How to Unlock Lenovo Tablet: A Quick Hack

How to Unblock Lenovo

How to unlock Lenovo Tablet: There can be times when you get locked out of your device due to some of the other reason. Well, there can be plenty of ways in which you can get locked out of your device but getting back inside is a stressful process.

In this quick tutorial, I will show you the right way to unlock the Lenovo Tablet without losing data.

Now a days, most of the devices and brands are getting serious with their security and doesn’t allow you to enter the wrong password multiple times.

Lenovo tablets are quite famous globally and millions of customers have already bought this device.

This device can be protected same like any other Lenovo device, which is with the help of screen lock with pin/pattern/password/fingerprint.

If you have purchased the new models of Lenovo tablet like the Yoga, ThinkPad Yoga, ThinkPad 10 etc then it comes with preinstalled Android or Windows 8/8.1/10.

So, the latest update doesn’t have any pop up of ‘Forgot Password’ on the screen if you cannot remember the password.

Though there are ways in which you can still bypass Lenovo tablet, but on the stake of losing all your data.

Follow the below steps to unlock your Android Lenovo tablet with the help of Factory reset option.

How to Factory Reset Lenovo Tablet?

  1. Turn off your Lenovo tablet.
  2. Now turn on your device by pressing and holding the Volume UP + Power button.
  3. Here you will see the recovery menu appear, simply use the volume button to access its option.
  4. Select data/factory reset option then use the power button on your tablet to confirm.
  5. Now your system will be rebooted and factory reset will take a few minutes before you can start using your device again.

Remember: This method will wipe away all the data from your device and you will be left with a totally clean device without any information.

Password Reset on Lenovo Windows 8/8.1/10 Tablet

If you are using Lenovo Windows 8/8.1/10 tablet then resetting the password isn’t so tough.

To unlock your phone, you can simply use reset Microsoft account password option to recover your device.

EelPhoneDelPassCode For Android is another method that is used to bypass Lenovo password.

Though the most effective way is to use factory reset option, and if you are not sure about it then visiting the nearest service centre is recommended.

Due to security reasons, most of the new devices has this option of clearing all the data before anyone can use the device again when locked out.


So, this was all about how to unlock Lenovo tablet in just a few steps. Though you must keep in mind that losing data is the part of this recovery process and if you use factory reset then you will end up losing all information stored in your phone.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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