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What is

Glance.Intuit.Com is a QuickBooks and tax remote screen-sharing application. Intuit is the company that provides it.

When you need to finish your taxes in Turbotax, this programme comes in helpful.

You can then install TurboTax’s glance intuit Guest programme and connect with a remote customer service rep in a sessions.

With the glance intuit com download agent, you can share your screen inside TurboTax.

Tax professionals and business partners can also utilise this programme without any trouble.

You can easily resolve your Turbotax and QuickBooks concerns with the assistance of this platform.

What is Glance Guest?

Glance is a screen sharing solution that allows you to show your customers your desktop or browser view. It may also be utilised to see your consumer’s desktop in order to provide technical assistance.

Once you’ve set up Glance, you’ll be able to display your screen to your clients using the GlanceGuest software, which can be installed for free on their devices.

How to Download Glance Remote Access Software?

Follow the below steps to download glance remote access software in your device –

  • First, open this URL in your browser.
  • It will ask you to download the GlanceGuestSetup file. Download it on your PC and start the set up process.
  • Once you finish the installation process you can start using Glance Guest Application.

If you are unable to download the software on the first attempt, please reload the Glance page and try again.


For QuickBooks and Turbotax assistance, is a solid choice. You may quickly resolve your problem by sharing your computer screen with the representative. To begin, ensure you have a decent internet connection and that you follow all of the procedures precisely.

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