Paychex Flex Login Guide for Employees

Paychex Flex Login

Paychex Flex Login can help you solve all your workforce management problems in just one click. Once you know the steps for Paychex flex sign in process, you can utilize their HR-friendly features, including Employee time clock, Online Payroll, Paperwork, Outsourcing, etc.

Today, more than 730,000 businesses are using Paychex services, and their massive workforce uses the portal to sign in to Paychex Employee Profiles.

You can be self-employed or have a company with 1000+ employees; Paychex will have a plan to manage your labor force with ease.

In this guide, you will find the steps on how to log into the Paychex Flex employee account from your web browser and the Paychex flex app.

I will also show how you can reset your login password, username, and Paychex Flex Login Pin as and when the need arises. 

Let us begin with the Paychex Flex Login Steps.

How To Login to Paychex Flex?

You can use Paychex Flex Login services either by your web browser or the Paychex Flex App. In both methods you will need to have your Paychex Flex login username, passcode and a unique security pin.

All these credentials are set up while signing up for your Paychex Flex Employee Account.

Given below are the steps for Paychex Flex login via web browser –

1. First, visit to the PayChex website at in your browser.

2. On the top right navigation menu, select the Login tab.

Note: Alternatively, you can use the URL to access the Paychex Login Page.

3. Once on the Paychex Employee login page, you will see two login options. Here select Paychex Flex Login option. This will redirect you to the Paychex Flex Employee log in page.

Paychex Flex Sign In Page
Paychex Flex Sign In Page

4. Here, put in your username and click enter. Once the Paychex server identifies you as a registered employee, you will need to feed in the password. 

5. After this, you will need to provide some additional details, like a PIN, based on your security settings. 

And, that is it. Now you have completed the Paychex flex login and can get all your work information, like accessing your paystub on Paychex. 

Note: You must ensure that you have selected the Employee options from the section just below the Paychex Flex Login link.

Paychex Flex App Login for Mobile Users

Did you know that with the Paychex flex app, you can get all the information about your work profile right in your palm anytime?

The best thing about the Paychex flex app login is that you can use it on iPhones, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones.

However, remember, to log in via the Paychex Phone App, you must register yourself using a desktop/ laptop.

Here are the steps involved in the Paychex flex app login –

Paychex Flex Mobile Login
Paychex Flex Mobile Login

1. On your iOs or Android phone, download the Paychex Flex App.

Note: You should have at least iOS 14 or higher running on your iPhone/iPad and at least OS 9.0 for any smart Android device.

2. Launch and run the Paychex Flex App on your device and open it.

3. On the application’s homepage, you will see sections where you need to fill in your username and password.

4. You can tick the Remember Me box before clicking on the login tab.

With these steps, you can actually use the Paychex Flex App login System smoothly. Furthermore, you can watch the available demo video by clicking on the View Demo option. 

Note: If you use any of the following sites for Paychex Flex Login, you will not be able to Sign into the Paychex Flex Employee account through their App: 


How to Reset Password for Paychex Flex Login?

You can use the Forgot Username or Password link to reset your Paychex Flex Login username or password from the signing-in page of Paychex Flex.

On doing so, you will be redirected to a new page here select out of the following two options: 

  • Forgot Username (You will receive a mail on your registered email id)
  • Forgot Password (You will get a verification code on your registered phone number/ a link to the registered email id)

Click on the reset password link provided by the Paychex server. You will be taken to their Verify Security Information window. Here, provide the following information before clicking on submit: 

  • Last 4 digits of your SSN.  
  • Your Birth month and year.

Now you need to answer the security question before you can finally set your new Paychex Flex login password.

Note: Make sure you check the spam folder for a reset password/ retrieve username from

How To Reset Paychex Flex Login Pin?

You can request a reset for the Paychex Flex login pin by clicking on the Forgot Pin option after entering your username and password.

Hence, to sign in to your employee account on Paychex, you require your username and password and the security pin.

Given below are the steps to reset the Paychex login pin: 

1. Begin by entering your username and password when prompted on the Paychex Flex Login page.

2. Select the Forgot Pin link when prompted to enter your security pin.

3. You will receive a mail with the link to reset your Pin.

4. Next, you will be redirected to the User Verification Information window. Here put in your Birth month and year. Also, remember to answer the security question correctly. 

5. Lastly, enter the new pin and conform it before clicking on the Continue tab.

That is all you need to do in order to reset your Paychex Flex Login pin.

Paychex Flex Login Not Working: What to do?

You may have trouble logging into your Paychex Flex account due to slow internet speed. If such is the case, then you must refresh your internet connection and try to sign in after 30 seconds. 

Apart from this, you might be facing Paychex Login issues due to the following reasons: 

  • The Paychex Flex Server is down
  • There is way too much traffic on the Paychex Flex Login site. 
  • You are using an old/wrong username, password, or pin. 
  • Your admin has deactivated your Paychex Employee Account.
  • The Paychex App is outdated.
  • You are using the wrong login URL. 

In order to resolve these issues these issues you should go through the checklist below: 

  • Remember to use the official Paychex Flex Login URL.
  • Check for any typing mistakes in your username or password. 
  • Try resetting your password/ security pin. 
  • Refresh your internet connection. 
  • Only use the latest version of the Paychex Flex App. 
  • Talk to your manager to see if your employee account has been deactivated or banned. 
  • If the issue is from the Paychex Flex Server, inform them and wait for 2-5 minutes before re-attempting to log in. 

But if you are still facing issues while the Paychex Flex Login process, you should get in touch with your administrator or drop a call at 833-299-0168. Likewise, you can contact the Paychex Flex Support Desk.

FAQs on Paychecx

How do I Log into Paychex?

Go to and click on the Paychex Flex Login link. Then enter your username, password, and pin to use your Paychex Flex Employee account.

What is Paychex Flex Fee?

The starting price of Paychex Flex is $39/month with an additional sum of $5 per employee.

How do I Change My Phone Number on Paychex?

Go to the User Tab from the left navigation menu and select the Edit option to edit your Paychex Flex Phone number and other Account details. If you can not log in or access your account, ask your administrator to share a phone number reset link on your mail.

Is there an App for Paychex Flex?

Yes, Paychex Flex app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store that can be operated on Apple devices with iOS 14 and higher as well as Android OS 9.0 and higher. 

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Now that you know all the required information about the Paychex Flex Login Process, you can successfully operate your employee account without any trouble. Do remember that you will need to be mindful of the Paychex Flex Login Pin along with the username and password.

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