Here I will let you know how to cancel movie ticket in Paytm app step by step. It is super quick and easy to do.

So let’s get into details now….

Be it an urgent work or something else, cancelation of a movie ticket is a hard decision that one must make.


Paytm is a popular multi-purpose app used to book movie ticket, recharge, transfer money and much more.

Yet, Paytm empowers us to book film tickets it additionally permits us to cancel film tickets on the application.

We can without much of a stretch cancel our pre-booked film ticket and get some discount.

Follow the below steps and understand how to cancel movie tickets on Paytm.


Steps on How to Cancel Movie Ticket in Paytm App

Below are the steps you need to follow –

Step 1

Open the Paytm application on your phone.

Step 2

Next click on the three Horizontal Lines on the top left of the Paytm home page.

Step 3

Once you tap, a slide bar will be opened with various options like My Passbook, My orders etc.

Step 4

Next select My orders option and you will be able to see all your previous orders or purchase made from the Paytm application.


Step 5

Now you will see a number of tabs like Shopping, Travel, Tickets etc. select ticket option and the app will show you your movie tickets booking.

Step 6

Next select the booking you wish to cancel from the given option.

Step 7

Now as the page will open you will be able to see the details of the movie you have booked.

Step 8

Next select the option “Cancel Booking”, after choosing that you will get a pop up where you must select “Cancel ticket” option.

Step 9

Now another pop up will appear on the screen stating the refund that you got from cancelling the ticket.


Step 10

While booking the ticket if you choose Cancellation Protect option then you will likely to get your whole refund back.

The money refunded will appear in your Paytm wallet which you can either transfer back into your account or use it directly into any other purchase.

Wrapping it up…

So, this was all about how to cancel Paytm movie ticket. Follow the above guide and without much trouble you will be able to cancel your movie tickets due to an emergency work or plan.