How to Add People to Google Docs (Share Files)

How to Add People to Google Docs

This is your ultimate guide when it comes to know how to add people to Google Docs to share or collaborate files and documents.

Google Docs is a platform that allows you to write in a document in real time that you can share with others.

Yes, this is possible specially if you are working from home, there are times when you need to share a particular file with a co-worker.

In this article we are going to talk about how to share documents in Google Docs.

Other than file sharing, you can also let the other person edit the same file with the help of real time collaboration.

Google Docs lets you give access to the other person (with whom you are sharing the file) to either “only view” the shared document or “edit”.

It totally depends on you whether you wish to let the other person only view the document or edit it.

Though one thing you must keep in mind that the collaboration feature can only be used if you have used Google Docs to create the dedicated file.

Let us now discuss about how share and collaborate in Google Docs.

How to Add People to Google Docs?

Step 1

Open Google Docs.

Step 2

Next locate the file that you wish to share.

Step 3

Now on the top right side of the page you will find a Share button. Click on that.

share file with others on google docs

Step 4

Now a dialog box will appear where you can type the email address of the people with whom you wish to share the file.

share google docs file with people an group

Step 5

Also, the option of sending a message with the document is possible.

Step 6

Last click on the “Done” option and your file will be shared.

Now to customize the options like view or edit you can click on the drop-down option on the right side of the screen.

Before hitting send option, click on the pencil icon and here you will see 2 options.

  • Can organize, add or edit.
  • Only View.

Select any one option and then hit the send button.

When we talk about how to collaborate in Google Docs, there are other possible methods too.

You can share files with the help of a link too.

Follow the simple steps to understand on,

A link, can also be called a URL can be used in order to share files on Google Docs.

If you have a large group of people with whom you need to share the file, then this is the perfect way to do it.

Step 1

Open the Google Docs and open the document you want to share.

Step 2

Next, click on the Share Button showing on the top right side of the page.

Step 3

Here, you will see a dialog box appear. You need to click on “Get Link” option.

get sharable link

Step 4

Google docs will create a sharable link of your document which you need to copy and share with as many people as you want.


Just started using the platform and confused about how to add people to Google Docs.

Don’t worry, this is the article for you. The above guide will help you in solving all your problems related to sharing files on Google Docs in a step by step way.

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