The process of how to change your age on TikTok without deleting your account can be daunting.

To create an account on any social networking platform these days, you must supply personal information such as your full name, date of birth, and email address.

TikTok is no exception, and to use the site successfully, a user must submit all necessary information.


In 2020, TikTok’s popularity skyrocketed, and it became one of the most downloaded apps.

As a result, TikTok has a social obligation to protect its younger users from inappropriate content, spam, and other users.

To sign up for TikTok, you must be at least 13 years old, and you must be 18 years old to send presents to your favourite creators, according to TikTok’s policy.

If you’re younger than this, you won’t be able to make an account, and your account will be deleted soon.


It will occur because children are not permitted to share videos on TikTok since this would violate the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.


Can you Change your Age on TikTok?

To update your age on TikTok, send an email to infocontact@tiktok.com or approach the platform’s customer service team through the app. The TikTok app does not allow you to modify your age directly. TikTok’s goal is to keep minors from viewing sexual content or interacting with adults.

How To Change Your Age on TikTok?

To modify your age on TikTok, contact the app’s customer service and ask for a birthday update. This is how you do it.

1. Go to your phone’s app store and open the TikTok app.

2. Select Profile (Me) from the home screen’s bottom right corner.

3. In the top-right corner, tap the three dots.

4. This will lead you to the Privacy and Settings page. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Support area, then click Report a Problem.

5. Select Account and Profile.


6. Select Edit Profile option.

7. Next, you need to tap on Other because there isn’t a specific spot where you can offer input about your age.

8. Select Still have a problem.

9. Now put something along the lines of “I need to update my birthday on my account because the current date is wrong.” in the provided space. I can show you some identification to establish my real birthday,” and then hit Report.

Note: A TikTok customer service person will email you at the address associated with your account within a few days. In order to make the modification, you will most likely need to produce government-issued identification to authenticate your identity and date of birth in that correspondence.

Why Can’t I Change My Birthday on TikTok?

In an effort to prevent minors from accessing the services meant for adult users, such as DM, earning TikTok coins, and launching TikTok live-stream broadcasts, TikTok eliminated the capability to change your birthday.

Because many younger users were using TikTok to change their age to gain access to some of the extra features, the possibility of doing so was disabled.

One disadvantage of this change was that many grownup users who raced through the signup procedure and supplied a false birthday were barred from using TikTok.

Is It Best To Just Create A New TikTok Account?

As we mentioned in the last section, the entire procedure of changing your age in TikTok is complex and time-consuming.

Furthermore, the entire process necessitates adequate identity and evidence of age via a certified document, and it will only be changed after that.


Follow the instructions outlined above if your account’s material is performing well and you don’t want to lose all of your followers, views, or videos.

If not, and you do not believe that investing the time and effort in this process is worthwhile, creating a new Tiktok account with a different birthdate could be a viable choice.

FAQs on TikTok User Age

How Old do I have to be to Send and Receive TikTok Gifts?

To keep young users away from scammers, TikTok created policies. This is mostly due to their ability to transmit money to other users within the app. Apparently, per TikTok’s community guidelines, anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to send or receive TikTok presents.

How Do I Get Rid of TikTok’s Age Restriction?

The age restriction on your TikTok cannot be changed. If you want to use TikTok without any age limitations, you’ll need to sign up for an account. If your age has already been established, changing your birth date is the only method to get around the restriction.

Why am I Unable to go Live on TikTok?

Before users can go live on TikTok, they must follow two rules. To begin, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers. Second, you must be 16 years old or older. So, if you don’t meet any of the standards above, you won’t be able to go live on TikTok.

Why does TikTok Want my Birthday Information?

When you register an account on TikTok, you must enter your birthday in order for TikTok to know your age. Because TikTok has an established policy on age restrictions and underage accounts, you will need to provide TikTok with the correct date in order to maintain your privacy and safety on the app.


Final Words

So, here we conclude our definitive guide on how to change your age on TikTok. Make sure you don’t make any blunders when registering on a social networking platform like TikTok.

If you commit a single mistake, your account will be deleted, or you will be unable to utilise it efficiently.