By answering Portillo’s survey, you can win discount coupons or free large fries in less than 10 minutes. To participate in the www portillos com survey, you need a 20-digit coupon code found on Portillo’s purchase receipt.

But is this all?

Well, there is a lot more to Portillo’s survey. You must know all basic requirements and the necessary rules to make sure you do not get disqualified. 


In this guide, I will cover all information you need to participate in Portillo’s guest satisfaction survey.

Let us dive into the subject matter.

Requirements for Portillo’s Survey

Before knowing the steps for the TellPortillos feedback survey, you need to know about all the requirements and necessary conditions to take part in it. 

Hence, make sure that you have the following things ready –

  • A 20-digit Portillos survey code.
  • A smart device like a phone or laptop that is connected to a decent internet connection.
  • You need to complete Portillo’s survey in the given time. 
  • You should understand either English or Spanish language to fill out the feedback form at Portillo’s.

TellPortillos Survey Rules

Once you have all the details mentioned above, you need to make sure that you fulfill the following criteria: 

  • You must be a legal resident of 50 states of the United States.
  • Only those who are 18 years and above are eligible to take part.
  • To enter the satisfaction survey, you require a purchase receipt.
  • You will have to redeem the coupon code within 14 days.
  • The reward coupon cannot be transferred or claimed in exchange for cash. 
  • All the employees and associates of Portillo’s Restaurant cannot take part in the survey. 
  • Portillo’s authority has all power and rights to cancel or disqualify your entry if any unfair means is used.
  • You will not be re-issued a new verification code by any wing of Portillo’s if you lose yours in the first place. 

With that, you are all set to win amazing prices at Portillo’s.

Portillos Survey Steps

The steps involved in the Portillo’s customer satisfaction survey are given below –

1. First, visit the official Portillo’s survey portal at www.portillos.com/survey or www.tellportillos.smg.com.

2. By default, the webpage will load in the English language. You can select the Espanol link to switch the language to Spanish.

3. Next, you will have to enter the 20-digit code printed on your Portillo’s invitation receipt. Once done, click on the Start button at the bottom.

Tellportillos.smg Page
Tellportillos.smg Page

4. After this, the feedback form will load. First, you will have to rate your overall experience at Portillo’s Restaurant on a scale ranging from Highly Satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied.

Rate Portillos Services
Rate Portillos Services

Following it will be other questions relating to Portillo’s services, food quality, and overall experience. 

Note: You will have to give subjective answers with a limit of 1200 words. 

Write About your Experience of Visiting Portillos Store
Write About your Experience of Visiting Portillos Store

5. You will have to enter your personal details like age, contact number, etc., before submitting the portillos.com survey.

Fill out your Contact Details to Complete the Portillo's Survey
Fill out your Contact Details to Complete the Portillo’s Survey

You will receive a Verification code as a reward ticket at the end of Portillo’s Survey. This code will help you get free fries or discount coupons on your next order at Portillo’s.

TellPortillo’s Survey- Reward

After completing Portillo’s feedback questionnaire, you will get a Verification code at www.portillos.com/survey. This code can be redeemed on your next order at Portillo’s to get free fries.

You must remember to share this Verification code on your next order, or you will not be able to enjoy the benefits. It is also true that you cannot redeem the code as money or any other reward, nor can you use the same Verification code more than once. 

Apart from getting complimentary fries, you can enjoy discount coupon codes and the BOGO offer at Portillo’s Outlets.

You will have to redeem your reward within 90 days of getting the verification code, or else it will expire. 

Note: The 20-digit receipt is only valid for 3 days after the visit.

Portillo’s Online Survey: Contact Details

If you are a regular customer of Portillo’s, or if you have anything to communicate with them, you can reach out to Portillo’s with the following links and contact details:

  • Mail Address: Portillo’s Guest Services, 2001 Spring Road Suite 400, Oak Brook, IL 6Brook.
  • Email id: guestservice@Portillos.com 
  • Phone Number:  (630) 530-8451

Note: Customer care over call is available on Weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm CST.

FAQs on Portillos Feedback Survey

How to Get Portillo’s Free Verification Code?

To get the free verification code at Portillo’s you need to take the Portillo’s Survey at  www.portillos.com/survey. Only after submitting the feedback form, you will receive the code for free fries.

What is the Best Thing at Portillo’s?

The Italian Beef Sandwich, Chocolate Cake Shake, and Burgers are the top 3 items at Portillo’s Outlets. Other than these you must not miss out on Portillo’s Hot dogs.

Wrap Up

Now you know all the steps for Portillo’s Survey at www.portillos.com/survey. All you need to remember is to use your 20-digit code to fill out the online survey within 3 days of your visit and redeem your Portillo’s Survey Reward within 90 days from getting the Verification code. 

You can enjoy the free fries on your next meal at Portillo’s!