How to Get Rid of Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service?

How to Get Rid of Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

There can be chances that your processor is suddenly bloated after installing adobe software products from your Windows 10.

The background of your computer can be overstuffed with “Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service (32 bit)” and “Adobe Genuine Software Service (32 bit)”.

Well, it depends if these programs are eating too much of your RAM memory or not, but it is good to get rid of them.

Not only disabling them will save some amount of memory but it will help you to get more efficiency.

How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service?

Follow the below steps to stop Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

Step 1

First, open your computer and go to go to Services from your Windows 10. (You can do this by typing Services and the tool will show up)

Step 2

Here you will see a list of programs that are currently running in your system.

Step 3

Next from the list find, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service.

Step 4

Now from the cursor, right click on it and choose properties option.

Step 5

Next find the Startup type then choose Disable under the general tab.

Step 6

Now to save the changes click on Apply.

Repeat the same process for Adobe Genuine Monitor Service.

If you wish to check if the program is still running or not, simply restart your computer and check if the name is still listed or not.

How to Get Rid of Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on Mac?

Follow the below steps to disable adobe genuine software integrity on Mac.

Step 1

First navigate to Library Folder on your Mac, simply from Finder.

Note: If you have the latest version, then you might not find Library Folder. You must go to Library folder and open Finder. Then find the GO tab and type ~/Library.

Step 2

Next, click on Application Support and click Adobe option.

Step 3

Now select AdobeGCCClient.

Step 4

Lastly delete the folder and clear it from Trash too.

Now Adobe Genuine software integrity will be disabled from your Mac.

Wrapping it up…

Adobe software is quite famous and known for good packages which includes video, photo editing and much more.

Though the files that you download are quite big and disabling a few things will be a good option for better framework performance. In the above article you will get the steps to get rid of Adobe Genuine Software Integrity service on both Mac and Window 10 operating system.

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