How to Add/Insert Text Box in Google Docs?

How to Insert Text Box in Google Docs

In this very quick guide I will show you how to insert text box in Google Docs step by step.

Google Docs has a drawing apparatus that is intended for embeddings text boxes and shapes into your documents.

Despite the fact that they’re important for each record, text boxes and shapes can be used to separate significant details from the rest of your documents.

For instance, square shapes, lines, and bolts can be used together to make a flowchart.

Let’s check out how to add text box in Google document –

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How to Insert Text Box in Google Docs?

Follow the below steps:

Step 1

Go to Google Docs and open your document.

Step 2

Now click on “Insert” tab from the toolbar.

Step 3

Next select “Drawing” option. (this will open the drawing window)

Step 4

If you have not created any text box previously then select New. It will open the Drawing dashboard where you can draw your text box using different shapes.

Step 5

Once you done with the text box drawing, hit Save and Close. Your text box will automatically inserted into your Google document.

Change the Colour of the Text Box

When you are inside drawing tool, diverse altering tools can be used to shade your text box.

Now go to the paint option on the toolbar, this will enable you to choose a background colour of the text box.

Next you can edit and make necessary changes but don’t forget to save all the changes after you are done with editing.

The drawing tool at Google Docs has a number of different line and shapes option that can be used to change the text box appearance.

Size and the colour of the text font can also be changed, along with that you can also alternate lines and background colours.

How to Change the Order of Text Boxes?

While you are making a document and using text box or shapes from Google Docs, there will be a time where you might notice one text box over lapping another.

This can be changed by bringing it either to the front or back, so that you can maintain the correct order.

Follow the below steps to change the order of text boxes in Google Docs.

Step 1

First, right click on the desired text box or shape, here you will see a pop-up appear.

Step 2

Here you will see a pop-up box appear with a number of different options, hover your mouse to “Order”.

Step 3

Now you will see 4 options to bring the text box forward or back.

Step 4

Simply choose your desired option and you will see changes in the drawing.

Final Words

Using Google Docs has made our life’s easier, plus it has helped us in making documents better and secure.

All the files that you save in Google Docs are saved in its cloud drive which means you can access it from anywhere just by logging in to your account.

In brief, this is how you can insert text box in Google docs and can edit the text box to make it look more appealing.

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