Welcome to Janitor AI, an innovative chatbot transforming AI communication. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover its features, functions and steps for unlocking its full potential – whether you’re an individual seeking quick responses or a business needing streamline interactions, Janitor AI has something for everyone.

Features of Janitor AI

Janitor AI boasts an array of features that set it apart in the realm of chatbots:

Diverse Character Options


Engage in conversations with a myriad of virtual personas, from popular anime-style characters to user-generated personalities.

Automated Assistance

A valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike, Janitor AI provides efficient support for managing client interactions, delivering swift responses.

Dataset Evaluation


Beyond its role as a chatbot, Janitor AI offers a clean API designed for evaluating and refining unclean datasets in machine learning—a vital resource for data scientists and developers.

Setting Up Janitor AI

To embark on your Janitor AI journey, follow these steps:

Acquiring an API Key

To access Janitor AI for free, obtain an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI.

OpenAI’s Free Trial

OpenAI offers a free trial worth $18, enabling you to utilize Janitor AI’s API without a subscription fee.

Creating Your Account

Sign up on OpenAI, create an API key, and use it to set up Janitor AI on the platform’s website.


Choosing Your Character

Select a character to chat with and initiate a conversation, exploring the diverse personas at your disposal.

Is Janitor AI Free?

While Janitor AI offers free usage through Janitor AI Pro, it’s essential to note that accessing the platform requires an API key from OpenAI or Kobold AI, which may involve a subscription fee. OpenAI’s generous free trial enables users to experience the full potential without upfront costs.

How to Use Janitor AI Free?

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of utilizing Janitor AI without breaking the bank:

  1. Obtaining an API Key: Secure an API key from OpenAI or leverage the free grant of $5 from Kobold AI.
  2. Setting Up Your Chatbot: Visit the Janitor AI website, register an account, and select a chatbot to interact with.
  3. Creating Your Own Chatbot: For a personalized experience, unleash your creativity by crafting your own chatbot and engaging in meaningful conversations.
  4. Utilizing OpenAI API Key: Paste the obtained code into the API settings on the Janitor AI website and save the settings.

What are the Limitations of Using Janitor ai For Free?

Using Janitor AI for free does come with certain limitations:

  1. Limited Features: Accessing the web-based platform without an API key allows only a restricted set of features.
  2. Daily Usage Limits: Users might encounter restrictions on the number of daily requests, potentially impacting the frequency of interactions with the chatbots.
  3. API Usage Limits: If utilizing the OpenAI API key, there could be charges for exceeding the free usage limit set by OpenAI.
  4. Message Limits: Message constraints, like a cap of 500+ messages, may affect the length and depth of conversations with the chatbots.

Despite these constraints, Janitor AI provides a valuable platform for users to engage with AI-generated characters and explore various features at no cost.


How Much Does Janitor AI Pro Cost?

Janitor AI Pro provides some free features; however, accessing its platform requires an API key from OpenAI or Kobold AI which may incur a subscription fee.

Can I use Janitor AI for free?

Yes, Absolutely. OpenAI offers a trial worth $18 to give users a taste of Janitor AI without immediate costs. Kobold AI offers a grant of $5.

What are my steps for setting up Janitor AI without spending anything?


To use Janitor AI free of charge, obtain an API key, create your chatbot on the website, select your character and start conversing.

Are There Any Limitations To Free Usage Of Janitor AI?

While basic features are free for basic usage limits of OpenAI, exceeding their usage may necessitate payment for their API service.

Can I Create My Own Bot Using Janitor AI?

Yes! Janitor AI provides users with the power to build customized chatbots, creating an enjoyable and personalized user experience.

How popular is Janitor AI?


Since its inception, over 2.5 billion messages have been exchanged through this platform; evidence of its widespread popularity.


Unlocking the potential of Janitor AI for free can be both accessible and rewarding, whether you are a business professional seeking seamless client interactions or an individual exploring various virtual identities, Janitor AI offers endless possibilities. Get started on your Janitor AI journey now to embrace AI-powered communication!