How to Get Community Tab on YouTube: Community posts are simple engagement mechanisms that enable Users with at least 1,000 subscribers to connect with their fans in ways other than video.

You can both offer fans a closer insight at your universe and share your imagination by using various content styles.

They’re available to anybody who visits your Community page, and if Subscribers are opted in, they’ll get them in their Subs feed or updates.


You’ll learn how to set up and use Community posts to successfully reach communities in this tutorial.

How to get Community Tab on Youtube?

The Discussion page, which was formerly an optional discussion field for YouTube channels, has been replaced by the Community tab.

  • Visit your channel and check below your channel art to see if you have the latest Community tab.
  • The Community tab will appear in place of the Discussion tab if you have it installed.
  • The ability to post is the only distinction between the current Community page and the existing Discussion tab.

Based on the channel’s Discussion settings, the Discussion tab permitted developers, viewers, and visitors to post only text-based status notifications and responses.

The Community tab provides a Facebook-like experience for platforms, allowing creators to share different forms of status updates – text, photos, connections, and more.


When you click on community tab option it will display an empty message.

Select YouTube channels (both authenticated and non-verified) with over 10,000 subscribers can get the Community tab first.

Like other social networking sites, the feature would most likely start with bigger brands, sponsors, and successful YouTube creators before being rolled out to the rest of the world.

Join the community content of networks you subscribe to by visiting their Community tab or viewing the Subscriptions tab of the YouTube app to get ideas for your own community posts.

You can use the latest YouTube channel Community tab to target viewers in the following ways until you have access to it.

The “highlighted” content in the descriptions are group posts that can be reached by selecting the timestamp of the message. They aren’t videos that the YouTuber has chosen to showcase.

Make a Video to Introduce your Community Tab

Since YouTube subscribers and visitors demand video from your site, it may be wise to start with a video when introducing the Community tab.

Open the tab and copy the URL from your browser’s address bar to include a shortcut to your Community tab in the video summary. Upload the info on your Community tab so that new-comers to this tab understand how to interact with your channel.

Encourage People to Turn on Notifications if they Haven’t Already

Using a clip or a group post (or both) to let people know how to get updated about your new channel operation, in addition to letting them learn about your Community tab.


The Purpose of Your Community Tab Should be Specified

The first post on your Community tab is the ideal spot to greet your YouTube viewers and explain your goals. This tab on YouTube recommends that you create a creed as a way to develop a strong society.

Promote the Goods

On the Community page, you can sell items to channel subscribers and travellers. Create a status update with a picture of the brand and a link to the product’s sales page and post it to the tab. To monitor the results, consider having a special landing page on your website for your channel subscribers and offering an exclusive discount only for YouTube visitors.


The Community tab on YouTube enables developers to interact with their viewers and guests in ways other than video. Post status messages, ask questions, invite visitors to ask questions, poll your followers, and more on this tab, much as you would on your Facebook page’s wall.