ability to use cutting-edge technological devices and websites/applications and the versatility to re-prioritize daily tasks as needed.

An entree level personal shopper can earn somewhere around $11 to &12 per hour.


5. Walmart Overnight Stocker Salary

Average Pay: $10 – $17

Overnight stockers are often used by large retail establishments, particularly grocery and general merchandise stores, to assist maintain inventories and clean retail area.

These stockers are accountable for ensuring that items sold from shelves are correctly stocked and placed in their right positions.

Furthermore, a major portion of this work entails managing inventory space in a warehouse-like environment apart from client areas; businesses require overnight stockers to maintain this surplus inventory organised and the storage area clean.

Overnight Stockers in their early careers with 1-4 years of experience receive an average total pay of $11.86 per hour.

6. Walmart Retail Sales Associate Salary

Average Pay: $10 – $17

A retail sales associate works in the consumer sections of a shop.

These employees assist customers in identifying specific products and with queries regarding promotions or special discounts, as well as maintaining the store’s orderliness and look.

Furthermore, many businesses need their retail workers to do tasks such as replenishing inventory during the course of a shift.

During busy hours, certain employees are cross-trained as cashiers and may be called upon to handle a register at the front of the store or at a remote department location.

An entry-level Retail Sales Associate with 1-4 years of experience can expect to earn an average total pay of $11.90 per hour.

7. Walmart Department Manager Salary

Average Pay: $12 – $19

A department store manager is in charge of the retail store’s day-to-day operations.

They usually report to a regional manager with whom they may or may not engage on a regular basis.

They recruit and supervise shop employees, as well as lead them in executing out the goal of their company.

They may also be in charge of merchandising, teaching new staff, organizing and payroll. Some companies set sales targets for department heads that must be reached on an annual or monthly basis.

An entry-level Department Manager, Retail Store with 1-4 years of experience makes an average salary of $13.97 per hour.

8. Walmart Certified Pharmacy Technician Salary

Average Pay: $13 – $20

Certified pharmacy technicians (CPHTs) help licenced pharmacists in the management and administration of prescription medications for patients, and they often work in hospital and large clinic pharmacies, as well as standalone retail pharmacies.

Their job includes measuring medicine quantities, marking tablets carefully, and guaranteeing that all essential documentation and reporting for dispensary operations is kept up to current at all times.

An entry-level Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT) with 1-4 years of experience makes an average total remuneration of $15.87 per hour.

9. Walmart Customer Service Manager Salary

Average Pay: $12 – $20

A customer service manager might work in a variety of settings. Clients can be served in person, over the phone, or virtually.

Because this is a managerial job, a team of customer service representatives will be overseen.

It is critical to verify that they are following business policies and giving excellent customer service. 

A Customer Service Manager in their early career with 1-4 years of experience makes an average total salary of $14.37.

Note: This is an average estimate of the most common jobs at Walmart. The salaries can vary from Region and Country.

Final Words

Hope you have found the answer of “how much does a Walmart employee make?”

This article will provide you with a gist of Walmart pay scale if you are thinking about a prospect career with this world-famous e-commerce company.

Recently Walmart announced that it is raising hourly pay for approximately 565,000 workers is the newest example of a big business attempting to recruit and retain employees in a difficult labour climate. The wage increase, which will be at least $1 per hour and will go into effect on September 25, will apply to employees in categories such as food and general merchandise.

The average pay at the firm will climb to $16.40.