Check out 4 methods to bypass Samsung lock screen without losing data and tips to execute them step by step.

Mostly people keep passwords or patterns on their smart phone to keep their mobile data private and out of other’s reach.

On all modern Samsung devices, you can easily set PIN/pattern/fingerprint to protect your data from unwanted people.


Though due to some season, there can be times when you cannot remember the password or might have recently changed it.

Well, there are a few ways in which you can unlock Samsung lock screen without losing data.

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Methods to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen

Method 1: Forgot Password/Fail to Input Fingerprint

With the help of Android unlock, you will be able to bypass your Samsung Lock screen without the need of losing data on your device.


Android Unlock has 2 work modes, with the help of standard mode you will be able to unlock a Samsung device without losing data.

So, the following steps are of the standard mode under which you will be able to unlock the phone.

Step 1


First download the software on your computer and choose “Unlock” option from the toolbox.

Step 2

Next connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer and choose “Unlock Android Screen” tab.

Step 3

Now in the blank spaces, fill in the given information about the device that you wish to unlock. (This will include brand name, model number and about the software)


Step 4

Next enter the download mode.

Do this by switching off your Samsung device.

Step 5

Next at the same time, press and hold Volume Down + Home button + Power key.


Step 6

Press the volume button up to get inside the download feature.

Step 7

Now wait for a few minutes as the program download a recovery package.

Step 8


Next type “000000” in the given blank. This will confirm your device info.

Step 9

Later select “Remove Now” option to unlock your device without any data loss.

After this step accessing your smart phone without any password will be possible.

Method 2: Using Find My Phone to bypass Samsung Lock Screen

Forgetting your secret password/PIN and need to open your Samsung Galaxy? Find My Mobile should be the principal alternative for you since it is inbuilt in element of all Samsung gadgets.


To utilize this helpful device, you are needed to sign in your Samsung account on your gadget before it is locked.

In the event that you have not yet set a Samsung account or signed in this record on your Galaxy, this apparatus cannot work for you.

Furthermore, some cell phone transporters block this component to shield clients’ private from cell phone programmers.

However, if you have kept your Samsung account signed in your device, try this method now!

Step 1

Open your computer and go to its browser then visit Samsung Find My Mobile Website.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Step 2

Select “Sign in” to open your Samsung account.

Step 3

When done, go to the “Lock my screen” area on the left board.

Step 4

Enter a new PIN to open your Galaxy screen. This would be the new secret PIN for your Samsung gadget, so its important that you remember it.

Step 5

Select “Lock” option on the bottom of the page.

Hang tight for a couple of moments, the PIN you set on the internet browser a few seconds ago can be utilized to open your Samsung Galaxy device.

Method 3: Use Google Account to Unlock Samsung Lock Screen (Android Device Manager)

Like Samsung, Google has its own “Find My Mobile” include for all Android customers, which is notable as Android Device Manager.

With a similar standard as the Samsung Find My Mobile, before the disappointment of opening screen, you need to have signed in your Google account on your Samsung Galaxy smart phone.

To open your Samsung Galaxy phone with Android Device Manager, you need to:

Step 1

Open an internet browser on your Computer and visit Android Device Manager Website.

Google Find My Device

Step 2

Sign in your Google account that you utilized on the locked Samsung smart phone.

Step 3

Check if the default gadget showed on the left panel is yours.

If not, select the “Refresh” button and select the one as you need.

Step 4

Next select the “LOCK” option.

Step 5

Now enter a new password to replace the old one and click on Lock option.

Step 6

Now the new PIN will change to the enhanced one you have set following a couple of moments.

After that point you can open your Samsung Galaxy with the new password you just kept.

Method 4: Use Google Login to Bypass Galaxy Lock Screen

It is a serious powerful strategy to open your Samsung Galaxy without losing information, however this is only possible with Android OS 4.4 and lower models.

A significant number of people might have upgraded from Android OS to a higher model, so this method is just not for you.

So, if you wish to unlock an old Samsung smart phone, then this method can be used effectively.

Not only it’s the most easy technique but condition to utilize this strategy is that you can in any case recall the reinforcement PIN or the Google account that you utilized on the locked phone.

To do that –

Step 1

First, enter an incorrect PIN/secret key/pattern on your locked phone for multiple times.

Step 2

Next, select on “Forgot Password” option.

Step 3

Enter your Google account and sign in, or type the backup PIN.

As you enter your smart phone will be unlocked.

Wrapping it up…

So here were 4 effective ways in which you can easily bypass Samsung lock screen without losing data.

The first 2 methods must be your best choices and can be considered a total win if you have your credentials logged in to the locked device.

A locked phone can cause a lot of trouble, no matter if you have forgotten your password or anything else, recovering it with the above means is possible.

With time, security is an important issue that is been looked after by all the major smart phone brands. That is the reason the option of unlocking always comes with losing data. Though if you have the right kind of information on you then there will be no fear of losing data rather, you will be able to recover your phone and get access.