In the Star Wars universe, every character and every order has its own color and significance of energy. Often, the saber’s color is associated with its wielder’s energy. Blue lightsaber, as a matter of course, connected with guardians of Jedi who protect Jedi’s order in the galactic universe.

Here, we will read about the significance of Star Wars lightsaber in blue and Jedi Guardians. Before knowing about the blue lightsaber, we must know who the Jedi guardians are and why they possess it.


Long ago, when the galactic universe was made, two orders came into existence. The Jedi order and the Sith order. The Jedi Order was further divided into three classes: the guardians, the consular, and the sentinels.


Jedi guardians often say, “We guardians are the first line of defense against the thousands of enemies who seek to destroy it.”

 Jedi Guardian is one of the three distinct classes of Jedi order, and they use a lightsaber, a classic weapon of the Star Wars universe. The dark blue lightsaber is their prime weapon. by focusing on their time and nurturing their martial combat skills, guardians often built their lightsabers with blue crystals. Unanimity and consistency are central to the Jedi guardians.

Role of The Jedi Guardians

Jedi guardians are skilled warriors known for their focus on combat skills and the defense of others. They are often involved in lightsaber combats and are skilled warriors.

According to the Star Wars universe, they are the critical force solely responsible for the first line of defense. It can be distinguished by a commitment to duty, protection of the order, and a powerful sense of justice.


Anakin Skywalker is one of the characters who not only performed the role of Jedi guardian but also demonstrated how color defines the class and roles of the character after he chose to become a Dark Vader.


Dark blue lightsabers are often signified as solidarity and uniformity. They are seen as symbols of protection and prominent Jedi order.

The color of the lightsaber also reflects the character’s personal growth. For instance, Anakin Skywalker was beholding a blue lightsaber, but its color changed when he chose a dark side and became a dark Vader.

It is also essential to remember that the color and duties of sabers can vary. On the basis of different storylines and basic principles of Star Wars, the universe is assigned, but exceptions are always there. However, the association of blue with Jedi guardians is a consistent theme.


In conclusion, the Jedi guardians are one of the three classes of Jedi along with consular and sentinels. Guardians are renowned for their combat experience and skills, determination, and fall for justice. Crix Sunburris, a talented ace of the Jedi Guard, detailed his role in “The Jedi Way: A Handbook for Force Students. ” Throughout the history of the Jedi Order, the Guardians have consistently demonstrated combat expertise, exhibiting the softer side of their fighting skills with blue double-bladed lightsabers.  Sunburris’s text coagulated their position, providing insight into the Guardians’ unique skills and contributions to the Order. The Jedi guards have played a great role in maintaining balance in the force by patronizing peace and justice. Safeguarding the preserved forces and protecting the galactic universe from darkness made them strong.