Here, you will learn how to change birthday on Facebook and will also discuss either you can update your date of birth on Facebook after limit or not.

So, let’s get into details….

Because of security concerns, Facebook does not enable users to update their information frequently.


As a result, it’s always a good idea to add your correct information. This lowers the likelihood of encountering a problem with this social media platform.

Facebook may even request that you use your ID or official document to verify your identity.

This reduces the possibility of impersonation or identity theft, keeping you and the Facebook community secure.



Can I Change Birthday on Facebook After Limit?

Facebook allows users to change Birthday every two weeks for three times only. Once your limit is over, you cannot change your date of birth on Facebook. In special case, you can contact Facebook via mail or messenger to update your birthday information.

Why Would You Want to Modify Your Facebook Birthday?

A lot of people might desire to update their birthdays on Facebook for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • To obtain a job for which they are either too old or too young.
  • They didn’t realise they wouldn’t be able to readily edit their Facebook account later when they created it, so they added a random DOB.
  • To keep their original birthday a secret from others.
  • Someone may be embarrassed by the fact that they are older or younger than their friends or the person with whom they would be in a relationship.

How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook: Step by Step

To update or change your DOB on Facebook, follow the instructions below –

How to Change Birthday on Facebook
How to Change Birthday on Facebook
  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click your profile photo in the top right corner of Facebook from your main profile.
  3. Select the About option.
  4. Then, under the left menu, select Contact and basic information.
  5. Scroll to the bottom to your birth date and select the Edit icon to your right.
  6. Change your birthday using the drop-down boxes, and pick who may see it using the audience selector.
  7. Select Save.

By changing the audience, you can control who can see your DOB. There are two options next to your birthday: one for the day and month, and one for the year. If you don’t disclose the day and month with your friends, they won’t be notified of your forthcoming birthday.

Steps to Change Birthday on Facebook After Limit

After you’ve reached the maximum of revisions, follow the procedures below to modify your birthday –

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the Facebook help page now.
  3. Once you’ve arrived at the page, simply enter the year, month, and date of your birth, as well as the reason for which you’re updating your Facebook profile’s date of birth.

Note: This time, make sure you include your correct date of birth because Facebook may ask you to give verification, such as a copy of your government ID.

The Birthday Rules on Facebook

Though you may modify your birthday information on Facebook, you cannot do so freely. When it comes to Fb birthdays, there are few limits. These are the following:

#Rule 1 – You can only modify your birthday three times in total.


#Rule 2 – You can only update your birthday every two weeks.

#Rule 3 – Once you’ve gone over the three-time restriction, you won’t be able to change your birthday.

#Rule 4 – You may be banned from Facebook if you change your birthday to a date that makes your current age less than 13.

For further information, you’ll need to contact Facebook’s customer service staff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Times Can You Edit Birthday on Facebook?

Once every two weeks, you can change your birthday on Facebook. You can only update your DOB three times in total.

Can I Remove My Birthday from Facebook?

Yes, you have the option of not sharing your birthday with your Facebook friends.

Why I Can’t Change My Birthday Date on Facebook?

When you go over the Facebook limit, you’ll get this message. If you’ve altered your DOB more than three times, you’ll need to contact the Facebook help link for further information.

Final Words

So, this was all about how to change birthday on Facebook and how many times you can update it. It is always recommended to provide correct information while creating a new account on Facebook.