How to Make a Line Graph on Google Docs and Google Sheets?

How to Make a Line Graph on Google Docs and Google Sheets

One of the best ways to represent data clearly is through line graph.

Now a days, platforms like Google Docs and Google Sheets are very popular to make informative documents on.

Sometimes documents can include statistical data which includes line graphs.

These graphs can represent a lot of things like the decline or increase of a company product or an overall goal/ achievement for a business.

Well, the symbolism can be endless that is the reason we are going to talk about how to make a line graph on Google Docs and Google Sheets.

First let us know about the essential parts of a line graph, they are Y-Axis (vertical axis), X-Axis (horizontal axis), Chart Title, Markers, Grid, Y-Axis Label, X-Axis Label and Legend.

With the help of a graph line you can either show a developing data or show how two continuous variables relate to one another.

Follow the below steps to make line graph in Google Sheets:

How to Make a Line Graph in Google Sheets?

Step 1

Open Google sheets and go to Insert menu and click on Chart option.

(Remember whatever you enter in the sheets will be conveyed in the line graph, also the A1 cell must be empty when you are making a multiline graph.)

Step 2

Next, select the data chart from which you wish to make a line graph and click on the chart icon in the toolbar.

(Note: This can be done by another method of going to the Insert option at the top of the bar. Next select Chart option.)

Line Graph in Google Sheets

Step 3

Next you must choose the right Chart Type Settings.

(For this you can go to the chart editor and access different ‘Chart type’ setting options. The options include, Regular, Smooth and Combo Line chart.)

Step 4


To the setup tab in the chart editor you will find a customization tab. With the help of this, you can customize the chart style, series, legend, vertical axis, gridlines, chart and axis titles.

Okay, now you have successfully made line graph on Google sheets. Follow the same process with other documents and make the graph that you desire.

How to Make a Line Graph on Google Docs?

After Google sheets, let us now talk about the way to create a line graph on Google Docs.

Step 1

Launch Google Docs on your device.

Step 2

Now go to Inert, tap on insert and select Line graph option.

Next you must enter the data, you can do this either by typing manually or copy & paste it from another file.

Insert Line Graph on Google Docs

Step 3

Customize. You can do this by double clicking on the chart and select it, now you will see some tools that will help you to customize it. Adding boarders, changing the size of the font, colour of the lines is some of the common things that you can customize.

Editing Line Graph in Google Docs

Step 4

Save. After you are done, don’t forget to save the document.

Final Words:

So, this was all about how to how to make a line graph in Google sheets and Google Docs. Follow the below steps and make your own line graph for your next presentation or document.

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