On Facebook, you may come across a post that has a lot of comments with the term “bump” in them.

If you’re not familiar with the term, it’ll make you question what bump means on Facebook.

The phrase “BUMP” has a variety of meanings, one of which is related to making online remarks.


Bumping is a fantastic technique for companies to acquire exposure and market their services and products. It’s a recent change to Facebook’s algorithm. This algorithm works by bringing previously unnoticed material to the top of your news stream.

In this post, you’ll understand the meaning of bump on Facebook, as well as how to use it.

What does Bump Mean on Facebook?

“Bring Up My Post” is an abbreviation for Bump. Posts are bumped up on social media forums to make them more prominent in the group/category or post that they are part of. You can raise your Facebook post if it isn’t receiving any comments. To move your post to the top, comment “bump” on it.

A succession of bumps can help the post gain traction in users’ feeds by increasing engagement. More members with access to the post will see it in their feeds as a result of this.


In addition to Facebook, you may also discover this word on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and any other social media platform that allows users to participate in discussion threads.

What is the Process of Bumping?

If your previous posts continue to receive comments and likes, Facebook will move them up the user’s feed. Bumped posts are expected to garner 8% more comments and likes than non-bumped posts.

This type of increased participation is critical, especially if you’re in charge of a company. However, if you want to increase interaction, you can do so by following the methods outlined below:

How to Bump a Post on Facebook?

Follow the below steps to bump a post on Facebook –

How to Bump a Post on Facebook

Step 1 – Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2 – Locate the post you wish to bump.

Step 3 – Type bump into the Comments tab and hit enter.

Step 4 – Reload your Fb page after posting the comment.

Step 5 – The most recent comment will appear at the top of the page.


This will increase the visibility of your Facebook post to your friends and followers.

Bumping and Deleting

One way to surreptitiously bump a post is to leave a comment on it, check that it has risen to the top, and then remove your message. It should stay at the very top. No one will notice that you left a comment, and you’ll have accomplished your objective of maintaining the post visible.

BUMP’s Other Meanings

As one might expect, the word bump has a wide range of meanings in various contexts. In the human body, a lump could be classified as a bump, nodule, contusion, tumour, or cyst.

You may have hit your head or collided with my car in daily English. Someone can say, “I’d like to bump someone off,” which means “murder them,” as a joke. A dose of an illegal substance, such as ketamine or cocaine, is frequently referred to as “at hand.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when someone says bump on a post?

Bump is an internet slang phrase for writing filler remarks to move a message or thread to the top of a discussion thread, so enhancing its status and visibility.

How do you bump a post on Facebook 2021?

Simply leave a comment on the post you wish to boost to the top of the “New activity” stream with the word bump.

How do you bump a message?

When you type something new in a message or comment, such as “bump,” the message is pushed back to the top of the page, ensuring that it is noticed.

Final Words

So above was all about the acronym “Bump” and how to utilise it effectively. Bumping a Facebook post will almost certainly increase its reach and engagement. However, don’t keep bumping the post. Increase the visibility of Facebook postings that are too critical to be ignored.