Can I Change Clock Position on iPhone?

Change Clock Position on iPhone

Is it really possible to change clock position on iPhone mobile? Well, here’s everything that will help you to know either it is doable or not.

When we talk about any kind of settings in an iPhone, it must be clear that not everything is customizable.

Same goes with when we talk about reposition lock screen clock iPhone, then doing that is not possible.

The iPhone clock show styling and settings are to some degree inflexible, yet a few alternatives for straightforward changes exist.

The capacity to change the time dependent on various time regions and the arrangement in which the time is shown are basic desire among iPhone customers.

Furthermore, making changes in the position of the clock on an iPhone is not possible.

When you open the clock settings, then that is mostly for keeping alarms, changing time zone, stop watch and other related things.

Changing time zone is mostly important if you are travelling or when you need to attend a virtual meeting that is in a different time zone.

You can easily switch between manual and automatic time zone in iPhone.

Doing the switch to manual is basic.

  1. Start by going to Settings on the iPhone from home screen.
  2. Next go to General and Date and Time option. This menu offers controls for the essential settings for the clock app on your iPhone. The menu contains just a predetermined number of highlights where clients can change the clock settings.

In the event that the slider close to Set Automatically is in the on position, this element is set to programmed, and the time region changes the date and time as you travel through various time zones.

To eliminate the programmed changes, tap the Set Automatically slider to the Off position.

Then, type a city into the time region search option to set the home time region.

The phone presently shows this time region consistently paying little heed to the genuine geographic area of the iPhone.

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Clock Settings on the Lock Screen Display

The lock screen shows the day, date and time naturally on your iPhone without the need of any setting changes.

This display presentation is by default; however, you can change the background of your phone screen to impact the visibility.

Switching the background can upgrade or darken the time show on the lock screen contingent upon the style of background you choose.

To roll out this improvement, tap on the Settings options followed by Wallpaper.

View the choices and pick a most liked pattern or you can also choose a photograph from your phone’s gallery.

Select Set and choose to set the new background on the lock screen option, home screen or both dependent on close to home inclination, and check the screen to guarantee the styling looks good.

To change the time needed to enter a lock screen when the phone isn’t being used, access the Settings and tap Display and Brightness.

Pick Auto-Lock and select a particular measure of time from the rundown. Choices range from 30 seconds to Never, which permits power throughout when the lock screen time and date show while the phone isn’t being utilized.

How to Change iPhone Time Settings?

As we have already mentioned that relocate clock on iPhone is not possible but you can change the time settings.

By default, iPhone will display 12-hour clock format on your screen which can be customized to 24 hours format which is also known as military time.

The military time organizing is as often as possible utilized in working settings to follow explicit exercises on a 24-hour clock.

Numerous organizations utilize this arrangement to follow minutes in gatherings.

It forestalls mistakes when following occasions and time groupings that happen during the a.m. what’s more, p.m., while eliminating the requirement for those names.

Access the menu by tapping Settings option, next go to General and Date and Time option, which is a similar menu used to change the time region settings.

Tap the 24-Hour Time switch to the On and utilize this time setting.

Leave the switch in to off if you want to stay on 12-hour time setting. After you roll out the changes, lock the screen, and the new settings results will be displayed on the screen.


In brief, there is no way you can try to change clock position on iPhone.

Other than that, there are a few methods that you can use to customize your clock by changing the background of your iPhone screen. Additionally, you can also change time and date settings or time format (12 or 24 hours), time zone etc.

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