How to Reset Samsung Galaxy s7 (Hard & Soft)

Well in this article we will discuss how to reset Samsung Galaxy s7. We will look into the both Hard and Soft reset methods.

So, if you have a black, frozen or stuck phone then these methods will be able to get your device back to life.

Let’s check it out…

Reset Samsung Galaxy s7

Soft Reset

To soft reset your Samsung Galaxy S7, follow the simple steps below –

Step 1

First, press and hold the Power and Volume down button on your device.

Step 2

Continue holding it for at least 8-20 seconds and your phone will eventually switch off.

Step 3

So, your soft reset process will be done and no data will be deleted from your device as well.

Let us now talk about the Hard Reset option.

Hard Reset Via Phone Menus

Note: By performing the below steps on your smart phone you will also lose data from the memory on your device.

Step 1

Select the Apps option from your Home screen.

Step 2

Next go to the Settings option on your smart phone.

Step 3

Now click on Personal option on the top.

Step 4

Now choose Back up and reset option.

Step 5

Next tap on Factory data reset.

Here you might receive a warning that your data will be erased.

If you are sure that you want to go for the Hard reset then simply click on Reset Device option.

Hard Reset from Device Start-up

You can perform this kind of hard reset when your device is not starting properly and you cannot access the menu or settings option to perform the Hard reset.

Follow the below steps to hard reset your Galaxy S7 from device Start-up option

Step 1

First, completely switch off your device and ensure that no notifications or light is visible.

Step 2

Next Press and hold Volume Up, then press and release Power button. (After you do this correctly, the Samsung logo will pop up and it will accompany by “Recovery Booting” on the top of the screen.

Step 3

Now select Wipe data/factory reset by using the volume down button on your device.

Step 4

Next select Yes — delete all user data option with the help of Volume Down button.

Step 5

After that the factory reset process will start. Remember that this might take a few minutes.

Step 6

When its done, you Samsung Galaxy 7 phone will restart in its factory reset state.

So, these were the two most effective ways to Soft and Hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Wrapping it up…

Remember that soft reset will not wipe away any of your vital data from the device, on the other hand, hard reset will definitely make your phone loss all its memory and other information as well.

If your phone is in working condition and you can access the settings option then it is good to take a backup first before you do the hard reset. In case you cannot access your phone at all then doing hard reset from device start up is the only option.

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