Whenever asked why Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, I always vouch for using the Lenovo Emergency Reset Button. 

Regardless if you are a student, intern, corporate employee or a blogger like me, not knowing the answer to ‘Why is my Lenovo laptop screen not turning on’ can be bothersome. 

Hence my go to method whenever my Lenovo laptop is turning on but has no display is to use the Emergency Reset button on the back of your Lenovo laptop. 


However, you should always begin by checking your laptop battery and charger. 

In this article, I will be focusing on what to do if your Lenovo laptop has a black screen. This will include a detailed guide on ways you can switch on your Lenovo laptop without trouble.

Let us begin. 

What to Do If Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On?

First and foremost, check the battery and adapter of the Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on. Replace if either of them is damaged. 


If you are still stuck with a Lenovo laptop with no display, use either the Emergency Reset Button or the NOVO button switch on your laptop. 

Here is what you should do if your Lenovo laptop has a black screen: 

Check for Faulty Battery

Any damage to the battery of your laptop can prevent it from turning on. The damage can range from shock due to mishandling to the presence of liquid in the battery compartment. 

Here is how you can easily know if something is wrong with your laptop’s battery:

1. Unplug all input devices from your laptop. This will include USB, physically linked hard drives, chargers, etc. 

2. Remove the battery from your laptop. 

Note: Remember, a few Lenovo laptops have an in-built battery system, and those are difficult to remove. Hence only move ahead if you are sure; else, take an expert’s assistance. 

3. Press the power button for around 30 seconds. 

4. Now, without putting the battery in, plug in your adapter to the laptop.


5. Switch on the power source and try to start your laptop. 

If your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, it means your battery is good to go. 

Look For Adapter Damages

Sometimes, even after leaving your laptop on charging for hours, it will only show a blank screen. This is because your laptop is not charging in the first place. 

Any damage to the laptop’s charger will prevent the Lenovo laptop from switching on. Thus you should examine the cable for any sign of deterioration or external damage. 

Look for any cuts, burn marks, dirt and dust or physical damage. Another point to remember is only to use an original and authentic adapter with your device. 

To examine the internal status of your charger, follow these steps:

1. Remove all USBs, Pen drives, and Bluetooth drivers from all input ports.

2. Take out the battery and the AC adapter from your laptop.

3. Hold the power button for 30 seconds and then put the battery back in place. 

Note: Make sure not to plug in the charger yet. 


4. Try to switch on the laptop. 

Now, if the laptop finally turns on, you need to get a new charger, as this one is damaged. 

Activate Lenovo Emergency Reset Button

What if both the battery and AC adapter are working just fine, yet your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on? 

In such an emergency, you should use the Emergency Reset Button on the back of your Lenovo laptop. Using this will drain all the power from your laptop and put it in reset mode. 

But how to reset Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on? 

The answer to this is hidden in the following steps: 


1. Unplug all the ports from your laptop and remove the battery too. 

2. Turn towards the bottom of your laptop and look for the Emergency Reset Button that looks like a tiny hole. 

3. Take a straightened paper clip and insert it in the hole. 

4. Press and hold the button for 10-30 seconds. Now your laptop is in reset mode. 

5. Lastly, put the battery back in place and switch on your laptop. 

Tip: You can even press the power button for 60 seconds to activate the reset mode. 

It is a proven method that will work for 9 out of 10 times. And for that one time when the Emergency reset button won’t help, you can try the next method.

Use the NOVO Button

All Lenovo laptops have the specially designed NOVO button on their sides. The NOVO button, just like the Emergency Reset button, is a tiny hole that can be switched on with the help of a small paperclip.


The NOVO button is special because with this button, you can put your Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on into recovery mode. 

This means the NOVO button will boot into the recovery BIOS. 

Tip: You can identify the NOVO button with a downward curved arrow beside a hole. 

The simplest way to use the NOVO button to turn on your Lenovo Button is by pressing the button for around 15 seconds with a straight paper clip. After this, try to turn on your laptop. 

Tip: Sometimes, extra residual charges may prevent Lenovo laptops from turning on. You can use this quick hack to remove all residual charges: 

Remove battery & charger>> in 10 seconds, press the power button 10 times>> click the power button once again for 30 seconds.

After this, plug in just the charger and try to boot the laptop. Once done, switch it off, place the battery and then start it again after 5 minutes. 

Let it Cool Down

Laptops are sensitive devices that require maintenance too. Overuse and non-stop charging can ruin its battery and even result in emergency shutdown of the system. 


Hence it is a possibility that your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on because of overheating. This is like a defense response from your laptop. 

Tip: Never use your laptop on surfaces like a bed. Always use a table or keep some solid supporting surface under it. 

In order to keep the internal parts safe from extreme heat, the system will auto-switch off itself, eventually leaving you with a blacked screen Lenovo laptop. 

Under such a situation, you must plug it out of charging if it is already in and turn it off for some time. Make sure not to use your laptop for at least 30 minutes. 

If possible, remove its battery and keep it in an open and dry area. Also, make sure to keep both your laptop and batter away from direct sunlight. 

Tip: Keep your laptop in a well-ventilated area, as proper airflow will help to cool it down quicker. 

Lenovo Laptop Beeping but Not Turning On

Any kind of unwanted sound from your Lenovo laptop is a bad sign. It is best to take it for service under expert guidance. If your Lenovo laptop is not turning on and is making beeping sounds, it means there is some problem with the hardware. 

In case of emergency, you can use the emergency reset button, but remember to get in touch with some technical expert at the soonest:


Restart the laptop with Emergency Reset Button:

1. Remove the battery and all plugs in from your laptop

2. Insert a paperclip in the hole on the back of your laptop to activate the emergency reset button. 

3. Place the battery back in and restart your laptop. 


Stop the Beeping –

1. Reboot your laptop while pressing the F1 key continuously. 

2. You will enter the BIOS now. Here, select the Configure tab. 

3. Press enter after selecting the Beep and Alarm Section.

4. Finally, click on the Disabled option to end the beeping. 

5. Press F10 to exit the BIOS. 

Do note to take your laptop to the nearest Lenovo Service provider or an electronic repair store. 

Why is My Lenovo Laptop not Turning on?

There can be multiple reasons why your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, beginning from being uncharged to serious issues with the BIOS. Though it is difficult ot find the exact issue why your Lenovo laptop is not turning on, you should consider the following main reasons:

  • Overheating
  • Faulty AC adapter
  • Problem with the battery
  • Improper shutdown 
  • Improper plug-in of charger
  • Damaged cables 
  • Problem with the BIOS
  • Hardware or Software issues
  • An issue with the power button
  • The system is infected with viruses or malware

Note: If you are facing regular issues with your Lenovo laptop, it is best to get in touch of the Lenovo Support Desk or go to a Lenovo Store

To locate the nearest service provider, open the link and feed in information like region, product type, distance, purpose, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Force My Lenovo Laptop to Start?

Take a paper pin and press the Lenovo NOVO button on the side of the laptop or press the power button for 30 seconds to force-start your Lenovo laptop.

Where is the Pinhole Reset on Lenovo Laptop?

You will find the pinhole Emergency Reset button on the back case of the Lenovo laptop.

Why is My Lenovo Screen not Turning on?

Problems with the AC charger, battery, BIOS, or hardware can be the main reasons why Lenovo screen is not turning on. Apart from this, overheating can be another cause.


If your Lenovo screen is not turning on, you can try replacing its battery or charger or can use the emergency buttons to reset and reboot your Lenovo laptop. However, never try to unscrew your laptop and try to look into the matter if you are not sure of the process. It poses a greater risk of damaging your Lenovo Laptop.