If you are a beginner, then how to tame a panda in Minecraft might be crossing your mind.

Pandas are creatures in Minecraft that live in trees and like jumping from one to the next.

Players can tame pandas, but first, they must become acquainted with them before deciding to tame them.


These larger animals can be found wandering across forests. They’re usually found around their preferred food, Bamboo, which is crucial to taming them.

Usually, while playing Minecraft, you will come across various animals such as horses, foxes, and cats, but the gentle, loving Panda is the rarest.

How to Tame a Panda in Minecraft?

It’s a simple operation, but because these lazy Pandas typically breed like other animals in Minecraft, it may take a little longer. You’ll need to keep feeding them Bamboo until the hearts emerge above your head, and you may pull them closer together.

Follow the below steps to tame a panda in Minecraft


1. You must first locate Jungle Biome. In a Jungle Biome, they are an occasional spawn. However, they are more abundant in the Bamboo Jungle.

2. As you’ve discovered the Biomes, you’ll notice Pandas in groups of two or three.

3. You’ll now require Panda’s favourite food item. Bamboo is Panda’s favourite food item, so you’re in luck.

4. So, go out and gather some Bamboo from the area.

5. Now, feed the Panda Bamboo. It’ll take a few tries to get it right. You may just drop the Bamboo in front of them and they’ll pick it up and eat it.

6. You’ll must keep trying until the Panda you’re feeding starts to produce Hearts.

7. The Panda gets tamed as the Hearts start to appear.

8. You can also use additional Food Item to tame a Panda. Surprisingly, you can tame them with a Cake.

9. You must place the Cake in front of them to pick and eat it.


How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft?

Panda breeding necessitates the fulfilment of certain requirements. To begin, both Pandas must be within a 5-block radius of at least 8 Bamboo blocks.

Then all you have to do is serve each Panda some Bamboo to make them fall in love and give birth to a Baby Panda.

Keeping Pandas in an enclosed area and planting Bamboo is the quickest way to breed them.

When a baby is born, it will be passive rather than neutral to the player.

If you feed a Panda without the necessary Bamboo blocks around, it will devour the Bamboo rather than enter love mode. However, feeding Pandas too close to the player will make them hostile.

Panda Personalities and Appearance in Minecraft

Pandas come in a variety of personalities, including normal, lethargic, playful, anxious, weak, aggressive, and brown.

Normal: They don’t have any distinguishing characteristics. They usually have frowning expression on their face.

Lazy: These pandas are the slowest land mob in the game since they normally lie on their backs and travel slower than any other pandas. Lazy Pandas do not follow players if they are lying on their backs in Java Edition, but they cease lying on their backs and start following the player in Bedrock Edition. They have happy expressions on their face.

Playful: Adults and children alike enjoy rolling over and jumping around. Because it can accidentally roll off a cliff or another high altitude, the Panda’s proclivity to roll will often inflict damage or death. These pandas have their tongues protruding from their mouths.

Worried: Usually avoids players and hostile mobs such as skeletons, creepers, spiders, and other similar creatures. When it’s storming, it hides its face and shakes. They also don’t consume cake and Bamboo by themselves. Their eyes are begging (puppy-dog-like).


Weak: As new-borns, they sneeze more than regular baby pandas, and their health is half that of other pandas. They have furrowed brows and a gloomy expression. Their eyes are teary, and their nose is runny.

Aggressive: This is the only non-passive Panda. When the player or other mobs are wounded, an angry panda continues to attack them until the prey dies or goes beyond the radar range. It does not fear when it is hurt, unlike other animals. When pandas in the area are attacked, these pandas become restless and fight. While they move slowly, they have a long reach, making them hard to fend off.

FAQs on Tame Pandas in Minecraft

How To Transport Pandas in Minecraft?

One of the most frequently asked topics about pandas in Minecraft is how to relocate them to a different location. Even though many tutorials still deny it, pandas may be transported by boat in Minecraft. Boats in Minecraft can easily transport pandas without exerting much effort.

How do you Feed a Panda in Minecraft?

Pandas can also be fed cake, which serves the same purpose as Bamboo. Staying too near to an aggressive panda for an extended period of time may cause it to become hostile. Baby pandas can roll around in the same way that joyful pandas do.

Can you Ride Pandas in Minecraft?

Players can tame pandas, but first they must become acquainted with them before deciding to tame them. If you want to tame pandas, consider learning how to raise pigs in Minecraft, as it will teach you about a variety of animals.

How to Cure a Sick Panda in Minecraft?

A sick panda cannot be cured. Because of its parents’ DNA, an ill panda will be born with a weak personality.

Can you Put Pandas in Boats Minecraft?

Pandas can be placed in boats. Because pandas are scarce and only spawn in jungle biomes, putting them in boats lets you lead them to your base.

Final Words

So that was how to tamed a Panda in Minecraft. By holding a Bamboo in your palm, you can return them to your base. As long as you have the Bamboo in your hand, they will follow you. They can be bred in the same way as other Mobs. Just make sure you surround them with a wooden fence.

This guide should have assisted you in taming Pandas in Minecraft.