Is Glance Intuit Safe or Malware?

Is Glance Intuit Safe is a remote screen sharing program designed for people requiring assistance for using Turbo Tax or QuickBooks. Have you just heard about Glance Intuit and wondering whether it is safe?

The section below will clear all your doubts about the software and help you to comprehend whether this remote access program is safe or malware. 

How Does Glance Intuit Help Users?

If you are new to Glance Intuit, you must know that it offers customer support service remotely to people using Turbo Tax and Quickbooks. In other words, if you need any kind of support when using these applications, Glance Intuit will be able to offer you the most comprehensive assistance.

You might be an experiencing accounting professional or someone who wants to file his/her taxes Glance Intuit will surely come in handy for you. The software will allow you to share your screen quickly with an experienced Intuit Representative by initiating a session. 

The customer support representative joining the session will be able to assist you more effectively than what he or she would have managed to do through a video call or phone call.

By sharing your screen with the Intuit representative you’ll allow the expert to take over your system/computer without any hindrance. As a result, the expert will be able to show you the right way of completing the step you got stuck on. 

Is Joining Glance Intuit’s Remote Session Safe?

The process is absolutely safe, and you’ll not fall prey to any unscrupulous individuals when using Glance Intuit. Big companies such as Microsoft have been offering this kind of remote sharing service for a long time.

When using Glance Intuit, you’ll only be allowing authorized Intuit representatives to gain access to your computer. What’s more, to initiate the entire process you’ll have to log in to your account and submit a request for a connection. You’ll succeed in establishing the connection only after entering a code. 

Is Glance Intuit Malware?

No. It’s not malware. is owned by Intuit and thus can be confirmed to be 100% safe. However, due to some confusion and misconceptions, some believe that the website is malware. 

The moment you will enter on your URL bar, you will be redirected to Some users have found this slightly confusing and as a result, have reported Glance intuit as malware or a scam website.

Another reason why many suspect the site to be malware is that the moment one visits the website, it begins to download the Glance Guest software suite automatically. The fact is that such automatic downloads are pretty common and happens on many authentic websites. So, there’s nothing to worry about it.

Final Words

So, by now you must have comprehended that Glance Intuit is completely safe software. It has been developed only to help Turbo Tax and Quickbooks users. There shouldn’t be any doubt about the software in your mind.

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