Here, you will learn how to drop items in Oblivion step by step. So, if you are an active game player and facing problem in dropping and grabbing items then keep reading for help.

The Elder Scrolls series has a massive fan base owing to its immersive experience and proactive community.

Even after more than a decade of its release, Oblivion is still a rage in the market with many gamers still trying to unlock the many secrets of the game and enjoying the tinge of nostalgia that comes with it. Even the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a much more popular part of the series, Oblivion offers a lot of things that Skyrim lacks.


Even today, the mod community is active on the forum providing several new additions to the game to keep the gamers enticed and waiting for more.

But one thing that the Elder Scrolls enthusiasts are always confused about is how to drop items in Oblivion. This is something that is barricading their complete gaming experience, as dropping unnecessary items from your Oblivion inventory is highly satisfying as well as makes your character lighter and more agile.

Dropping Items in Oblivion

Let’s get one thing right – Oblivion has a lot of items just waiting to be picked up and explored by the user.

Chances are that you might be the kind of gamer who wants to experiment with different kinds of items and just collect everything that you find on your journey. If you are such a pick-and-pack enthusiast, you might find yourself burdened under the weight of all the items that you are carrying in your inventory.


In such a case, you might want to free up some space in your inventory by dropping the items that you don’t need. Although you might be attached to your items, sometimes it’s just better to say goodbye and move on!

The good thing about Oblivion is that dropping items might not necessarily mean that it is goodbye forever. There are containers in the game that can hold your valuable items in a safe and secure location, while also freeing up your inventory space. But if you don’t wish to safeguard your items and merely get rid of them, you can even drop them anywhere in the world.

So, let’s move on to the focal point of the article –

How to Drop Items in Oblivion: Step by Step Guide

Dropping Items on the Ground

Dropping items on the ground is the quickest way to get rid of all the excess weight in your inventory. But beware, once you drop an item on the ground and move away from that location, you might not find the item there the next time you come back.

The first thing you need to do is open your inventory. You can open your inventory through your Journal and then going to the inventory page.

  • PC – Open the Journal by pressing the tab button. Locate and click on the Fist icon next to your health, magic, and stamina bars.
  • Xbox 360 – Press the B button on your controller and then use LT/RT to flip between different pages until you find the inventory page.
  • PS3 – Tap the O key on your controller and use the L1/R1 buttons to flip between different pages until you find the inventory page.

The next step is to drop any item on the ground. You can do so by selecting the item that you no longer need and then clicking on the Drop command. Here’s how you can do it on different platforms:

  • PC – Hold the Shift button and click on the item you want to drop. Alternatively, drag and drop the item out of your inventory window.
  • Xbox 360 – Highlight the item that needs to be discarded from your inventory and then press the X button on your controller.
  • PS3 – Highlight the item that needs to be discarded from your inventory and then press the Square (□)button on your controller.

Dropping and Grabbing an Item

Apart from this, you can also drop and grab an item. Through this option, your character will hold the released item in front of you until you let go of the drop button. Then the item will fall to the ground. Note that equipping an item is not the same as grabbing it. When you are grabbing an item, you are just moving it around the world in your arms.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • PC – Locate the item that you want to drop. Click and hold the item to grab it, and release the left mouse button to finally drop it.
  • Xbox 360 – Highlight the item that you no longer lead. Press and hold the LB button on your controller. Release the LB button to drop the item.
  • PS3 – Highlight the item that you no longer lead. Press and hold the L2 button on your controller. Release the L2 button to drop the item.

So these are all the different ways in which you can drop an unnecessary item on the ground. Next up, let’s figure out how to put an item safely in a container.


Dropping Items in a Container

1. Finding the Right Container

First, you’ll need to find a container that can hold your items. It is easy to find a container in Oblivion – they’re just about everywhere! However, not all containers can safely store your items. To test the security of a container, place a random item in it and wait for about 73 game hours. Check the container, and if the item is still there, it’s safe.

2. Interacting with the Container

You can interact with a container in Oblivion to open it. Get close to the container and press the Use command to open it.

  • PC – Press Spacebar.
  • Xbox 360 – Press the A button.
  • PS3 – Press the X button.

3. Switching Between Inventory and Container

After opening the container, you can flip between the list of contents stored in the container and your inventory.

  • PC – You can alternate between your inventory and container by pressing the left Sack icon or the right Sack icon respectively. Holding Shift plus right or left arrow keys also helps you move back and forth between the two.
  • Xbox 360 – You can open the inventory by pressing LT and use RT to view the container.
  • PS3 – You can open the inventory by pressing L1 and use R1 to view the container.

4. Choose the Item you Want to Move

Next up, you will need to highlight the item that you move to the container/inventory. For instance, if you select an item in your inventory, it will move to the container. And if you select an item in the container, it will move to your inventory.

  • PC – Left click to select the item you want to move. Press the Enter key.
  • Xbox 360 – Highlight the item that needs to be moved and then press A.
  • PS3 – Highlight the item that needs to be moved and then press X.

Don’t Waste Your Items – Sell Them

If you want to have an immersive experience as an in-game collector of items, you can even sell your collected items. It’ll free up your inventory and also give you some cash. Here are some tips on how to be an excellent trader:

1. Don’t Drop High-value Items

You can check the value of the item from your inventory. There’s a gold column that gives a rough idea of what the item is worth. Although it is almost impossible to get that value from the vendors, you can surely work on your mercantile skill to become an expert seller. Always try to sell high-value items as dropping them would be wasteful.

2. Drop Low-value, High-weight Items

Free up your inventory by getting rid of all the items that are worth peanuts in value and weight the most. This will give you more room to keep valuable items.

3. Store High-end Items in Containers

If you want to raise your mercantile skill before you sell your high-value items, you can simply store them in safe containers. Make sure to read our guide on how to find and store items in a safe container mentioned earlier in the article.

Final Thoughts

Oblivion is the kind of game that offers an immersive experience. The usability and value of the items that are scattered across its huge map add to its excellent gaming experience.

Oblivion enthusiasts often hail themselves as collectors and embark on the journey to find the most precious artifacts that they can find in the game. Later on, it is up to them if they want to store it and keep it as a souvenir or sell it to a trader to gain massive profits.