How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing

Do you want to know how to track someone’s location without them knowing?

Google Maps is a renowned programme that enables you to share location with your contacts. 

With the help of Location sharing feature, you can track the whereabouts of your boyfriend/girlfriend, relatives, or kids.

So, how to track someone on google maps without them knowing?

Before you can track someone on Google Maps, they must first enable location sharing. Furthermore, when you use Google Maps to locate a cell phone, a warning usually appears, alerting the owner that you are attempting to access their location.

How to Start Google Map Cell Phone Tracking?

How to Start Google Map Cell Phone Tracking

To track someone on Google Maps to determine a person’s location, follow the instructions below –

Note: Make sure the device you’re tracking has location services turned on.

Step 1 – Launch Google Maps on the recipient phone and select “Share Location” from the menu.

Step 2Determine the length of time you’ll require access to the specific cell device’s location. If you want to change it, tap the plus or minus symbol to raise or decrease the amount of time you wish to share your location. You can tap until you turn off this option if you don’t want time constraints when tracking the target device.

Step 3Click “Select People” and pick the contact with whom you want to share the location. You may also use the messaging app to reveal your whereabouts.

In this manner, you’ll get the target mobile phone’s current position in real-time during the period you specify.

Location History on Google Maps

Google Maps also shows a mobile phone’s location history. Follow the directions below to examine the location history of any phone.

Step 1 – To begin, open Google Maps on the target phone.

Step 2 – Select Your Timeline from the “Menu.”

Step 3 – On the right-hand side of the screen, tap the Calendar icon.

Step 4 – Swipe right and left to choose a date you want to look up your location history.

Step 5 – Select the desired date by tapping on it.

Now you will be able to see the location history of the person.

Use WhatsApp To Track Someone On Google Maps

Follow the below steps to track someone’s cell phone location on Whatsapp via Google Maps.

Step 1 – Launch WhatsApp on the target smartphone and initiate a conversation with the person or you in this place with whom you want to share the location.

Step 2 – Choose the Location option from the attached symbol at the bottom.

Step 3 – Now, select the option to share your live location. Make sure you don’t choose Send your current location. 

Step 4 – Now, hit the send icon and choose the period for which you want to track the location.

Step 5 – You will then receive a WhatsApp message from the target smartphone. You can see the person’s current position by tapping on View live location.

Step 6 – Next, click on the profile icon on the map to go to their profile page.

Step 7 – Finally, select the GET DIRECTIONS option.

Step 8 – Open the Maps app to check the target phone’s location on Google Maps.

How to Turn Off Location Tracking on Google Maps on Your Phone?

To remove someone’s location off your map, all you have to do is ask them to do so. However, in Google Maps, you can hide them from visibility.

Step 1 – To begin, open Google Maps on your device.

Step 2 Click your image in the top right corner of the screen. Select “Location sharing” in the pop-up menu.

Step 3 – Select the individual you wish to stop tracking inside the list of associated names at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 – You can then “Hide [contact] from map” by selecting the three dots in the upper-right corner of the map.

Other Methods of Locating Someone

All modern cell phones, particularly iPhones and Android devices, have an integrated feature called Find My Device or Find My iPhone that allows the user to track their phone’s position.

Track Someone Using Find My iPhone or Find My Device

  1. For Android users, open Find My Device, and for iOS users, open Find My iPhone.
  2. Log in and choose the gadget whose location you’d like to learn about.
  3. The target mobile phone’s location will be shown on the screen.

You can utilise these built-in features to simply locate the exact position of the target cell phone this way.

Applications to Track Someone’s Location

Here are a few free apps that you may use on your device to track someone’s whereabouts.

1. Life360


Life 360 is a free Android-based mobile tracking app. Location history, location sharing, and place notifications are just a few of the capabilities included in the free app. 

You can save your favourite locations, such as home, school, and work. Automatic SOS and accident detection are also included in the basic version. Upgrade to a paying membership if you want more advanced features.

2. GeoZilla


Another programme to track friends and family is GeoZilla Family GPS Locator.

Because of the SLC (Significant Location Change) feature, GeoZilla Family GPS Locator uses less battery power than many other location-sharing apps.

It prevents the app from starting if you walk a short distance within your home. Instead, it will begin recording only after you have moved a significant distance.

Other capabilities include:

  • Receiving notifications when family members arrive at a location.
  • Viewing a week’s worth of location history on a map.
  • Assigning location-based chores to family members via shared to-do lists.

3. FamiSafe


FamiSafe is a fantastic location monitoring app for Android and iOS devices that was created with great care.

There are numerous features in this programme that will assist you in monitoring the target device’s location, and it is accessible for both Android and iOS.

There’s no need to put everything on your child’s phone. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll be able to customise anything on your device.

You can also block children from making in-app purchases on iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Someone Tell if I Check their Location on Google Maps?

If you’ve shared your location with someone, Google Maps will update your position on the map at regular intervals. Your location has been changed, and you’ll receive a notice at the top of your screen or in your list of alerts letting you know.

Can you Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

You can’t trace someone on Google Maps without their permission. The person must agree to share their location with you.

Can Someone Read My Text Messages from their Phone?

Various spy apps are available nowadays, allowing someone to read text messages on a smartphone without the user’s awareness. However, these apps must be installed or injected into the victim’s phone, which is impossible to accomplish remotely.

Can I Track Someone’s Phone with just their Number?

You can follow someone’s whereabouts only by knowing their phone number. Many services, such as, allow you to do exactly that.

Final Words

So, this was all about how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing. It is important to note that monitoring someone’s location on the phone without their consent is unethical. So, if you want to do any such activities, it is better to ask them first, tell them the reason, and then proceed with the location tracking.

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