This tutorial explains how to tame a Llama in Minecraft with step-by-step instructions.

While horses get all the attention in Minecraft, the Llama is the four-legged animal’s important member.

In a public poll on Twitter, game creator Jeb showed Minecraft llamas for the first time. They were later added to edition 1.11 of the game, released in 2016.


Llamas are a harmless mob that can be found roving in groups and make an excellent companion when hauling items over long distances.

In Minecraft, llamas can be mounted, tamed, and ridden. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about llamas, including how to ride and tame them and other useful information.

How to Control or Tame a Llama in Minecraft?

To tame a llama, approach it and begin pushing the right mouse button, just like you would with horses. The Llama of your preference will generate hearts to indicate their adoration for you in just a few clicks.


Where to Find a Llama?

Llamas are most typically seen in the Savanna Biomes, where they wander in four groups. Below is a comprehensive list of all the Biomes where Llamas can spawn.

  • Plateau of the Savanna
  • The Savanna (Bedrock Only)
  • A Forest in the Wind
  • Wind-Blown Hills
  • Gravelly Hills, which are blasted by the wind
  • Savanna with a lot of wind (Bedrock Only)
  • With the travelling trader, you’ll also encounter two Lamas.

How To Ride a Llama In Minecraft?

You don’t have to feed a Llama anything, unlike cats, parrots, and wolves. It’s quite simple to tame it; all you have to do is hop on its back.

But if you give it enough time, the Llama will be domesticated in no time. You might be able to conquer it in one sitting if you’re lucky.


Follow the below steps to tame a Llama in Minecraft –

1. Locate a Llama Herd

Llamas can be found in savanna or a mountain environment.

The savanna biome is mainly flat, with thick acacia trees and grass growing in it, and it is found near deserts or plains.

Because of their distinctively coloured bark and trunk shape, the trees are the most visible feature of the savanna.

Due to the high elevations, mountain biomes are more visible. You’ll find a variety of mountain types, some of which are found in cold or warm areas.


2. Take a Llama Ride

Now that you’ve located a Llama to ride, all you have to do is ride it! To take a ride, empty your hands and press the animal’s use command.

The Llama will push you off, but all you have to do is try repeatedly.

Your persistence will finally impress the Llama, and it will be tamed! Either you’ll see hearts over their heads or they’ll return your admiration.

How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft?

To begin, double-check that you have two tamed Llamas. You may connect them with leads to keep them together.

What do Llamas Eat?

To get them to start mating, use a hay bale. If you don’t have a hay bale, you can make one block of hay out of nine pieces of wheat.


When you show your llamas the hay bale, hearts will appear between them, indicating that the baby llama is on the way.

You’ll notice a young llama spawning alongside its parents in a few moments.

How to Put a Carpet on a Tamed Llama in Minecraft?

Any tamed Llama can be covered in carpets of any colour. If a player has numerous llamas tamed, this is useful for identifying them.

Before putting a carpet on the Llama, users should assure that it is tamed.

The Llama can then be mounted and their inventory opened. This will provide a menu where you can apply a carpet of any colour to the bottom-left corner.


How to Put a Chest on a Tamed Llama in Minecraft?

A tamed llama can be fitted with chests to boost their storage capacity.

To do this, simply hold a chest and right-click (or hit the interaction key) while keeping your face towards any tamed llama.

Players should be aware that it cannot be detached when a chest has been applied to a llama.

FAQs on Minecraft Llama

Can you Saddle a Llama?

A Llama cannot be saddled and ridden like a horse. You can ride on their backs, but you have no control over where they go. Attaching a lead to Llamas and dragging them along for the journey is the only way to get them where you need them to go!

Do Llamas Spit?

Yes, when provoked, llamas will spit. They are mostly neutral, but it will spit at you if you hit one by accident. If wolves get too close, it will spit at them, and if it is attacked by one, it will spit at mobs.

What do Llamas Eat on Minecraft?

Llamas can consume both hay bales and wheat, and each food has its own set of benefits. Hay bales can be used to restore llamas’ health, accelerate infant growth, and initiate the breeding phase between two llamas.

Can you Tame Trader Llamas?

If you come across any trading Llamas, you can tame them. The Llamas would become tameable if you can remove the leashes that bind them together. The Wandering Trader has several attractive Llamas who accompany him around the map.

Final Words

So that was all about how to tame a llama in Minecraft.

They’re useful for moving enormous amounts of stuff across long distances.

Unlike a donkey, horse, or mule, a Llama can’t be controlled with a saddle. You can still climb on their backs, but it won’t help you. The only way to keep them under control is to use a lead. If you have a llama lead, it will follow you wherever you go as long as you keep it.