Are you thinking about how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12?

The battery percentage is not displayed in the taskbar on the iPhone X and later models with Face ID. This is the case because newer iPhones, such as the iPhone 12 and 11 have a broad notch at the top. As a result, there isn’t enough room on the iPhone 12 to show the battery percentage.

On the other hand, iPhone 8 and older models with Touch ID support have a built-in setting to enable the battery percentage icon.


On iPhone 12 and related models, you can’t turn on battery percentage on the status bar. Nevertheless, you can still see how much battery life your iPhone has left.


How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 12 Pro?

Slide down from the top right corner of your phone to reveal the control centre, where the battery percentage on your iPhone will show next to the battery indicator.

This solution has the advantage of allowing you to see the battery status even while your device is locked. Make sure the Control Center is accessible even when the phone is locked.


There are several ways to see how much battery you have left on your iPhone.

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How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max?

Make Use of Widgets

The widget allows you to keep track of the battery life of Bluetooth devices such as Apple Watch and AirPods.

Follow the below steps –

1. On your home screen, long-press (touch and hold) an empty place.

2. In the top-left corner, tap the Plus icon.

3. Scroll down to the Search Widgets area and hit the Batteries widget.

4. Select the size of the widget.

Tip: For iPhone, choose the small widget. Select the medium or large widget if you have other devices connected, which both display the battery percentage.


5. Select Add Widget and then Done.

This method can be used on your device if you wish to see the battery percentage all the time.

Note: Swipe left on the home screen if you don’t want to add a specialized battery widget. On the widgets page, you can see the Batteries widget.

Ask Siri

If you’re a frequent Siri user, you’ll be pleased to learn that you may ask Siri any of the questions listed below. Nevertheless, there could be many more things you could say, so trust your gut and Siri will most likely give you what you want. Simply consider asking any option mentioned below.

— Hey Siri

  • How much battery do I have left?
  • What is the current state of my battery?
  • What is the percentage of the battery?
  • Is there any remaining battery?
  • What is the state of the battery?
  • Is the battery charged?


You might already be aware of the fact that iPhone displays the battery percentage as soon as you plug it in for charging.

This is another effective method to check the battery percentage on iPhone 12. 

You’ll be able to view regardless of whether you charge your device using the MagSafe charger, lightning connection, or wireless charging.

As long as the date and time were already displayed on your lock screen, a battery icon and percentage (e.g., “75% charged”) would briefly replace the date and time before they reappeared.

When you wake the display from its sleep state, whether charging over a wired or wireless connection, the date on the lock screen will indicate the current “Charged” level as a percentage, e.g., “10 percent charged.”


Third-Party Apps

If none of the previous methods for displaying battery percentage on iPhone 12 satisfied you, third-party apps can display the existing battery percentage on iPhone in the app or widget.

Final Words

Now you know how to check your battery percentage on the iPhone 12.

While the battery percentage on the iPhone 12 cannot be permanently displayed, there are several ways to check it. You may use the Control Center, add a widget to the iPhone Home Screen, or simply ask Siri. Another alternative is to tap the screen while the iPhone is charging.