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Check out how to access JAALifestyle account or Eehhaaa login page at page.

Eehhaaa app is primarily created for making advertisements from anywhere and any place. It assists in matching the advertisers with the sensational audience so that the whole marketing budget is not affected.

The reward program of the app also allows viewers to get payments just by viewing the advertisement. With pre-defined criteria, you can choose your own audience. After that, you get paid for viewing advertisements.

What is Eehhaaa App?

EEHHAA is an advertising company that pays its users for viewing ads. The app, EEHHAA, was launched in 2016 and it allows users to watch ads in exchange for points which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards, or a number of digital currencies including Bitcoin. The company has over one million users who have earned over ten billion EEHHAA points since launch.

The company is currently using its platform for advertising on traditional TV and radio, but it plans to expand its reach across other platforms including video streaming apps.

Now when you know about the Eehhaaa app and its benefits, it’s time to know how to eehhaaa login.

Requirements to Access Login Page

Here are a few requirements to make a successful login into the eehhaaa portal

  • Eehhaaa login website address.
  • login email address and password.
  • A device such as a PC or a laptop or a tablet, or a smartphone with a reliable internet connection.

EEHHAAA Login Steps

Follow the below steps to sign in to your EEHHAAA App account –

1. First, visit the EEHHAAA official website at

2. Provide your email address and password.

3. Click on Login button to get access to your account.

You can also login to EEHHAAA app using your your Facebook, Google, or JAAlifestyle account.

How to Reset your Eehhaaa Account Password?

If you have forgotten your Eehhaaa login password, you don’t have to worry, as you can easily recover it following some easy steps –

EEHHAAA Reset Password
EEHHAAA Reset Password

1. Open the EEHHAAA App official website at

2. Click on Reset Password option, which is present just below the password section.

3. Next, provide your registered email address and hit the Continue button.

Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully recover your EEHHAAA account password.

Steps to Register at

Don’t have EEHHAAA account? No worries, follow the below steps to sign up for an EEHHAAA account –

Register EEHHAAA Account
Register EEHHAAA Account

1. Visit the official EEHHAAA portal at

2. Now click on the Register option available there

3. Provide your Email Address and Click on Register.

4. Next, fill in your first name, last name, password, and hit the Continue button.

5. Write in your Gender, DOB, and Phone Number.

Done, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

How to Earn Money with EEHHAAA App?

  • You can watch 60ads in a day
  • You can refer, earn and then share the platform with your near ones to get some extra rewards.

What are the Benefits of Using Eehhaaa App?

  • It is an international advertising service provider which is a trustworthy advertising network for publishers and advertisers.
  • Advertisers can give advertise through several online media to reach new consumers in a very dynamic atmosphere.
  • Eehhaaa is supported by several years of experience along with a sturdy track record of successes and is highly committed to offering advertisers the best possible ROI
  • A large number of advertising opportunities are present on Eehhaaa for those businesses who are thinking of broadening their consumer base.
  • Your advertisements get displayed in several countries and places based on your choices.
  • 100% guarantee outcomes
  • Eehhaaa has been in business for more than five years and is serving millions of consumers. It would be best if you tried it now with a free trial.

3×7 JAALifestyle Account Monthly Commission

In order to complete a perfect 3×7 Lifestyle Network, you will have 3,279 teammates in your seven levels. When you and teammates are fully activated on the four New Era Lifestyle Accounts, here’s your potential monthly Lifestyle Commissions.

  • €18 €3,279
  • €50 €11,673
  • €100 €23,346
  • €300 €70,038
  • TOTAL €108,336

5×7 JAALifestyle Account Monthly Commission

Once you complete a perfect Level 5×7 JAALifestyle Network, you will have 97,655 teammates at 7 levels. When teammates and yourself are activated in all the 4 New Era Lifestyle Accounts, here are the potential monthly commission you can expect.

  • €18 €97,655
  • €50 €367,205
  • €100 €734,410
  • €300 €2,203,230
  • TOTAL €3,402,500


How to Check Money in My EEHHAAA Account?

You can view your balance in your eehhaaa wallet by logging in to your account on and clicking on the advertisement section.

What is the Meaning of PV in EEHHAAA?

PV in EEHHAAA stands for Personal Verification that you need when you want to verify your own identity in the app. For that, you have to buy an package that includes PV. You will not face any trouble while using Eehhaaa login on successful verification.

How Much it would Cost to Join Eehhaaa?

For Eehhaaa login, it will cost you 60 euros or INR 1600 to validate your data.


So, now you have a very simple and direct process that assists you in creating and login into your Eehhaaa account. Follow all the steps very carefully to avoid any flaws and delays.

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