Are you thinking about what does OVA mean in Anime?

Anime is a brilliant way to enjoy and have some fun in your spare time. You might come across lingo like ordinary anime episodes, OVAs, and special episodes if you’re new to anime.

However, to comprehend Anime, you must first grasp some fundamental concepts. ‘OVA’ is one of the most perplexing but widely used terms.



What does OVA Mean in Anime?

OVA stands for “Original Video Animation.” These are anime films that have been released directly to VHS, DVD, or digital home streaming, either as stand-alone films or as part of a series.

OVA Meaning in Detail

In anime, an ova is an unedited animated video that serves as filler between episodes and is unrelated to the plot but may be used to binge watch any show.

However, some of the OVA serve as a link between episodes, making them quite important.


OVAs have a smaller target audience and are primarily distributed through DVDs. They are largely non-canonical and are primarily used for promotional purposes.

The anime industry is continuously expanding, and with it comes an increase in demand, which is why we need to grasp the significance of OVA.

The first official OVA was published in 1983, and they quickly became popular in the anime industry.

With a few exceptions, the majority of the OVAs contain original scripts. Because they are not broadcast on television or in theatres, they are a type of direct-to-video enterprise that does not require censorship.

What Is the Difference Between OVAs and Specials?

OVAs aren’t all specials, and specials aren’t all OVAs. Specials are any extra content created for an existing anime production that isn’t an OVA.

The special is categorised as an OVA if it was never broadcast. It’s just a standard anime if it was originally broadcast on television.

The Importance of OVAs

The fact that OVAs are made available for home viewing rather than being shown on a big screen contributes to their legitimacy.

They can be any duration and utilised to help in the creative process. In the experimentation phase, OVAs can be quite valuable.

NatsumeYuujincho: Natsume on One Snowy Day and Attack on Titan: No Regrets are two OVAs worth viewing.


Despite the fact that they do not follow the mainstream Anime, their writing has made them quite popular among fans.

What Is the Purpose of OVA?

The purpose of OVAs is to increase revenue. It allows filmmakers to profit from their work by letting them to sell VHS tapes or DVDs. Unlike typical anime episodes, OVAs have no defined length, which are typically 30 minutes long.

As a result, the OVA’s creators will be allowed to express their originality fully. The OVAs help reduce the strain on producers to produce high-quality work due to the lack of transmission.

On the other side, OVAs are for die-hard fans who wish to see their beloved characters once more. Anime fans appreciate spending more money on DVDs and VHS cassettes that feature supplementary content for a storey.

What if you were given the chance to view more of the story you love? You’ll almost likely buy it, and OVAs are no different. 

If anime fans appreciate a particular story or character, they will almost certainly want to purchase related OVAs to learn more about the story or their favourite character.

Thus, OVAs benefit both anime creators and fans alike. Anime fans will be able to watch more of their favourite characters and tales, while creators will be able to earn more money.

Is an OVA Canon?

Some of the OVAs are regarded as canon, while others aren’t. As a result, the status of an OVA as canon changes according to the anime. 

Some of the producers produce OVAs based on the original anime series. If you don’t watch a canon OVA, you can lose key elements of the original series’ narrative.

So, you should see the OVA if it is canon in order to gain a better grasp of the animated series. 


Non-canon OVAs, are typically unrelated to the main anime series, thus you have the option of skipping them.

Which OVAs should you Be Watching Right Now?

If you’re an anime fan or even if you’re not, OVAs are unquestionably the best way to start your journey. 

You don’t need any prior knowledge to get started, and you’ll be immersed in some of the best anime content available. 

OVAs don’t need to have an episode summary. They’re primarily intended for amusement, with mild humour. If you’re bored with the usual fare, give OVAs a try for a unique and underrated experience.

One of the most well-known OVAs is Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin 8.3. You can also watch the Major: World anime series based on sports.

Another example of high-quality OVA content is Attack on Titans. All of these animes have brief scripts and are quite well-made. As a result, there is no need to rely on current broadcasting and instead choose for home formats. The task will be done by OVAs.


Final Words

So, this was all about what does OVA mean in Anime. If you were confused about the concept of Original Video Animation then this article will give you a perfect gist of the topic.