Have you stunned by the speed of Goku and want to know does Goku fast than flash? Well, here I will explain how fast is Goku in Dragon Ball.

In the Dragon Ball universe, Goku is one of the most well-known superheroes. There are many reasons why Goku is a great character, not simply because of his strength and agility.

Goku has a lot of speed, from moving across armies to avoiding laser beams to flying completely across the cosmos in the matter of seconds.



How Fast is Goku?

As far back as Dragon Ball Z, Goku has consistently demonstrated that he is capable of speeds faster than of light.

We watched him avoid Ki attacks that look like laser beams, because laser beams travel at the speed of light.

Frieza, for example, attempted to hit Goku with multitudes of death beams, but Goku was able to dodge them all, implying that he must be travelling much faster than the speed of light to avoid being hit.


So, if we consider lightspeed to be 186,000 miles per second, we may reasonably estimate Goku can go at least one million miles per second to avoid numerous light beams.

Goku has 3 times acquired Super Saiyan form and has ultra-instinct speed, making him among the most legendary manga stars of all time.

He has learnt to become one with his body and has gained several new abilities as a result of the ultra-instinct technique.

Goku has acquired the skill of physical self-control after significantly increasing his strength with his first Super Saiyan form.

What is Goku’s Top Speed?

Goku has a top speed of Mach 900, however he has only been seen doing so once in Dragon Ball GT, while he was battling Baby Vegeta.

He frequently attacks his opponents on foot, moving around at rates comparable to what humans would do if they were sprinting full-tilt as fast as possible for a lengthy period of time.

Even so, you might not be able to keep up with him! Goku has been recorded flying at speeds of up to 650 miles per hour across space and over land (Mach 3000).

With this speed, he is just ahead of Boeing 747s! A bird’s fastest flight has been recorded at almost 600 miles per hour, and it’s likely that Goku can boost his speed much higher.

What is the Ultra Instinct Speed of Goku?

Ultra instinct speed comes from exercising hard and becoming one with your body, but it doesn’t mean losing sight of who you are as an individual (like Goku).


Goku gains a slew of new abilities thanks to the Ultra instinct technique.

Achieving this form entails more than just physical self-control; you must overcome all hurdles within yourself to discover your true strength.

Is Goku more Powerful than Flash?

So, we’ve verified that Goku can travel at the speed of light.

To travel back in time, as depicted in the comics, one must travel at speed greater than the speed of light, which is mathematically impossible.

As a result, Flash can also travel faster than the speed of light.

So, while Flash could be able to equal Goku’s speed when he’s in his regular form, it’s improbable that he’ll be able to go millions of times quicker than Goku when he utilises Instant Transmission.

Goku’s Character Overview

Goku is the primary character in the DragonBall series, and he was sent to Earth to destroy it.

Nevertheless, Goku’s plans for the devastation of Earth were thwarted when he suffered a brain injury as a youngster that damaged his memories, robbing him of his violent side.

Gohan, a martial artist, adopted goku, but the storey ends before it starts.

When Goku (temporarily) transformed into the legendary Ozaru by staring at the full moon, he mistakenly killed Gohan.


Goku’s buddies cut off his monkey tail after this occurrence, so he could no longer use this aspect to threaten others.

Goku began living alone, accompanied by a remembrance of Gohan known as Dragon Ball.

Later on in his quest, Goku met a girl named Bulma, who assisted him in becoming one of Earth’s greatest defenders.

Final Words

The questions of how fast is Goku and his top speed have been answered in this guide.

Goku gained the super Saiyan state early in his youth, allowing him to exercise incredible speed while training to become one of the best warriors on Earth. Afterwards, Goku’s ultra-modes enabled him to become one of the universe’s best protectors, defending the universe from a slew of supervillains.