How to Customize iPhone Home Screen Layout: Probably the greatest contrast among iOS and Android has consistently been the power of customization.

Google’s mobile operating system allows more command over how the product looks and feels, while Apple restricts these adjustments for the sake of consistency and ease interface.

In any case, with the release of iOS 14, iPhone and iPad proprietors are out and people are figuring out that it has different options.


So, if you are wondering on how to decorate iPhone home screen then this is the place for you.

For example, the way toward customizing your home screen is definitely not easy and consistent.

Apple could’ve revealed a Settings alternative or a committed application in the phone which would allow you to customize, but that’s not the case.

When understanding how to customize iPhone home screen you must depend on third-party applications and even workaround utilizing Siri Shortcuts.


How to Customize iPhone Home Screen iOS 14?

The first thing that you must do before starting the customization process is to update your iPhone to iOS 14.

After updating, you must choose a colour pallet or theme for your phone.

Do this by finding an appropriate photo and then saving it to your camera roll.


As a component of this cycle, you’ll need to pick a colour range or topic, discover a background, and download it. We suggest searching through Pinterest, Google pictures, Etsy, and other similar places.

Next you can download Widgetsmith and Shortcuts app. Both the application will allow you to customize your home screen with ease.

Widgets add easy access usefulness to your home screen, you’ll require Widgetsmith to make a device with whatever tone, photograph, and textual style you need.

There are options in the App Store, for example, Color Widget, however we’ve utilized Widgetsmith and can confirm it works.

When we talk about Shortcuts, it allows you to get computerize tasks through applications or by asking Siri.


You can likewise utilize Shortcuts to make custom application symbols. It’s been around for quite a while, yet with the arrival of iOS 14 and the capacity to add gadgets to the home screen, numerous individuals are currently matching the two functionalities to make a remarkable home layout.

Next you can remove old applications from your home screen for better utilization.

Do this by holding each app until you get (select Remove app > Move to App Library or Delete app) option.

Set new wallpaper.

Now you can start the cycle of really making your new Apple home screen.


We should begin by setting that new background to picked in the first step. Go to Settings, tap Wallpaper, at that point tap Choose a New Wallpaper. Apple additionally has a help page here with more subtleties in the event that you need it.

Next let’s start the process of changing app icons

For this first open the shortcut app that you downloaded in one of the above steps from App store.

  1. In the Shortcuts application, hit the + mark to make a new shortcut.
  2. Select Add option on the following page.
  3. Quest for the “Open App” choice and select it.
  4. Tap the “I” and favourite it for speedy access later.
  5. On the New Shortcut page, tap Choose (close to Open).
  6. Search and select an application. (ex: Messenger.)
  7. Tap the three-spot menu in the corner.
  8. On the Details page, give your alternate name or wake phrase for Siri to perceive.
  9. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  10. Name your shortcut and afterward tap the symbol thumbnail close to the name you entered.
  11. You would then be able to take or pick a photograph to supplant the application’s current symbol.
  12. See your progressions and tap Add to add the application to your home screen.

Next let us start creating customize widgets

  1. First open the Widgetsmith app on your Apple device which you downloaded in the above steps.
  2. By hitting the Add button pick a small, medium, or large widget to add by
  3. Widgetsmith may show options. You can swipe to erase or tap to redo.
  4. Select the widget you just added.
  5. Tap the Default Widget square underneath the name to begin redoing the widget.
  6. You will see the alternative to pick another style, textual style, color, and foundation tone.
  7. Tap the Back catch when done figuring out the personalisation alternatives.
  8. Tap the widget’s name at the top to rename it.
  9. Hit Save to save your changes.
  10. Now in the next step you can easily add customizable widgets to your Apple device’s screen.
  11. Go to one side of your home screen, to the Widgets page.
  12. Look to the base and tap Edit.
  13. Tap the “+” button in the corner of the screen.
  14. Search for “Widgetsmith” and tap on it.
  15. Tap the size widget you need to add and afterward select Add Widget.
  16. While the widget moves (if not, hit Edit), hold down and slide it to the home screen.
  17. If you made more than one gadget, hold down on a gadget on your screen and Edit it.
  18. Pick which Widgetsmith widget you need.
  19. Now you must arrange your home screen layout to make it look better.

You might notice a number of widgets on your home screen, simply edit them and slide it to rearrange it however you want.


Other then widgetsmith application you can also choose colorwidget, Widgeridoo, Widget Wizard, Widgetly etc.

Final Words

As we know customization is now possible with the help of iOS new update, so what are you waiting for.

Read the above guide now and start giving your iPhone a new look and make you screen layout however you want.